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WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

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I have read the whole thread.

Don't understand why people not wan't a full version.

If I would like a full version of MP10 on my unattended installation.

And I would like the MP9 player out.

How to do that the best way??????

By my unattended inst. I mean my XPCD folder that I uses to burn my unattended CD.

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When I integrate this all features will be usable right? No bugs whatsoever?

No bugs, if you don't remove WMP9 with nLite.

And NO, not all features will be included!

@all: sorry for the EXTREME delay, but I've been busy in the past weeks, and this very week I had exams... New version should come soon now, but I won't promise a date. The DriverPacks are my priority...

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im a little confused on how to do this.

So I have the MP10Setup.exe and WMP10_Slipstreamer_V11.cmd in the same folder.

My XPCD allready has a i386 folder, is it neccessary for me to copy the one on my C: drive or can I just edit the HIVEDEF.INF on the XPCD?

And then after im done this I just run the cmd and its done right?


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