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  1. Windows 7 - Drive Lettering

    Disk Management. Also, why not move XP and Vista to run on VMs instead?
  2. @monkeyk Run the Diagnose Windows Update utility. You may also want to switch away from Norton. Years ago it was notorious for breaking Windows Update. It's gotten better over the years. If you don't have Malwarebytes I'd strongly recommend getting it.
  3. Malwarebytes antivirus

    Regardless of how a well educated user/common sense is the best anti-malware, that is not the answer to the topic at hand. @mike13, Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that, as of v3, has improved to give protection like an anti-virus (replacing it). It can protect against infections that your common anti-virus software cannot detect or remove. Malwarebytes is a light-weight, efficient anti-malware solution. I've been an Expert on their team since the software was still 0.x alpha stage. While there are many solutions available for anti-virus and anti-malware; none of them work anywhere near as well as Malwarebytes does. The reason Malwarebytes replaced Windows Defender is because it's an alternative anti-malware solution that integrates into Windows. The same thing happens if you install a firewall. For example, I used to run Agnitum's Outpost Pro firewall before the company discontinued the product due to being bought out. It would replace Windows Firewall in the Windows Security Center as the active firewall solution. You're perfectly fine and safe allowing Malwarebytes to act as your anti-malware solution in place of Windows Defender. I hope this helped to address the questions you've had so far, Mike.
  4. Firefox Quantum

    Perhaps, but you also mention pages are slower to load instead of faster. I too experienced the speed improvements. A refresh can't hurt anything.
  5. Firefox Quantum

    Sounds like you need to refresh your Firefox. Had no problems at all with the upgrade, only one addon disabled due to being Legacy/not WebExtension compatible. Edit: also shouldn't this be in the Software forum rather than Networks and the Internet? I mean, Firefox is software.
  6. Malwarebytes-is older better?

    Each major version released improves the overall quality and what all it can do. It's even more powerful now with 3.x than it was with 1.x. Honestly I'd go with 3.x.
  7. It all depends upon the hosting plan and how much space is available overall. Then you need to factor in that this all adds up. For my website, Lunarsoft; I need to factor in that the forums, wiki, and frontpage all count. Then you have to factor in that any images for example that can be hosted on the forums and wiki count towards that overall total. Split all of that up between members for each software and it adds up fast. That's why many websites say to use mirrors when possible. Web space is not a cheap thing for many people, whether it's 2017 or not.
  8. Forum upgrade to v4.2!

    Actually, you do have IE11 and can reproduce it there. I see the same as Tommy when I tested this thread with IE11 on Win10x64. Search for Internet Explorer via Start and you'll find it.
  9. Keep getting website uses cookies

    No, the forum software doesn't do it. I believe it's a WordPress plugin doing that. Honestly, it's pointless. The EU is also getting rid of that law last I read.
  10. The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool downloads the latest stable Windows 10 that you select, if I remember correctly.
  11. Ah, you made an edit to add this in. Short answer, no. The reason? It their update broke those things, you have to realize it's not intentional. Whereas malware intentionally harms computers. I have Malwarebytes on another machine in my home. Though on my primary I only use a firewall - Agnitum Outpost Pro - which sadly is no longer offered. They were acquired by Yandex and there's only time until the end of the month to convert your license to a Kaspersky license. Most games now push updates/patches. Some you can opt out of, though in doing so it can limit what you can do. An example of this is not being able to play online with others. Client - server compatibility and all of that.
  12. You were definitely quite close. I forgot to mention that Malwarebytes 3 may also be a good alternative to AVG, as they say that with Malwarebytes 3 you no longer need anti-virus. If you have a lifetime license from v1 or v2, it'll work in v3 which is awesome!
  13. What are you trying to say with "phagocytated", it's not a word. Do you mean phagocytize? AVG hasn't been high on my list of quality anti-virus applications for a lot time. There've been too many issues with them causing problems for Windows users which include completely wiping out system32, user32.dll, and other problems. Tracking and selling user history is a big no no. AVG is also known for having a lot of problems with Windows, it's happened for many years: AVG update crashes Windows AVG does it again: Windows 7 users crash with another bad update And let's not forget... AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers Saying something is updating and being forced is not like "malware". Though, with that classification it seems you'd call game patches pushed via Steam or any other content distribution "malware". Perhaps you need to be refreshed on the definition of malware? Malware - noun - software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. Just because you don't like their methods doesn't mean it's malicious. This also doesn't need to be a pinned topic as there's no reason for it to be; this subforum isn't very active and even without being pinned it's near the very top. You need to think of the average user who will see this and get scared rather easily. Fear-mongering is never a good thing. So please try to remember that this is not malware-like in any way. It's a method of updating that you do not agree with. I don't agree with how AVG is doing this form of updates. Yes, I understand the importance of updating to the latest version, they may also have good reason behind this. Perhaps the version you're on won't get definition updates any longer because they've changed how their definitions are delivered since Avast now owns them. It's hard to say exactly why they're pushing it in this way though it would be better to look into it. Maybe you should look into getting a refund for the licenses you purchased and state your reason as to why you're dissatisfied. A support ticket may be of further assistance. If you're that dissatisfied with how AVG is pushing an important update then do like this user did. Uninstall it, switch products, don't look back. Avira or Sophos are both said to be really good.
  14. The title of "After being phagocytated by Avira, AVG goes the malware way of Win 10." is wrong and extremely misleading, correcting it. Avast bought AVG, not Avira. You also did not post what version of AVG you're using, or which is giving this alert. You really should provide more information as there are key details that were omitted. There may be a good reason for it. Such as how AVG Free 7.1 is discontinued.
  15. Bank card security in France

