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  1. On the HP ProLiant SmartArray devices I have used, the cache is disabled when the battery loses charge or registers a fault. This is done to prevent the loss of data in the event of a power outage. It's easier for HP to support a disk performance issue that they can just tell you to replace the battery for, than it is to recover a corrupt database. When the battery fails, or has no charge, event ID 1206 from Storage Agents will be logged to tell you about the battery failure. Event ID 1204 will also be logged to tell you that the cache accelerator module has been disabled. ok so when no battery cache disable and can't be used
  2. Sorry... yes have looked off course... maybe just misunderstod something. ei.cfg :-) ? no whats that? When I look at the link I find professional in all kind of language but no ultimate. Do you mean that when downloading prof. ultimate is also in this? I assume that language does'nt matter? You can always install language packs after? But it's danish ultimate 32 and 64 bit i'm looking for. Thanks for helping a amateur like me :-) And maxxpsoft...thanks for direct link for someone like me :-)
  3. hi like the links in this thread? http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/446844-digital-river-links-for-windows-7-sp1-media
  4. Oh yes it is... all I wrote is true and not a lie :-) How can that be... 1.52 GB ??
  5. Hi I'm about to make my own win 7 with RT 7 lite. Thats working fine.. I use my own win 7 x64 disk. The files on that is 3.1 GB SP1 I have downloadet is ca. 900 MB So when sp1 is slipstreamed I have a 4 GB file. But I have found some slipstreamet files on internet where the ISO x64 with sp1 only is 3.3 GB is this because my win 7 disk have all versions build in and the one I found maybe only is win 7 standard? I remember in old XP days it was possible to shrink the XP installation disk by removing some files that was not nessesary. Is this also possible in win 7?
  6. Hi I'm going to make a win 7 image with sp1 and all updates. have downloaded WUD and all win 7 updates incl. SP 1 Then I will download rt 7 lite and make my image with that. But then I was thinking... I have to install win 7 on both 32 and 64 bit. is it possible to make an image that can be used on both types?
  7. ok.. so it depends on controller if it needs bbu or not just to write to cache. I just assumed that cache module was getting power from server and not battery. battery was only for restoring data from cache. But yoy say that some cache module needs battery just to work, even that it does not use power from battery.
  8. Thanks a lot. :-) I'm not english speaken, but if I understand it right, then it is as I assumed. A cache can be used without battery for performance. The battery is only there to hold data up to 72 hours if server goes down. So when I have servers with battery that need replacement can I ignore this error if data loss at a power failure is acceptable Off course I need to be aware of that old batteries can leak fluid. The last part I did not understand: "Note: RAID controllers, which do not use a BBU to protect the cache (but instead copy the content of the cache to flash memory in the event of a power failure), do not require special cache protection maintenance" 1. Is there another way to cache than using cache module? 2. To protect data I assume a battery of some kind is always needed Why I ask al this is because I have several servers without cache and battery. I have mounted cache and battery in one of them and performance then got much better. But to do that in all servers it would cost some money and time. And another problem...downtime :-)
  9. it's many types of controllers. But I can find an controller ex. tomorrow. But think thats not so important for the question... i think. I more like to know what the cache and battery are for and if it's not there.
  10. Hi thanks... as I wrote it's hardware and it was just a try :-) I will try in a hardware forum somewhere.
  11. Hi I'm working with servers. maybe this is not the right place to ask about hardware but will try anyway. I'm just wondering how controller cache and battery is working. 1. I asume that the cache module does that server is faster, because it can write to cache even if C drive is occupied by another job. 2. I also asume that cache can hold last data if server goes down, because of the battery, and restore this data when server starts again. But is battery nessesary in ex. 1 or only in 2? Can ex. 1 be possible without battery and only cache module? or am I totally wrong about the cache and battery use?
  12. Hi.. back. never had the time before now. I have been looking in the documentation link but it's difficult to find out where to start. What I'm loooking for is a win 7 image that I can install everywhere, and that can be installed on either x86 or x64. (don't know if thats possible x86/x64?). It should have all updates until now and servicepacks. Can be used on all HW types. In old XP days I had to first create a image from my XP CD and add sp and then latest updates. After that I created a answer file with settings. And I had my unattended CD. But to do the same in win 7 where do I start in win 7 documentation?
  13. Hi I have a lenovo with win 7 and all other programs installed and setup like I want them. I then need to do the same on 10 other laptops which are Acers and Fujitsus. Is there a Image Tool that can do that even that it's other hardware? I know sysprep and WAIK (have heard about it :-) But seems a Little difficult... :-) What about win 7 built in restore option...does that Work?
  14. Would like to see who have been logged on locally to my server the last week. Only RDP user logons and not service logons. Is that possible without looking security log manually?
  15. have created my IE10 inst. package on my other pc. transfered file to my server. Run inst. and it tries to get some update from microsoft. but server is not on network.... what update is it trying to get and how do i get the inst. to use the updates when I find them??
  16. Have looked at it.. IEAK seems to be the solution. have downloaded IEAK. Assume when I run that I can make a installation file that I can USB transfer to my server. But to use IEAK I have to use IE10 on my laptop and that I can not. So will find another laptop and install IE 10 on this and do the IEAK installation file on that. Is that the way to do it? Thanks.. :-)
  17. Hi Need IE10 but can't find anywhere to download the complete file. At this place http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie-10-worldwide-languages I can get a 42 MB file and when i open this I can install IE10 on the computer I am on. There is only install option not a save option. But I need to save file to a USB key so that I can install IE10 on my server without internet connection. Anyone knows where to download the IE10 exe file?
  18. Thank you all.... I look forward to begin with this... just need some time :-)

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