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  1. yeh i think its sum other prob coz vb6 generally checks for prev installed versions mostly vb5 or vb4 which do come in windows or an installed vb6 but it doesn't take that much time in fact i don't think it would go scan all ur other logical drives
  2. m8 how about updating the dao.ocx ?mite be some problem with the control itself
  3. Windows98SE and Hibernate

    i'm usin a desktop and win98se doesn't have a hibernate feature it mite be some 3rd party software providing it for laptops
  4. Sick of Nero

    ditto how about Ashampoo burning studio guys got many features like nero but isn't a bloat like it and nero 6.6 was way better than nero 7 it abs sucks
  5. i also dun have a problem with IE but i love firefox and jcarle,dexter one can use IE securely but u need 2 know some reg hacks and stuff which general pc users don't know and they find firefox with its extensions better
  6. dexter m8 i hardly use IE ,Firefox with adblock is suffice for me i also neva use a firewall,u can keep also security settings also dere r some reg settings ,had 1 doubt why nlite can u have an IE without activeX installed
  7. sounds interesting m8,i'm sure that u won't b d/lin those plugins which newbies fall for but m8 wat abt nasty scripts on some of the sites.U use IE also na???which version coz IE6 is a bit vulnerable tot hose nasty scripts
  8. agree with jcarle and Zxian abt sensibility factor needed while surfing the web
  9. how to make a torrent

    i use maketorrent for making torrents,uTorrent sometimes for making torrent but as a torrent client definitely uTorrent
  10. All format Media Player

    well as far as my setup VLC rocks.in wmp10 i do include ffdshow and Xvid codec pack.btw @digerati i'm impressed with Xmplay kewl software.OFFTOPIC:where's repeat tab in XMplay if any? EDIT:found it
  11. Bad Sectors on HDD

    well u can use Spinrite also works in most of cases though it ain't free but a worth buy.
  12. "iTunes vs. Winamp...?"

    @Digerati Impressed by XMPlay but will take time 2 shift frm winamp.btw frm where 2 d/l xmplay skins suggested by u?as far as vlc and MPC go i prefer VLC over ne other player.in itunes vs Winamp thing get hold of ipod plugin of winamp suggested by Zxian coz i may not b sure but iTunes doesn't allow transfer of music frm iPod 2 PC.(dunno bout latest ipod version,correct me if i'm wrong)so u need a 3rd party app,so go with Winamp
  13. win98SE stuck in 640 by 480 pixels &256 colors

    probably i do think its a virus coz it happened some 4 yrs bak when i was a kid and PC noob.just do a online scan at http://housecall.trendmicro.com drivers update need not b necessary.
  14. Software recommendation for encoding DVDs?

    i agree with axed,cinema craft encoder is the fastest and best encoder for dvd's
  15. [Help] - Kazaa

    i think ur ISP has blocked kazaa's ports.Kaaalite is still workin but due 2 MPAA and RIAA most p2p's have gone down. Offtopic:Happy New Year to all of U.