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  1. You read the bit where they took out a whole new game's worth of content out of the final version of FF 13 that we are going to receive? Pretty nuts if you ask me.
  2. Curious but what sort of disk space is one to expect when using this version of office. I am really strapped for hdd space right now till I get an ext hdd coming in the mail next week.
  3. You know I am beginning to think that there is absolutely no need to use vlite unless you just want to remove the extra drivers, languages, some hardware support and some installed games because the moment you remove something else, something will break.
  4. Cheers looking forward to it.
  5. Hmm my game explorer is there but for some reason it is not downloading the box art and other information for 2 games that I have installed as of the moment COD World at War and the Last Remnant. Any ideas?
  6. Actually it only 7 gb not 40 gb
  7. i aint that much! if i could get the install size down to under 3gb then i might think about goin 64bit! When you say get the install size under 3 gb...you mean the size of the windows folder after installation on your disk?! Thats nuts! I think mine was at 11 gb or something like that...but now its at 40 after I just installed some software! I wonder what the heck is going on lol!
  8. slap it in & see how it goes! normally, i just try & remove as much as i can including the snipping tool! haha yeah you guys are way hardcore than I am I dont think slapping in the dll will fix it. But it is no big deal. I actually like to have most of the OS features available except for the ones I have absolutely no use for or softwares I will use to replace what I took out anyway.
  9. The same here - I did a disk that was very minimal as far as what I took out - the same profile I've used on numerous other builds, but still screwed up. I even refrained from setting power profile settings in the vLite tweaks, but it didn't matter. I am running 7229 and I used a profile quite unlike yours and everything works for me except for the Snipping tool because I did not protect the Magnification.dll. Will it start working if I just put the dll back in? I got a hold of the dll but is there anything else that needs to be done? Just slapping that badboy under windows/system32 should do the trick? Also my power options work just fine.
  10. Can anyone hook me up with the Magnification.dll please?
  11. But cant you get around all that by installing 1.1.6 and then 1.2 on top of it?
  12. A really noob question...but when you navigate away from the components page and it asks you about the dependencies...meaning like network and sharing center needs link layer etc etc do you want to uncheck and keep needed component...do you guys just hit No?
  13. Sent you a PM liquid thanks a bazillion
  14. Bugger still did not work even with copying the setup.exe file over!
  15. Good tip I will keep that in mind just in case this one does not work. I did notice that the setup.exe file was missing from the sources folder and so I dropped that in there from the original and now I am burning another dvd lol through vlite and keeping my fingers crossed I really appreciate all the advice though.
  16. Thanks for that suggestion. I did remove all the drivers but then I did download the latest windows 7 x64 drivers from the nvidia website and am integrating into vlite so that should work if I recall.
  17. make sure you have setup.exe in the sources folder, otherwise copy the setup.exe from the sources folder in original iso to the sources folder of the vlited dvd Hmm **** that sounds like quite an important step! Wonder how I missed that! I was wondering if I was doing something else wrong like installing vlite 1.1 and then slapping 1.2 on top of it to bypass the waik requirement...or removing the games or the windows beep. Looks like I am gonna try all over again. Thanks for the pointer! If I have not mentioned this before let me do it right now but thanks for the super fast replies fellas! Cheers! I will try what you suggested and post back if it worked!
  18. Hey guys I keep getting a Load Driver popup saying that ' a required dvd/cd drive device driver is missing...etc etc.' when I am trying to run the vlited dvd in my system. You have any idea how to circumvent that problem?
  19. Hey guys just my 2 cents. I used the super version as indicated in the parent post of this thread. I think I went a little conservative because there were some conflicts with services and some apps that were being removed so I allowed those to be added back in. My final install size on a vm is 5.4 gb and my image size is around 1.86 gb. I am using W7 x64 7229 right now. So far the only thing I have noted and that is cosmetic is the Gadgets icon when you right click on the desktop. Also I noticed that the resource monitor is gone as well...thats a bummer because I definitely would like to have that back. I am guessing for that to work I need to not remove the performance counters? Also another thing I noticed in the event logs is that the Print Spooler had 2 errors upon initializing...it was looking for tcpmon.
  20. Appreciate all the super hard work man! You rock!
  21. Wow that sounds awesome mate. I am going to give it a shot and report back to you as soon as my home internet gets all sorted out. Cheers!
  22. Assassin's Creed 2 -> PC Bioshock 2 -> PC FF 13 -> PS3 MGS Raiden -> PS3 Gran Turismo 5 -> PS3 Uncharted 2 -? PS3 There are some more but I cant remember them at the moment.
  23. I would like to suggest CCCP for the list as well.
  24. Try the Last Remnant. I am enjoying the heck out of it. Beautiful game if you got the rig to handle it.
  25. I must say the inside of your case is super clean and clutterfree! Quite awesome! My case insides are another matter with all the wires lol. Anyway my machine is in my sig as below but it is getting a bit of upgrade from the 8800 Ultras to GTX 285 SSCs so that should be interesting. They should be here in the next few days. Cant wait!

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