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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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while your working on the next microwinx release gdogg. im quite busy i guess researching windows service files.

Application Management


COM+ Event System

COM+ System Application

DCOM Server Process Launcher

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

DNS Client

Fast User Switching Compatibility


Human Interface Device Access

Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

Network DDE

Network DDE DSDM

Network Location Awareness (NLA)

Performance Logs and Alerts

Print Spooler

Protected Storage

Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Routing and Remote Access

Security Accounts Manager

Shell Hardware Detection

System Event Notification

Task Scheduler


Terminal Services

Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions

Wireless Zero Configuration

WMI Performance Adapter

im not gonna bother with nlite removing these services. im gonna try deleting these files first after an install of xp. i do hope i find out every file that these services are using. hopefully i can have a functional windows because these services doesn't even run and mess my windows.

or i could also use microwinx... hehe :D

i just do this for the fun. :thumbup

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@ vci: Bloat for me doesn't just mean cramming a lot of unnecessary files in the Windows directory,but also putting tens of thousands of small files and folders that bloat the registry and waste HDD space.The smaller the files are,the bigger the wasted space.

Java is one of the worst apps that creates a truckload of small files.

Speaking of \windows bloat,for example,I have over 270MB in my \windows folder now,but most of the bloat comes from DirectX,Oembios.bin,ATi drivers .dlls,WBEM folder,Catroot folder,Driver.cab and Sp2.cab

That's too much.I left WMI just in case it might be needed

@gdogg: My request is to also be able to monitor and disconnect the dialup or PPPoE ADSL connection with the icon in the system tray,which I don't have now.I must have deleted too much.

Can any of you help me what files to put back and what services must I have enabled to get this back? I use a tricky workaround now by disconnecting with the antivirus auto-update feature,but I can't monitor the toatl time I've been connected

and the nummber of bytes uploaded/downloaded as before...I know,there's NetStat Live,but I want this back,If it doesn't prove a security risk.

Will there be any extra tweaks with this microwinX,aside from those nLite already offers,like setting pagefile size manually and not creating two of them,when you install windows on a partition other than C: ?

More software patch requests:

CDRIdentifier 1.63

DVDIdentifier 4.2

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@Gobby, I dont encurage that, it will be lots of trial and error testing, as many things cannnot be removed during windows install.

but anyway, I could make a patch to keep network connection icon, but you also talk about bloat :P lol

anyway, ill try to make a patch for it, anyway, try using your firewall instead to block all network traiffic instead.

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@Gobby , next version will be better trust me

@vci just wanted to show i can win if I want to :P (my screenshot was done in windows, with a little process explorer fun, but its all good, cause i could still use the windows with the same funtionality as the lack of drivers gave me.

latest vmware test showed 46.8 MB \windows, this is cause its driverless and themeless, but without any additional file removal from the themed version. Some files didn't make it into removal before, and will be removed other ways, along with themeless getting even more file removal.

so there will be a themeless version beta shortly for those who been asking.

Edited by gdogg
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themeless beta is basically beta 2.5 themeless too. anyone who wants to test, will have to wait til friday as I reduce useless files.

been busy, but been working on themeless one still, some driver things, and a tad of reg cleanup.

also got java to work.

and a thing called ghost wall.

working on a fix for ati tray tools now.

here is what the first registry cleanup will emphasise on. see html files below.

as you can see, I got down to 3 runing services, for a gaming kiosk

and 48 drivers from over 100, where some installs would have close to 200

right now I am playing a movie with mplayer, using a torrent program to download a linux build, using firefox and using ghost wall firewall, and only using 89.0MB ram

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soo back to what i had trouble with.. if you forgot then i say that when i'll use the nlite (with the last session of microwinx) and it'll create the iso.. and i'll boot it.. it stops after maybe one minute.. it only goes when its (copying or what) the files of some hardware (you now what i mean) and then it stops..and nothing happens..

i've tried it on 3computer - it was the same... you told me to DISABLE the ...and ENABLE that.. but this is like you've told me in the nlite options (patch) so its like you told me.. because of the last session.ini i am sure..

so what now? what else shall the problem be?

thanks in advance

edit: tried the cd with VMWARE and it worked..hmm.. (what the heck?) what's my problem?

Edited by vampiriq
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have you intergrated drivers?

ryanvm? if so, there could be a long pause due to this.

if not make sure you remove ryanvm from the last_session.ini

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ghostwall is very difficult to use, I wouldn't use it all the time, but it is very little resource usage.

its all manual entries, and setup manually, but only under 1 MB in taskmanger.

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