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Howto: Heavy slimmed down XP WITH functionality


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@ Jeremy...lets just bury this thing..ok?

I do not want to go that way when we are talking about getting physical and so on...I have been there and there is nothing to gain...please believe me on that one.

@ gdogg...just make sure you drop it in a new thread, then everyone is happy.

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can only theme service be removed? without upsetting too many things? If yes

1. will windowblinds install and work fine?

2. how much of space would be saved on the cd?


cant wait for your thread :) -> nlite ultra :D

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heheheh, no its not gonna be called nlite ultra

i am open to names, i want something good, and it cant step on the feet of another project right now either, i think we all know its name :P

i need a name better than , gdogg xp

but anyway, any ideas, i am open to some

cause i would need to make a website, does to the high traffic amounts, and to make an organised, support section, that isn't just a bunch of threads

i am make a request here

a file to compare registry to another registry

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Hey, guys, I'm really sorry about my behavior lately. Especially my attitude towards Clint, it's not like me to be like that. I'm actually going to have a lot of time this weekend (as long as I don't get called in for a job interview) and I feel like messing with Windows. It would be nice to update my "Reducing X:\WINDOWS In SP2" thread.

Man, now I have all these ideas...

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.reg files, .bat files, and stuff like that, and guides to make your appz work in it

and a list of currently working appz, with there req files ( you'll have these files in a \backup folder

i want to start in a thread on msfn, but try not to take up too much traffic, and hope that it will remain forums here at msfn, and continue from my website

microwinX project sounds like a good one, ill check for related projects of that name

that way its not infringing on any trademarks, including xp

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qdoqq: could i be able to try that ?:) like i would like to have Exactly that winXp like you wrote about.. i dont need more..

is there a way to download your "install" files and .. i meant i want to try it :)

i wanted to make a new nLITE xp today and install this today again but that what YOU have - i would like more..

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