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  1. like he title says,, are there any optimizations and component removal in boot.wim... say for example text based setup... which might/could be slighlty faster than the regular option?
  2. Today i moved to dark side and decided to ditch XP and install vista. just curious and what to remove in Vista and why? I've so far removed printer drivers = i wont be needing as i dont plan to connect a printer to my computer. even if i do i'll prolly get the driver in the cd languages = i dont use anything other than English in my computer.
  3. has anyone successfully tried an administrative install from Nero 8? that way we can reduce the siz of the installer a lot byt removing unnecessary files of components we dont install.
  4. ^^ yes. t tried this method. works perfect. just that i dont see how the installer is smaller.
  5. has anyone tried this guide. If this can make a smaller source installer instead of huge180 mb installer i'm sold!!
  6. gmx


    great video... eeeso FTW
  7. thanks darks0ul . admin installing and editing msi no longer works so custom installer is the only alternative to remove unneeded stuff from nero. Nerovison is all thats left now
  8. ^^ i'm waiting for the nero vison and nero recode in custom installer as well. and its been a long wait
  9. Not working. It shows activation data unuseable when i installed to another machine. activation is computer specific - if you activate on x computer - reinstall xp + adobe copying activated %appdata%\adobe may work. it'll not work on another computer. Theres also an transfer activation to another computer option in activation popup. you could try that
  10. is ie7 final integration is on the cards for 1.RC+/final ?
  11. ^^ you could try copying %appdata%\adobe. it didn't work for me in vmware however might work on the computer. it was activated on
  12. with nero 7.51 the installer asks the cab files even after admin install.
  13. Has anybody made a lite version? or has a list of what can be removed and are these used in Help anywhere? 1. Samples 2. 23mb Photoshop.zip file in the %programfiles%\adobe photoshop\ folder
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