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  1. I use KUC to update my offline image, i think its the best way with many options to choose http://windows-update-checker.com/
  2. can we ask why you want the old version? have you seen the changelog? whats the purpose to use old version?
  3. Weed

    Error 18

    NikolasS92, have you installed Windows ADK ? or something related to Windows 8 which updates WIM runtimes? i had this error too, but after removing Windows ADK it works
  4. is it possible that some security blocks it? or runtimes missing? is it a clean VM with a non shrinked source? take a look into event viewer, it will display detailed information about this error
  5. Aah right, i forgot the Plop Bootmanager which i need, Thanks! i just made a small test and have just added acronis disk director.iso but with no luck vmware does say when i choose acronis: "cannot continue if Plop is active, please start this entry without loading plop first" and qemu says: WARNING: PARTITION TABLE 4 IN BIOS DEVICE 128 IS ALREADY IN USE! To prevent possible data loss will not continue further here the entry in menu.lst: title addh from partition 0map --unmap=0:0xffmap --unhook && map --rehookcat --hex --locate=PoLPu@ (md)0x3D0+0x130 > nul && echo Cannot continue if PLoP is active, please start this entry without loading PLoP first && echo && pause Press any key to return to the main menu && configfile /menu.lstset /a dev=*0x8280&0xffroot (%dev%,0)set ISO=/ISO/addh.isols %ISO% > nul || find --set-root --devices=hf /usbdrive.tag|| echo Error! Could not find usbdrive.tag && echo && pause Press any key to return to the main menu && configfile /menu.lstls %ISO% > nul || find --set-root --devices=hf %ISO% || echo Error! Could not find %ISO% && echo && pause Press any key to return to the main menu && configfile /menu.lstmap %ISO% (0xff) || map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 %ISO% (0xff) || echo FATAL ERROR mapping %ISO%, please check if file is present and defragmented && pause Press any key to return to main menu && configfile /menu.lst#http://reboot.pro/topic/9916-grub4dos-isohybrided/page-2#entry88531#http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/tailsset /a dev=*0x82a0&0xffdebug 1parttype (%dev%,3) | set check=debug offset check=%check:~-5,4%if "%check%"=="0x00" partnew (%dev%,3) 0 0 0 && partnew (%dev%,3) 0x00 %ISO%if not "%check%"=="0x00" echo WARNING: PARTITION TABLE 4 IN BIOS DEVICE %dev% IS ALREADY IN USE! && echo && echo To prevent possible data loss will not continue further && pause && configfile /menu.lstmap --rehookroot (0xff)chainloader (0xff)whats wrong?
  6. Hehe yes for me sound was too like an ad for this model, this was the first thought i had anyway iam researching always when buyin things and after some research i found many good reviews, like he already said but i will not buy this next week, i bought already today thats cool, one big problem now has gone thanks for answers, i will continue work tomorrow and will see how i go on about my question about grub4dos or grub 2.00, bootice does have this option PS. maybe you two remember, i had already messed up this usb stick 2yrs ago with the manufacturing tool EDIT: i cant boot with vmware the usb stick, i have connected the usb stick in vmware and on the boot device menu i choose "removable device" to boot from but it boots only from hdd, with qemu it works also Vmware BIOS dont display the stick... :/
  7. Thanks for this useful answer! you say fat32 is slow when installing XP, the same goes for W7/8 or not? because this is the reason why i choose NTFS, anyway another one is i have .wim which is more then >4GB big i dont know the advantages about the uefi, i just need the usb stick for installing the OS's or doesnt it boot from this stick when the PC/Laptop have UEFI? also do i choose to format with grub4dos or grub2 in my case? thanks for the advice with the stick, i was anyway thinkin to buy a new one and what i have read its a good and fast one and also cheap the 64GB variant, i will buy this next week! its really standard recognised as a fixed disk or do i need to flip the bit? i also tried researching how i make this for my current stick (lexar triniton jumpdrive 32gb) with the manufacturing tool Innostor IS902E, but i dont see any option for RMB
  8. my goal is to have three partitions on my usb stick and should compatible with all computers 1st(priority) big ntfs for w7/8(i made an w7/8 aio iso) and maybe XP on the same then just two partitions, last one(fat32) for boot tools and linux editing iso is not really inconvenient, for example if i need to add/update massstorage drivers it will take much time especially on usb 2.0 stick :/ and if somethings going wrong i need to do the whole process again. but anyway, iam on very early stage, right now iam hangin how i should format the usb stick, there are many ways i have seen...also i dont know much about uefi and if i need this...? i need to research about this, right now its all too much for me, i just need a push in the right direction
  9. Hello! i have long time not working with such things and iam very rusted :/ currently i want to recreate my usb hdd and usb stick this is the first i have seen that now just an ISO is supported, this brings me to a problem because i always used source folder because i can easy modify things and update source, like adding drivers/utilities/silent installers and auto activation, this all should go to the specified source folder or is there an other way to manage this and let the ISO untouched? Hmmm? regards
  10. nuhi? dino? t-rex? seriously or just your craziness? need an answer asap! :angrym:
  11. but when i integrate the driver the OS is "screwed" because ALL usb sticks will shown as fixed drive or not? sure i can remove the driver afterwards but this is not so productive hmm can u tell me how to integrate the driver in w7 and xp? wintoolkit is a program like rt7lite but with many features to managing the .wim files on XP when i use nlite its enough just to point it to the .inf file?
  12. so tomorrow i should already have my exchange in my mailbox! iam still not sure what i should do, maybe i choose the savest way and not remove the bit
  13. thanks ilko and jaclaz for tryin to help! the stick is just "dead" now i really never clicked on start, i dont know why this happend, anyway all in all i just can laugh hmm iam coming back when i got an exchange from amazon, currently not in stock then we'll see i can see some words in big and written in bold here, hmmmm what can that mean, who knows.... :)
  14. oooh god f*** it, it seems i havent read your 4 words, DO NOT EVEN THINK i have edited the line in setup.ini and opened the program, with stick inside, made just a scan and read then i REALLY just want to close the program with ALT+F4 but "seems" like this was like click on the START button, my heart was beatin faster, my stick doesnt work anymore (( it made an error "69" "Inquiry Fail!"; now if i plug my stick nothing happens, no light goes on, just NOTHING ( i try to resend this stick,i have bought this 3-4 weeks ago and if i get a new one i will make the same stupidity hahah **** it
  15. hello! so i start better a new topic here problem is the screenshot i attached i have an Lexar Triton JumpDrive 32GB usb 3.0 stick with 3 Partitions, first one are just Boot Tools, second W7 and third for XP installation first i tried to integrate diskmod filterdriver with winkit but still no luck dunno what "i" can do false when integratin the driver, i cant do anything other then just select the driver for integration and click on start, no problems on this step the best soliution is how jaclaz said is to flip the stupid bit so its a fixed drive then i dont need a filterdriver but the usb stick is i thing pretty "new" on the market, no tools available the lexar bootit doesnt work with this one, nothing happens with "flip removable bit" @ilko, sry i dont really understand what the http://flashboot.ru/iflash.html site is for my usb stick is anyway not on the list this is taken from the tool chipgenius: USB Device ID: VID = 05DC PID = A203 Serial Number: 0902000000408945498 Chip Vendor: Innostor Chip Part-Number: IS902E-A1 - F/W Flash ID Code: 2C680027 - Micron - 4CE/Dual Channel [sLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 32GB i hope for a hopeful help
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