    I'd really like to see this credit card that has an authenticator take off worldwide. https://forums.lunarsoft.net/topic/6349-new-credit-card-that-acts-like-an-authenticator/
  16. Malwarebytes 3.0 is great for anti-ransomware and works alongside antivirus solutions. I've been looking into Avira as a recommended anti-virus. As far as a firewall solution goes, I used to love Agnitum Outlook Pro. Unfortunately that's no longer available. GlassWire is a decent solution that offers a free version. I will say, I would never recommend or trust any Comodo products. They have so many problems past to present that they're a blacklisted software in my books.
  17. Ransomware Question

    Versions 1 and 2 offered lifetime licenses. 3 no longer has those, however if you had a lifetime license you can use it in MB3. If you had a lifetime license and cannot locate it, contact support and they will help you. It's very worthwhile to upgrade to 3.0. tested it since the internal betas and the speed and new features make it a very valuable asset in the fight against malware.
  18. Ransomware Question

    Backups are things we should all have no matter what happens. A major plus in keeping this kind of malware way is using Malwarebytes 3.0, they have anti-ransomware in it.
  19. The theme editor only changes the colors of this theme. Other things you can try is making a whole new Firefox profile. Create a new Firefox shortcut and make it read like so: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p That will let you make a new test profile, without addons and everything.
  20. @JorgeA I've had the problem you're having and it's only been on this forum. I suspect it's because of the theme. I tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. and nothing fixed it. After a few weeks it finally worked again just as mysteriously as it started. I say that I suspect it's the theme because on my own forum I use the stock forum theme and haven't had the issue. Nor have I on the several others, such as the official IPS website, Malwarebytes, and other sites that use the stock theme.
  21. I'll have to check that project out Noel. Per chance, have you heard of the Pi-Hole project? I've been reading about it and seeing what all it's capable of. It sounds like a pretty nice solution that would only cost you about 35 bucks. https://pi-hole.net/
  22. @Flasche, as a long time Expert with Malwarebytes, I will admit that I have never used their Anti-Exploit software. I do however know that it, and their Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, and Anti-Exploit are all being merged into Malwarebytes 3.0. The beta just went public not long ago and it runs extremely well. The license is very worth getting, too. On the subject of uBlock Origin, I recently made the switch to it from Adblock Plus. It is indeed a wonderful addon. Thankfully, uBlock Origin has plenty of good lists that allow for great protection and ad filtering. Far more than Adblock Plus offered. I do hope that you whitelisted MSFN if you haven't already donated to the website. Even in uBlock Origin I tend to avoid using any of the lists that use a hosts file. hosts misuse has been discussed on many occasions and it can even be problematic cross platform as well! is localhost and opens a connection until it times out. On Windows 8 and up there is a noticeable delay. is a listen all on Linux, and it may very well also be true for Mac as well since both are Unix based though I may be incorrect about that. Windows Defender also detects changes to the hosts file in case of malware tampering. It's detected as SettingsModifier:Win32/PossibleHostsFileHijack. If you'd like to learn more, I have a comprehensive article written about Blocking Malware and Advertisements Safely that I continue to expand when good information comes to light about the common misuse of the hosts file. Hope this is helpful!
  23. Windows 7 Unofficial Update Rollup (WIP)

    Were you aware of the availability of WSUS Offline Update?
  24. No download links for Windows 8?

    You can legally download Windows 8.1. Just go to this official link and get the Media Creation Tool.
  25. Invision is actually doing what is very common. Here, look at these screenshots of Office 2007.