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Howto: Heavy slimmed down XP WITH functionality


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fdv, my microwinX project has been slimed big time, i cant find anything else to remove from the registry without causing myslef problems

so what do you want? and export of the whole registry?

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..but this is a question..

..it can be possibly rewrite .pe registy from pebuilder and some import to hfslip or nLite?

.for specific function of some specific component(s)...

..some infos from this registry .pe disk can be useful. ..for developing

bye and hi:-)

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I am also getting the same problem as post #11 (by Slimzky)

I can rip every single thing outta XP with nLite and

my (Alcatel) modem works (ADSL). Only when I

remove all the DLL's and EXE's it does not work.

After Windows installs I put in the "Alcatel Speedtouch"

driver and update. Everything looks fine, green tray icon,

green lights on the modem, expectantly I click the Dial-Up

connection to type username and get...

"Could not find or create Alcatel Speedtouch Connection"

It is a "Dial-up" connection. It was mentioned this is really

old now but if support is removed for this then - no Dial Up?!

So, I left in these files...












and changed these Services from 4 (disable) to 3 (startup)...



Then I made another ISO with these 8 DLL files, 3 EXE files and

two services all there and still get that same inane error about not

finding or creating! Aaaaaagh!

When you are screwing Windows "every which way but loose"

:lol: (sorry just a Clint joke) then you encounter these problems

but it is knowing how to fix it.

So far, I am only going to include a file from post #11

that I never even considered...

all files beginning with ras (ras.dll, rasauto.dll etc..) are needed for DUN ryt?

modemui.dll, is this necesary for DUN?

I will include just modemui.dll and build ANother ISO,

shesh its a good job these are small!

Then if that fails to allow Dial-Up I will include another

"obvious, sort of" file - adsldp.dll

This is driving me crazy and I feel like I

am spamming asking this in too many

places on MSFN now!

I say never start a topic, search first, thats how I found this

thread, but this weird modem of mine... then, it is dial-up,

same as post #11 but there is no mention of which modem.

So far I don't think there has ever been a

problem worth fixing that has not been fixed!

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Sorry to bump so soon but look...


This is in my build anyway,

so can be ignored. There was

only one other file - the file I

was gonna try last but thats me


This is strictly to get dialup working!

Since this is the functionality version

then... this RAS support only adds about

500Kb, bad I know but not being able to

dial up scares me, all I have ever done

is use dial up to connect the last 5 years!

Just not when I remove so may cab files hehe!

Testing this now...

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Did anyone ever fix the error:

[Window title]

MAPI Repair Tool


LoadLibrary: GetLastError = 126

I know in the remove list by FR, mapistub.dll

is removed and I have not tried putting that

back in yet, just wondered if it is this, it seems

like it but I don't want to add something if there

is no need to :lol:

PS: All the (gone) files in this list I have not removed,

so sfmapi.dll is not removed. Its got to be that mapistub.dll :}

Still got to take the Luna Theme out, a few more services,

then again I will try still removing the mapi dll. When installs

are this quick who needs to rush!

Edited by LeveL
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good work duude, did you check out my Deleted Edition it's further down, so if your version gets to 200 mb mine gets to 100 and less, but without alote of crap...

goo regtweaks duude

sayin is that correct ?

;Dont ? check for newer versions of stored pages

would be correct ?


;Sets the Internet Explorer cache size to 0 MB
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\Cache\Content]

would be too ?

and what about

;Prune History to only 0 days
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Url History]


can delete keys :

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer


and sayin duude, do you know how do you disable pagefile in regsitry ?

that MicrowinX is making a very big ISO, 137 MB ?!

and it sucks, legal crap ?! WTF !, my version has no legal crap, and it has no SP2 dependancies.

all deletion rights granted.

also microwinx does not support networking, my version does, recently I have managed to get as low as 80 MB

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