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  1. I have done/tried all those things.. No hardware changes has been done resently.. It happend basicly without a reason.. And no, I can't access the BIOS. It hangs before I can enter. And it doens't get far enough to boot from a CD or anything like that. I have to hdds.. Both Seagate IDE. One 40GB (came with the pc) and one 200GB. None is put in resently. My videocard is a Gainward GeForce FX5200. CPU is Intel Celeron 2.53GHz RAM is SDRAM PC133 (I seriously don't remember more than that) I think it has 768MB at the moment. (One 512MB and one 256MB) Without having the opportunity to check it this is all I remember at the moment...
  2. Thanks for the reply! The reason why I'm considering getting a new motherboard is the fact that my pc isn't willing to boot anymore. (I have another which I'm sitting at now) Incase your wondering what exactly happens when it's booted, it doesn't do much at all. I get to the screen where I normally would have the opportunity to enter BIOS by hitting F1 (yup, not F2). Here it stops. Totall hitting the wall situation.. I can't get into BIOS to see how things are there 'cause it doesn't react to the keyboard. I've tried almost everything to get it working, but it won't react to anything... Some of the things I've tried: - I have 2 disks so I've tried to boot from both even only one has a OS. No response from any of them - I have 2 RAMs so I've tried booting with one and one, none, tried both in different slots etc etc. - I've got a almost new graphics card (never been a problem with) so I've tried booting with the integreated card instead. (Taken the new one out off course) - Tried changing the battery just too see if that did any thing. Nope, nothing. - Booting from a boot cd (The ultimate bootdisk versjon II) but the pc hangs before it reads the cdrom.. - Booting form an USB device. - Chekced that all fans function - Nothing wrong with the CPU And some other things I can't remember right now. My boss (I work in technical support) suggested that it might be something wrong with the motherboard. And that is the only thing I can think of that is left right now... So that's why I'm thinking of changing it!
  3. If I wanted to change the motherboard in my computer, what do I need to look at to get a new one that will acctually work? Hardware isn't really my strongest side so any tips will be appreaciated.
  4. Thanks guys.. Anyways, I found that just opening the list of blocked items, click on the one I regreat blockingand pressing Del worked. B)
  5. I've managed to do the most fantastic thing.. I blocked the wrong thing and now there isn't any images left on the page! Is there a way to "unblock" bloked things?
  6. @Andromeda: I will do that. And I'll look into the VBScripts.. Thanks. @XPerties: Well, you see I know nothing about scripts and was thus not sure where to put it.. And since I have all faith in the mods, I didn't see the harm in posting it on the General Discussion board instead of placing it really wrong someplace else! @prathapml: Thanks for moving it!
  7. Hehe.. Lol, Andromeda43. I think I'll just have to risk it then..! I'm thinking more in the lines of really, really basic log on scripts and things like that.. Scripts you might need in a normal network like a school or things like that.. If that made any sence..
  8. So, I have to learn about scripts. How to make/write them, how to make them work and how they'll (hopefully) work when they're done.. The thing is.. I just need something about scripts in general.. Like scripting written in notepad. I'm a total noob when it comes to this area, so any help will be grately accepted!! So if you e.g. know of any basic scripting tutorials or stuff like that, could you post it here? And, oh.. Sorry about posting this on the general board. I had no idea where it would fit..
  9. Hehe.. I've played through both expansions two times now.. (Yes, it's official, I have no life.. ) I love playing online on Trimmes server. There is at the moment few regular players, so we get to know each other better. It's funny.. I'm on at 18.00 GMT+1 as a "rule".. Off course, I can't play every day..
  10. If you play NWN and is a LotR fan, go try out "!!Trimmes LotR server" in the Action category. It's a truly great server. Rarely any lag and not much downtime.. It's so few players there and more is needed.. Someone must be interested in joining..?
  11. I'm looking foreward to Age of empires 3, Dreamfall and Neverwinter Nigts 2.
  12. Took it.. Put Norway on the list!
  13. Oh, they still do that.. Atleast here they do... I don't see the fun in stealing the mouseballs! They've startet with something more down there now.. The remove the buttons on the screen so you can't turn it on/off anymore.. They've got some serious issues... Lol.. Maybe the students here do that to and the dead people instruct them to remove the mousballs, screenbuttons, put bread in the machines and so on..?

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