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  1. When I damaged Athlon 64 and Opteron 146 (from taking off IHS and putting Big Typhoon cooler on naked core), my PC would boot into blank screen. From my experience, if you clear CMOS and PC still boots into black screen, it's your CPU. Other than that, you should be familiar with testing other components.
  2. LLXX, you gave kurt excellent article to confuse him, I don't think pointers even exist in visual basic. I think he asked for a good starting point, anyway thanks for the link, it's going to be a good read since I always get lost with functions in c that accept or return pointer to an array. Pointer by itself is a simple concept, it is extremely efficient in c programming.
  3. best linux that i used so far is self compiled kernel 2.6.19
  4. nfm

    DVD To Ipod?

    Sorry if I sounded bad computerMan & Jeremy, try it out and see how it goes, videos that I converted look great on my ipod. Don't forget to crop image to 320x240 by simply using crop(0,0,-0,-0) in avisynth script
  5. nfm

    DVD To Ipod?

    1. Rip DVD onto HDD 2. Use dgmpgdec to extract streams and audio 3. Use Nero's free aac/mp4 encoder and encode .wav into mp4 4. Install avisynth, write 1 line script to load .d2v that dgmpgdec created. e.g MPEG2Source("D:\Paparazzi\paparazzi.d2v") 5. Use worlds best, free h.264 decoder from x264.nl to encode video, x264 encoder supports avisynth so you will be able to load script you created. 6. To make encoding simple, write encode.cmd or something similar, on linux you'll have to write perl script, for example: @echo off x264.exe --pass 1 --bitrate 850 --stats ".stats" --ref 5 --mixed-refs --bframes 3 --b-pyramid --b-rdo --bime --weightb --direct auto --filter -2,-1 --subme 6 --trellis 1 --analyse all --8x8dct --vbv-maxrate 25000 --me umh --threads 2 --thread-input --progress --no-psnr --output NUL input.avs x264.exe --pass 2 --bitrate 850 --stats ".stats" --ref 5 --mixed-refs --bframes 3 --b-pyramid --b-rdo --bime --weightb --direct auto --filter -2,-1 --subme 6 --trellis 1 --analyse all --8x8dct --vbv-maxrate 25000 --me umh --threads 2 --thread-input --progress --no-psnr --output video.mp4 input.avs pause exit With above options, iPod won't be able to decode that because those options are very powerful and that's a high profile. Get megui, export profiles and you'll find there profile for ipods, adjust bitrate at the end to so,ething like 400kbps. 7. Mux encoded audio mp4 with video mp4 using mp4box. Is it really that hard? I know your not gonna do it because you'll use crappy one click solution but that's ok, because if you knew you wouldn't be asking such a question. I fell bad for Jeremy and couple of his posts pointing to doo9.org or videohelp.
  6. amaroK in my opinion is the most advanced audio player, I use it a lot but I prefer xmms because I experience occasional crashes because I use gnome interface and amaroK is intended for kde. I rarely use windows but when I do, I use foobar2000 as a player. For videos, I configure and compile my own version of mplayer from source.
  7. What are you trying to compile? I'm pretty sure you need gcc but I don't know what deb packages you need to install. I normally install: sudo apt-get install build-essential bin86 kernel-package libqt3-headers libqt3-mt-dev wget This installs all needed tools to compile your own kernel. I would try installing this first: sudo apt-get install build-essential Type that into Konsole/Terminal.
  8. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  9. What distro are you using? Edit: Can you also post link to download, I don't care if it's .rpm package or source code, I don't feel like registering.
  10. I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy using latest nvidia beta drivers along with AIGLX/Compiz 3D accelerated GUI. I have things like very cool wobbly windows enabled, rain drops, water marks, transparency etc. Compiz runs much smoother than Beryl. 1.1Mb shot, sorry about that's how linux takes shots :\ http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/1764/screenshotdo1.png You can check this review http://lunapark6.com/?p=2501 out, guy took some shots of cubed windows. Anyone who likes to modify their looks should look into this, it will take you about 10min to boot live cd and install linux and then 5 extra to download vga driver and compiz packages.
  11. it's a common effect when ram is all filled up and pagefile is used, when exiting an app or game it takes some time to unload data from that pagefile. This happens to me very often and it is very annoying, adding more ram will help a lot.
  12. it was down but now it is back again with updates.
  13. yes, you can find it in "Addons Pack" if you extract it.

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