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  1. @RanCorX2, I know this thread is ancient. But would it be possible for you to post your reg files and powershell scripts? I just got a new laptop with a lot of bloatware...so I want to make a fresh/clean windows 10 install. Your files and scripts and other usefull info found on here could save me a lot of time configuring;-) Thanks in advance.
  2. How did you extract the files? EDIT Never mind found it.
  3. Thanks strel. I actually do know how to make silent installers that work for Vista. Just haven't figured out yet how to install a language pack and hotfixes silently... Update: Just found a thread that might be very usefull to me (and others): http://www.msfn.org/board/net-framework-3-...ded#entry819327
  4. After having read almost all of this thread, I am still not sure if it's possible to make a package that can be installed on Vista SP2 Can anyone please help me out??
  5. What exactly does it install and what not? How did you make it silent?
  6. I think when running iTunes without Quicktime installed, you will get a message that you have to install quicktime. So yes; you need to install quicktime first.
  7. Thank you very much for this update, Shark007 As always, your work is very much appreciated.
  8. Maxblast 5 Discwizard Does anyone know how to silently install them? Afaik, atleast Maxblast 5 is, they are based on Acronis True Image 10!
  9. Are there any other download managers, except flashget, that without a plugin are able to integrate into Opera's contextmenu?? You know": "download all with Flashget".......
  10. Thanks, this might be very usefull! Have you tried it with WMP11?:
  11. Does this version still integrate with Opera?
  12. Is the Dutch version already available? Or can I install the English one?
  13. Are there any switches that allow only certain components to be installed?
  14. This is what I did: 1.Open setup.r with WinRAR. Make a sfx from the setup.r and add your favourite wallpapers.... 2.Rename setup.exe -> Aston.exe Aston.exe-> Use this comment (or change it to suite your configuration): 3.Add Aston settings (in my case from Documents and Settings folder):Astonconfig.exe-> Use this comment (or change it to suite you): 4. Apply Aston registry settings which you recorded with RegShot.... Aston.cmd -> 5.Add this tou your main_batch.cmd:(This installs Aston, BUT doesn't make it the default Shell!!) 6.Before your computer is restarted, after unattended installation, make WINDOWS merge shell.reg to your registry. (To make Aston the default Shell): shell.reg -> 7. Make SURE that the paths correspond to YOUR configuration!!!!!!!!!! I hope this helps.....

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