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  1. Welcome back nuhi! it's nice to hear from you again. I hope you can make nLite for Windows 8. Cheers,
  2. Windows Error Codes Well I've got 4GB RAM on my system. 512 of which is shared for VM's. I think it has something to do with the permissions. Those error I got from DISM.
  3. <UserAccounts> <LocalAccounts> <LocalAccount wcm:action="add"> <Name></Name> // Add a local account name <Group>Administrators</Group> <Password> <PlainText>true</PlainText> <Value></Value> </Password> </LocalAccount> </LocalAccounts> </UserAccounts> And, of course you are testing on a Virtual Machine with option 64-bit! I got the same result by adding name. I gonna do this on a fresh system.
  4. Please shed a light. Very basic 7Customizer functionality used. Just tweaks and Unattended. Autounattend.xml log.txt.zip dism.rar I am starting to suspect that my system is bad? OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1, Up-to-date Thank you....
  5. I will post as soon as I get home. Just to let you know, I believe I have tried creating an ISO without using this Unattended option.
  6. Kelsenellenelvian, Its an English ISO. There's no way I can remove it though since its not even on the list.
  7. Hi Guys, I used to play around with nLite and vLite and I am new to Win 7 stripping app. Its sad that most of them if not all, were discontinued and unsupported. I am trying to strip Win 7 w/ SP1 (from digital river) but whenever I install it, I get an error "Windows could not set the offline locale information. Error code 0x80000001" right after Expanding files, I have tried using RT7lite, 7Customizer and W7Toolkit. I did not even do any removals for services and system. These are the only things I tried removing: Languages (I kept Chinese and Jap and removed the rest) Games Drivers (those that are not in red) Btw, The ISO works fine when installed as full, Cheers,
  8. yah, but i can't see the right pane. most screenshots i see displays some options there
  9. yah thanks i just realized im using Win 7 Ult with SP1 and they released the software prior to Win 7 SP1 realease. Maybe thats the reason why.
  10. yah thanks i just realized im using Win 7 Ult with SP1 and they released the software prior to Win 7 SP1 realease. Maybe thats the reason why.
  11. i am not getting the Default Features option on the right. Any ideas whats causing this? I'm using WIn 7 Ult x64 - (not modified). WAIK is installed btw, Thanks!
  12. is missing the MSFN 6 years ago =(

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    2. slimzky


      more people are active nLiting their Os hehe.. i stopped doing it because of Windows 7..

    3. MagicAndre1981


      use StefanRTRs tool to remove packages you don't want.

    4. slimzky


      appreciate it..

  13. Installing SP is such a pain. Being a technician, we normally resort to running CheckSur, Check disk, SFC /SCNANOW, to address SP2 installation issues. Repair install would be the most helpful but does not guarantee a resolution specially if the disc does not have any Service pack at all or If a customer for example does not have any Disc. (sometimes they only have oem recovery disc)
  14. Hi guys, its been a while. just have an important quesion about vista build. is there a way to hack or tweak a CSD version or build number of a Vista RTM to make other programs think its an SP1 or SP2? this is possible in XP. also if there is no way, well can it be done by at least replacing a specific file using "replacer" maybe? tia, cheers,

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