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Top 5 Pc Games


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Well, I'm not huge on PC Gaming, but I have played a few in the past year.

In order from first to last played:


Star Wars - Jedi Outcast

Doom 3

Half-Life 2

Star Wars Battlefront

Manhunt is retarded and gets boring very quickly, didn't beat it.. Jedi Outcast was fun and very challenging. I used some cheats simply because I wanted to see the cut-scenes. ;) Doom 3 scared the s*** out of me. Once again, I used the cheats to see the cut-scenes and bosses. Very... evil game. Half-Life 2 has incredible realism and is not fun with cheats simply because it's so life-like. I haven't beaten it yet and will likely get re-obssesed with it sometime. Star Wars Battlefront has good graphics, great AI. I like all the interactivity. Not enough levels, though. The "Victory" screen you get after destroying/killing the enemy reminds me of the "Victory" pop-up you get in the old Egyptian city-building game Pharaoh after you complete all the objectives. What games should I play? I'm open to suggestions.

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1) Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

2) Half-Life 2

3) Rome: Total War

4) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

5) Comand & Conquer: Generals (Zero Hour expansion)

6) LieroX (gotta love it ;))

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