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  1. I trust XP whole heartily never had a issue with it ,prove to be stable and common sense surfing and proper virus spyware suite and your good to go my friend.
  2. install Me and kick the tower to remove stress and spare your good rig lol.
  3. thanks for the info,we spend more time on the net fighting malware etc then surfing .microshaft should of fixed this problem back in 97.stupid IE and yes i use firefox and opera.
  4. It appear support for IE 6 will continue for a few more years.which is good.
  5. im using one as a security cam pointed on my driveway.works great.
  6. its not because of 9x or nt its because of IE always first 2 catch a cold lol.
  7. nice post and i agree .now as the neighbourhood pc repair guy round my little country town i fixes alot of pcs mostly older legacy ones 1998-2002 era and of course the owners are aunts grandparents etc who like 98se and refuse to change because their pc can surf get email play online pogo games etc .That said the tweaks apps found in this forum alone have transformed old pc in their eyes into new cosmedical at least.drivers are less a problem because older pcs dont play new ghapic intense games anyway the cpu and ram alone cant do it so they know only a new pc would cure that.As far as drivers go its hard alright but theirs alot of used cards around so do some hunting and if kup ever gets goinning then more xp apps will run on 98se.oddly enuff most people i repair for outhere continue to use apps that are 98 compatabale and rarely opt for lastest msn etc they like the old look,98se 4ever for now.
  8. B) Try superfetch boost windows programs startup time. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters] "VideoInitTime"=dword:000007fe "AppLaunchMaxNumPages"=dword:00000fa0 "AppLaunchMaxNumSections"=dword:000000aa "AppLaunchTimerPeriod"=hex:80,69,67,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff "BootMaxNumPages"=dword:0001f400 "BootMaxNumSections"=dword:00000ff0 "BootTimerPeriod"=hex:00,f2,d8,f8,ff,ff,ff,ff "MaxNumActiveTraces"=dword:00000008 "MaxNumSavedTraces"=dword:00000008 "RootDirPath"="Prefetch" "HostingAppList"="DLLHOST.EXE,MMC.EXE,RUNDLL32.EXE" "EnablePrefetcher"=dword:00000003 "EnableSuperfetch"=dword:00000001
  9. 2.07 was the follow up to 2.0 it works on 98se it was extended 2 work on me.i installed secondchance2.07 0n 98se and it works fine.
  10. thx u i found my answers here.ghost it all makes sense now.a interesting read.
  11. could u not just take hardrive out slave it off on another pc then explore drive and move pics.
  12. Hi i,m not sure where to post this.my question is iv,ed made many ghost images of 98se which u can easily use on any pc ,cause driver detections happen after reboot.now heres the thing ived made plenty of nortons ghost images of xp but i cant use them on different pcs cause i get the blue screen and usually a video driver issue .is this a mbr problem or can i stop detections?i just wantta make a ghost image i can transfer to any box i use nortons ghost 2003.thx you msfn rocks. B)
  13. Hi im wondering is there a compatabity wizard in vista like there is in xp to allow u too use older apps?

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