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  1. 90mb from winxp w/o any service packs. i haven't tried win2k with nlite yet. try microwinx and the deleted edition @ http://manoa.ath.cx
  2. @gdogg could i request a software patch? it's an emulator app called Kawaks. I dunno how i can find out what dll files it needs to load it up. http://cps2shock.retrogames.com/download.html what software do you recommend about finding out what .dll files an app needs? thanks...
  3. @monohouse thanks for the info. i admire your ideas about getting rid of the crap from windows.
  4. @monohouse props for your great work. im running the ati diet drivers from your site. it works just fine. could you recommend any methods of running the batch file scripts on a windows drive running ntfs?
  5. @monohouse could you pm me where i could try the 'delete edition'? thanks so much.
  6. well you really need the mshtml dll files to run steam in order to view html content. @monohouse impressive memory usage with your windows 2000. i just might try out win2k with nlite again.
  7. don't forget to add me in the beta 2.5 list gdogg
  8. the winlogon doesn't work with winxp sp2.
  9. @titou are you planning to make wmp 11 lite codecs when it's out?
  10. /me patiently waits for beta 2.5
  11. @titou2k keep up teh good work. your codecs are awesome.
  12. @aegis could you pm me those optimized ntldr files? i've been using the win2k3 ntldr for xp. so their the wrong ones afterall..
  13. great gdogg. hit me up for the latest beta.
  14. @aegis nba 2005 / 2006 live warcraft 3 (both original and expansion) steam (cs 1.6)
  15. i'll try this release anyway aegis. even if i don't have 1GB of ram... hehehe
  16. i would. it's lightweight and much better than winlogon. the down sides of using minlogon is that it doesn't save desktop settings when you reboot or shutdown.
  17. @aegis if i were to enable page file in this release, could i still use this gamer edition of yours? it's really tempting to try out. a REALLY small windows install, which is pretty neat. it's nothing new compared to microwinx, but i also like this application you made.
  18. @des i never really thought of having wine/cadega api's to run in a windows os itself. it's a pretty neat idea if you ask me. winex/cadega does run applications and games in linux. so why not try it running under windows then? i hope this project continues on. good luck gdogg!
  19. @des i don't quite understand, but, are you suggesting winex/cadega win32 api's to use for microwinx? if so, then i'm not supprised if microwinx gets anymore smaller than it is.
  20. i guess i can't use this then aegis. i need 1gb ram? and atleast a dual-core cpu? omg...

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