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  1. The slow part is the install part. Now it is still on the 39th minute.
  2. I've got nothing to do recently and decided to do this. I've read somewhere here that if you slipstream more than a hundred? hotfixes, the xp install goes slow and my previous experience proves it. The install sometimes go too slow and doesn't seem to progress. My question is: How do I escape this? And is the direct integration under nLite is the best way to integrate hotfixes? Also, tips and advices are very much welcome. Also, I'll be using Xable's Update Pack as the base because, to my recollection, this pack have only publicly available hotfixes in them (I might be wrong). Also, I'll be getting the hotfixes from http://thehotfixshare.net/
  3. nLited XP image in a USB

    Does anyone know how to put an nLited XP onto a USB and make it so that it also boots? Thanks.
  4. Can you post the list of hotfixes? And if possible chronologically.
  5. What is this VS?

    I would like to know it too. Slick looking VS that is.
  6. [rel] Vista Transformation Pack

    I have just installed this on a newly installed Windows, works fine here. Safe bet here is, to just install this on a fresh clean system. @Windows X: Great Job. Thanks man. The only thing that didn't work was the Start Search feature. Or there was no feature of such kind at all?
  7. [rel] Vista Transformation Pack

    Now I am afraid to use this.
  8. How did it f***ed up your system?
  9. More Vista 5259 Screenshots!

    Surprisingly, I kinda like this build's look.
  10. More Vista 5259 Screenshots!

    I am liking the start button. Am I seeing it correctly? Outlook Express is now Windows Mail?
  11. Vista Games

  12. net Framework integration

    Will there be any updates so that it will work with nLite?
  13. Nero Custom Applications Builder (NCAB)

    Will there be a support for version 7?
  14. I used MSFN's guide on slipstreaming updates to Office 2003. It was very easy, thanks guys. One question though, I used ORK to create a predefined Office 2003. To use that I pointed to PRO11.msi. My question is, if MS releases a new update to Office 2003, do I have to repeat the whole ORK process again? Or is it fine just doing it once?
  15. Does anyone have the download link for KB907865?