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  1. Haha I wish that was it cause it's starting to frustrate me! spent all day trying to fix this...
  2. No luck... gonna try a BIOS update in a bit but starting to think it's not the BIOS...
  3. thanks for the quick reply. I don't really have another PSU or MB to test if it's faulty. I will test them if when I get my hands on one later. Anyways, I've began to think it's BIOS related. I have a Gigabyte EP35-DS3. I went into the BIOS option and found some options under that I think could be related: AC Back Function Soft-Off by PWR BTTN I messed around with these, but no luck. Any other BIOS setting that could cause this? Tried disabling wake on LAN, but still nothing
  4. I was playing about with the cabling, and I found that the computer does not switch itself back on when I unplug the ATX 12V PSU cable that goes in the MB... However, I fail to see anything on the screen when I do so, so leaving it unplugged is not an option... (it's this guy here that I'm talking about): I'm not sure if this is really relevant, cause the PC shouldn't work without this cable, but i guess it might help.
  5. Hi, I've built a few systems already before, but I've run into some trouble building my latest one. Everytime after I switch off the computer, either through windows shutdown or through the power button, the computer switches off and after 4-5 seconds, it powers itself back on! It's quite annoying as the only way to shut it down is the switch at the back of the PSU. I don't know what I've done wrong. I would guess that it's to do with the Power header where i connect the case to the MB, but I've checked that and it seems to be alright. What else could be causing this?? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi, I am having the same problem. However, after installation, my wireless adapter could detect my network and connect without any problems. Recently, it just can't find any networks. I tried using Belkin's utility to connect but it also fails to find any networks. I'm going to try the wifi-hopper mentioned here a bit later as well. I think that the problem is not due to the Wired AutoConfig because I have it enabled... Is a reinstall the only other solution??
  7. I have this same problem with my nLite'd XP... is there a fix??
  8. Hi guys, I must have somehow disabled the ability to pin to the start-menu with my nLite XP. Do you know if there's a registry tweak to re-enable it?? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, While preparing my WinXP with nLite, I must have accidentally chosen to disable the option of pinning apps to the start-menu. Whenever, i right click on a shortcut on my start-menu program list, I can't see the option to pin. Also, I can't drag any files there to pin. Is this fixable with a registry tweak or something? Thanks for your help!
  10. I created an image of the partition with Ghost and was able to retrieve all my files with Ghost Explorer. Formatted it and now it's all fine. thanks
  11. Hello! I have a problem which is more related to partitions that Windows XP but i didn't know where else to post it... I have an external 2.5' HDD (WD Passport). I split it into two partitions, one all my files, and one empty. After a while, I attempted to merge them again with Norton PartitionMagic 8.5... It gave an error message and wasn't able to completely finish the merge process. As a result now, when i plug in the HD via USB, no partition is recognized by Windows, not appearing on 'My Computer'. However, the drive is recognized under device manager. When I open PartitionMagic, it shows my drive with one partition with the 'Used Space' of all my files. I know it's not a case of a faulty disk, just a badly configured partition How can I go about repairing a partition, without losing it? When i run a check-up on the partition with PMagic i get an error 'External attribute header mismatch'... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  12. hi. I had the same problem as you did and spent an entire day trying to recover TCP/IP drivers to get DHCP working again. Didn't manage, so I just created a new nLite XP installation without removing as many components and it worked... sorry but I couldn't pinpoint which component actually causes DHCP to fail. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. Is it possible to integrate IE7 to Windows Installation? Like using RyanVM's Integrator or nLite? Thanks.
  14. Hi. I get the following error message when I try to access any share on my USB External Hard Drive: This only occurs when I try to access shares on that specifc drive, no matter what folder it is in it. All my other shares work fine and are configured in the exact same way. What could be causing this? I googled the problem and came up with a registry solution of putting value 0 to PagedPoolSize entry but it was already set that way. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. Nope I've always done it this way and it worked fine on all the other machines.
  16. any way to fix a corrupt user profile? Doubt it's a virus though, I've got KAV running at max protection...
  17. Hi. I've got one PC with XP and three users. User1 is admin and user2 and user3 are guest accounts. I configured the PC to always autologin to user1 and it always worked fine. For no apparent reason, since today it always logs in to user2 (which I had never used before, only for network filesharing permission purposes) and when I attempt to log-out, it performs the log out and then straight away it logs back into user2. If I press crtl-alt-del and try to log-on to user1, it logs in but then logs-out straight away. What could be causing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hi. I've been setting up a fileserver on XP Pro and so far it's been fine. I have 6 PCs, each with unique usernames and passwords so I could configure permissions for each PC in the house. I added a 7th PC and did the same procedure and when I try to add all the users into this 7th PC and set permission for them, it doesn't work. On this 7th PC, I added the six other usernames with same password as on the remote machines. I disabled simple file sharing and when I went to set permissions for the created users I get a "Name not found error": I know that the user 'Lakani' is created properly in the local machine because I can even log-in the local machine using the user name. Here you can see that the user 'Lakhani' which i tried to set permissions for, does exist in the local machine: I get the same error message even when I try to set permissions for the default user name that I'm logged-in to! What I think could be causing this is some removed component of disabled service I may have removed accidently as the PC has a customized nLite installation of XP. What missing services/components could be causing this? Any ideas of how to fix? Thanks
  19. try using the software that came with your hardware
  20. Thanks allen2 Worked fine. Any alternatives thogh?
  21. I got it working by going to computer management and terminating the network sessions that were already open the remote computer. However i still don't like doing this through Map Network Drives. Is there a simple solution like in ftp where you use ftp://user:pass@ip or smb:\\user:pass@ip? Thanks again.
  22. Hi. Is it possible to log-in to another machine on my network as a different user than the one i'm logged-in locally? I know i can do it by mapping a network drive and selecting "connect using a different user" but I always get an error saying: Anyways, I'd like to know if there's a better solution cause I don't want to have to map unmap network drives everytime. I've got Fast User Switching and Secondary Log-on both enabled. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi! Is it possible to remove the Windows Media Player right-click options on .mp3 files (Add to Now Playing List, etc.)? Are these entries called shell extension? Is there a tool for managing what appears when I right click a certain file extension? Thanks.

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