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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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Not supporting Microsoft Office is a big problem :(. Nearly all Windows users use it...

Nearly all windows users use it, correct. But do all windows users use nLite? Nope. And of those people, I think half of them doesnt use ms office :whistle:

btw gdogg, the only reason you got a second windows is for minlogon... which can be copied there with 1 windows as well.

Rename winlogon.exe to winlogonbackup.exe

copy winlogonnew.exe to system32,

rename winlogonnew.exe to winlogon.exe

reboot :)

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this is just great :realmad: i realy happy that i will try this out but it stoped in the begining.. like a minute after i have booted the cd and only a text was still there saying something like starting windows setup or something.. i mean that before the EULA agremment and before the choise of the partition... :( i am not happy about it.. :(

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@synth I have seen that site before, there is no way for me to stop anything from that site @ bootup, from my testing.

@Fridge-RaideR Not true, the reason for the second windows, is to remove things that are running, as I pointed out a few posts before.

@slimzky I have tried to not use minlogon, it did not work with the files that I have removed

@dirtwarrior you always seem to understand everythings :D

@pantapei dont worry there is a way to install more software, which I will add to beta 3 :P

@vampiriq yes manually enter the ip address that your router would normally give you, this allows for the ability to not use many services come beta 3, including the network connections service.

@laurens heh, I wish it could, but I would have to leave a bunch more stuff, I say try your luck with nlite for now, along with trial and error.

@vampiriq post 2, did you follow the last_session.ini exactly? did you make sure to disbale Windows file protection with the patch in nlite?

@shix thanks, two months ago I never saw myself spending so much time every day on this project, but with pain killers in me, I can work and work and work, since I might not have internet much longer, I am trying to get this done in the next month or 2.

now my turn

When appling all patches, I noticed, NVMixer is not working, I never tested with this one, but rather Realtek audio codec. This will be fix in beta 2.5

beta 2.5 will included all the patches for a whole lot of software with it. I am hoping to have atleast 30 peices software by the end of the day.

If you are using outpost pro firewall, and need your firewall up asap, msg me in irc, ill get it working for you in under a minute.

@all beta testers, if you make a mistake, forgot a piece of software, or just cant figure out howto patch the software yourself (normally extremly easy, since it tells you what it wants)

goto c:\backup\ cut the directory windows, paste it on the c:\ , in the windows on your second partition, this will revert you to the place where you can install software, and stuff to that idea.

If none of this helped, post away, please post away :D.

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okay, yesterday and today i testet microwinx ;-) (in vmware)

works fine ;-)

first I f***ed it up with cleaning up fonts and drivers ... *g*

but now it works

next stage will be to test several programs etc ...

good work! :thumbup

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using minlogon does have some use such as faster booting, less memory use and it makes computer a single user machine. It also makes it where more files can be removed.

Have heard of minlogon but never really used it or got to know how to use it....seems intriguing though!

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thanks, I think I will have nforce audio up and running

since realtek audio codec should work by default, with the cleanup, ill make it a patch

the font things, gets fixed with the other thing in the font cleanup folder. :D

ok i got nvaudio working, not nvmixer yet, but hopefully soon.

I will have patches for the following software by tommarow, for post stage 4.

outpost pro firewall.



ati tray tools (not complete, some screens appear blan, and it takes long to load)




spybot s&d

open office




and an nvaudio patch.

Edited by gdogg
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