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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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The plan for this project was to get a community involved in something, this failed.

Sorry spazmire11, your help was greatly appreciated, but seems like it was always bound for failure.

All future releases will be private.

Beta 2.5 removed from site, along with link to site.

This thread can be closed at anytime.


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just tell me what to do and i make it ;) you've done good work what i read..

i wanna be like you :rolleyes:

GREAT work :thumbup

EDIT: i meant.. the 2 OSes - arent a problem..but they need to be - original Xp or just any nLITEd Xp?

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first partition will be for my windows

second will be for whatever windows you want, it doens't really matter

i'd provide setting.ini's shortly ,

btw, you also must install all your software, b4 applying step 2 reg filez and .cmds\

drivers, bass/treble settings, etc, basically setup anything you'd want to, in control panel, cause after appling this, it will be gone

but honestly, copying back a backup folder, changing stuff you want, then running .cmd files again, fixes, all this doesn't it, lol,

due to the fact, you'll be @ 5 services then ,lol

oh and, btw, this thing is just amazing, and i will be supporting everyone to the best of my ability, if something doesn't work @ first, goto your other windows, contact me, if im home, your problem will be fixed within an hour

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what was that about, oh lol, **** free .tk has full page ad b4 the website, im not trying to make money off of a link i posted in this forms,

my acutal site, after that ad, you can klick continue @, should be ad free hopefully

, anyway, nice stuff dirt

i asked for it , from the guy, cause i really want less memory usage, plus themes atleast

-plz edit your quote, it was my bad, lol, i guess your in india?

and your first post too, plz, heh, put it as like, .tk and there full pages ads or something , lol, this is a bad way to start a thread, atleast i reserved the first 3 spots, lol, step 1, 2 and 3 , for sure will be needed

cause its based on demographics

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your gonna be waiting a bit , cause my head is fux'd right now

i cant even sleep, play a game, or even want to release it

you even notice , that only these forums, will listen to you about your 57MB windows xp

Ie, tspy forums, god dem bas*ards, made me not even want to release this thing, if it means they ever get to use it,

honestly, the first few tests , will be private now, and be kept on the low the best we can , "i hope you guys can keep to this" and appreaciate why i am doing it this way

first tests, will take place in 2 weeks, dirt, you will be my first tester, and obvious ppl, who know who they are already, and dont even need to ask, :P ,

and 20 random people who post in this thread, i am looking for people, who have some knowledge of file removal in windows, and have appz, and games, they will share dependacies with me, to make the guide ready ahead of a public release

the public release will happen , in 2-4 weeks after the private release

main request, of any knowedgable user, what does perfect disk depend on, files not services, cause nothing really "depends on a services" , unless we already knew about it with nlite

i will need supporting from you guys during this time (mental support, and praise) not really anything else, anxiety is destroying my "will", which is what im gonna need right now, to do this, since 48 hours + of writing coding

and no flaming in this thread please, its only gonna delay this project, as i cannot handle much of anything mentally, with all that gone down in my life lately, and just the world as a whole in these sad days, which can only get worse from here

I really need sept 7 th, to happen, as that will be a good day for me, and i will have , lost all my mind cluttering torment

i feel like this guy right now, about some people in the world :puke:

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:whistle: sounds like a plan .im sursprized people havent hacked the crap out of xp already 57mb is wickit but you could accomplish 150 mb pretty easlier then its the trail and error method of removing stuff one by one which o guess youve done,as far as testers i agree why release anything thats usefull unless u test it and using gamers apps crazy installer people is a great idea to get a handle on things .i fall into the apps user catorogy myself ,all in all seem people are always demanding something before its properlly tested 4 the masses.the constant begging for gdogs ini etc is crazy i know everyone wants to say they got a mini xp maybe put it on a usb stick who knows but be patient folks and have another beer .its all good..
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