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  1. 1st: windows is not nlited! 2nd: icons chaning means: the typical quick launch icon is replaced by the outlook icon or any other icon I start the login process by entering my username and pw ... I can see the desktop with the correct quicklaunch icons but then the screens is blanking for a 0.0000001 second ... After that the icon is the wrong one! No virus! Freshly installed without any LAN/internet connection (hmm ...maybe solved ... after changing from 32bit to 16bit color depth the problem is gone ... WHY?)
  2. Since my freshly installed and first time completely untouched windows (I always nLited it!) I encounter this problem. How can I solve this? Anybody has exact the same problem? Please help me!
  3. okay I deinstalled office 2003 and now it works again ... but i need office so this is not really an option for me ;-)
  4. it just starts right away from the point i allow windows update to install the necessary stuff to check office updates ...
  5. hi folks, i have the following problem: after installing w2k windows update works fine i can download and install everything listed there ... but after installing office 2003 standard edition, windows update does not respond anymore when i press on "custom" it just starts loading, and svchost is going to 100% cpu usage ... nothing happens! someone has any advice? i tried to ask google but i only find problems that are connected to windows updates + windows update website and not office 2003 + microsoft update ...
  6. 1st: yes 2nd: no, i don't use these new folders at all ;-) i did a rebuild today, starting right from the first release of win2k and let hfslip integrate sp4 ... i'll report later whether it worked or not! edit: hmm ... i'm looking forward to the new feature in the hfslip test release (entries in txtsetup are now quoted) ... maybe this solves the copy errors i had some time ago!
  7. aim of nlite is to take things out, not to put them in additionally there are silent installers already available for what you want, just use your brain to integrate them or make an addon pack
  8. first thing is: is windows slow at startup or during normal operation? do you have sufficient hardware? second thing: if you have a lot of hotfixes then it is possible that windows takes some time upon the first boot after setup third thing: windows is slow! just turn off all unneeded services and all the bloat windows ships with, i do not have any performance problems over years using the exact same windows and pc! i have a fully nlited windows xp and it just works! okay, i ordered a macbook now, so don't listen to me ;-)
  9. hi ... i've got a strange problem and I do not know whether it derives from hfslip or not: if you click on a msi file, it usually installs the msi file, but in this case, windows does not do it! i checked the file association and .msi is still linked to the windows installer but if you go to advanced settings only these actions are listed: uninstall and repair - install is just gone! okay, i checked it on another windows system and the corrected it and now it works again! "C:\WINDOWS\System32\msiexec.exe" /i "%1" %* I use a lots of registry editing within svcpack, but i don't change anything which is related to file associations ... using win2k - english + all listed updates from the dynamic hotfix list - someone else encountering that problem?
  10. it's my former school that uses w2003 srv r2 sp2 server ... so it's not me who did this fault ;-) i always help that poor teacher who has no idea of those things *g* and it is, as i said ... sure, you can spend your time on it to solve that problem!
  11. be careful: there are 2 different versions of windows server 2003 .... the normal 2003 server edition, and R2 R2 is an addon for the normal version BUT it cannot be applied after service pack 2! so if you use R2, stay away from slipstreaming, just install a plain windows server 2003 service pack 1, then R2, then service pack 2, and then download any other hotfix ... don't ask me why, it is just microsoft ... just ordered my macbook ... *g*
  12. i just switched to the latest hfslip version and did a cleanup on the hf folder ... now it works! curious! error message was: setup was unable to copy a specific file: ARABIC or some other languages ...
  13. hi folks, winxp setup complains about missing languages (e.g. arabic, japanese and some other), i guess they came with one new hotfix! someone can tell me that hotfix, so i don't put it in my hf folder anymore ... Files in your FIX folder: Files in your HF folder: mp10setup.exe msxml2sp6-kb887606-x86-deu.exe msxml4-KB927978-deu.exe rootsxp.exe WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe Windows-KB890830-V1.30.exe Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-DEU.exe WindowsMedia10-KB917734-x86-DEU.exe WindowsMedia6-KB925398-x86-DEU.exe WindowsMedia-KB911564-x86-DEU.exe WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-GER-x86.exe WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-deu.exe WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB886185-x86-deu.exe WindowsXP-KB887472-x86-deu.exe WindowsXP-KB888302-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB890859-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB891781-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB893756-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB896358-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB896423-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB896428-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB899587-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB899591-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB900485-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB900725-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB901017-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB901190-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB901214-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB904706-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB904942-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB905414-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB905749-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB908519-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB908531-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB910437-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB911280-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB911562-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB911927-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB912817-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB913580-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB914388-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB914389-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB914440-v12-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB916595-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB917422-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB917537-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB917953-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB918118-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB918439-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB919007-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920213-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920342-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920670-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920683-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920685-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB920872-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB922582-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB922819-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB923191-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB923414-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB923689-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB923694-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB923980-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB924191-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB924270-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB924667-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB925876-X86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB925902-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB926247-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB926255-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB926436-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB927779-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB927802-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB928255-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB929969-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB930178-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB930916-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB931261-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB931768-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB931784-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB931836-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB932168-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB935448-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB935843-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-deu.exe msxml2.msi msxml6_x86.msi Files in your HFCABS folder: IEAWSDC.CAB IUCTL.CAB LegitCheckControl.cab MuCatalogWebControl.cab MUWEB_SITE.CAB OGAControl.cab OPUC4.CAB swflash.cab Files in your HFSVCPACK folder: Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder: msdrmclient.msi rmclientbackcompat.msi Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW2 folder: Files in your HFGUIRUNONCE folder: UPHClean-Setup.msi Files in your HFTOOLS folder: 7za.exe cmdow.exe EXTRACT.EXE MAKECAB.EXE modifyPE.exe MSICabExtract.exe reg.exe
  14. vci

    Problems with RC8

    hmm ... does WU complain about missing updates? I had the a similiar problem with one of the RCs and win2k ... maybe it derives from the new cabs hfslip creates for the ie6 slipstreaming?
  15. BIG THX! ;-) THX for developing it! THX for improving it! THX for support! THX for your help! THX for everything!
  16. hmm, it was just an idea, i'll test that ;-)
  17. interesting, i tested this with windows 2000, then he complains about a missing reg file when copying ... with windows xp he won't apply the reg file, but doesn't complain about a missing reg file ... i just leave the reg file out now, i'll search around to solve the problem
  18. i use hfslip and unattended.sourceforge to install windows on some thin-clients without cd/dvd drive (for personal use!) no
  19. I looked around a bit: maybe /cmdcons /unattend /makelocalsource fixes the problem? i'll try .. edit is it possible to edit the file after slipstreaming everything?
  20. what makes me wonder, why is the reg stuff at the end? why is it regedit /s and not -s?
  21. this happens only when i set recovery console to install in hfanswers.ini this problem is not related to the recovery console problem but i always install over the network ...
  22. hi tomcat! reg file in svcpack doesnt apply with unattended.sourceforge.net! why? windows doesn't complain about any missing files ...

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