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WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

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in first stage u extract files form mpsetup 10, then also extract some files from .cabs. and u need this files to upgrade your wmp 9 to wmp 10. this files are created in c:\i386. it is like this so it should be easy for anybody to understand to copy this files into xpcd \i386. and is not wierd at all.

u have to use this tool if u want to have wmp 10 slipstreamed into your xp cd.

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Ok as far as im Concerned this is how it works correct me if im wrong.

I have my XPCD sp2 on my C: drive in C:\XPCD

I placed WMP10 installer and the WMP10_Slipstreamer_V11.cmd in a folder called WMP10 on my c:\wmp10

Next step says

You'll find a i386 folder on your C:\ partition, which you have to copy to the root of your UWXPCD. Confirm when asked to overwrite and voila!

Ok no offense to the author as its much appreciated that this was done but these instructions are the most ambiguous instructions ever.

Step1 get wood, cement and bricks.

Step2 get picture of a house, copy and voila!

where are steps 1.1-1.99999

Ok so im going to list the steps again

1. Put the WMP10 installer and the cmd file in the same folder.

2. Copy i386 folder on my C: (cant find this folder am I supposed to run the cmd file first and then this folder is created?)

3. Edit the HIVEDEF.INF file

As you can see it never mentions when to run the cmd file, and I dont read minds or between the lines that well, especially not with things I am unfamilliar with.

So am I to run the cmd file then copy the newly made i386 folder into my XPCD and then alter the file??

Thanks for your patience.

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I get that strange feeling that the next question will be something like:

"where can i get a copy of the HIVEDEF.INF file??"

No offence, but you are asking lots of times "WHY"

Because YOU want to use it!

If you don't understand that everybody says read the **** instructions, then you shouldn't use it!

Put the batch and installer in the same folder and run the batch and follow the instructions.

What more do you want?? It works like almost everything over here.

Run a batch file here, copy the output over there and edit 1 line extra somewere!

Voila, a whole world lays at your feet :thumbup

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Put the batch and installer in the same folder and run the batch and follow the instructions.

sorry to say these arnt in the instructions, these are in the prev post. And dont downplay my intelligence again or ill take it personally.

The instructions say nothing about when to execute the cmd file so dont get all smartass here.

oh and thanks for clearing it up for me.

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sorry to tell you...

but there is nothing before executing the command file!! :lol:

thats all my smart a** did to make it work.

Bashrat puts lots and lots of hours in making all these fine batch files for all of us to use for just a click on a advert... I can imagine that he and more people with him can be very annoyed when they have to make everything with an step by step by step etc.. guide.

They give the basics and the rest is up to you/me.

You saw allready (i hope now) how simple it was, give him some credits and think just a little bit about the time they put in those files (100+ hours)

Then you realise that the author doesn't have the time for a perfect guide.

anyway.. no hard feelings, enjoy it.

IF it doesn't work ill give you a PM for free to help out ;)

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I need some help with WMP10 file associations. For some reason the slipstream goes perfect. I still have to run thourgh the first time setup screens and whatnot. and i select all the files to associate it with. yet it still asks for open with.. everytime i selct an mp3 file??!?!? i've selected open with.. WMP10 (and use everytime select box) about 200 times and it never takes. What's the deal with this? it's a major pain...

thanks alot

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I just checked the number of downloads...

V1.1 has been downloaded 3409 times! :o

Total downloads is 4698...

Tomorrow I'm starting testing to get it completely slipstreamed. Now I'm not so anti-WMP10 anymore :P:lol:

If anyone already got detailed info on what to do to get WMP10 completely slipstreamed (read: with ALL features), please tell me.

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OK, maybe sad news for some of you:

I will NOT update this slipstreamer untill somebody tells me what files have to be edited, which files I should include etc. In short: the entire process that's required to get the full functionality of WMP10 to work.

I will automate the process, or if you'd rather do it yourself, fine with me. If I do it, proper credit will of course be given.

Why am I doing this? Lack of time, and most importantly lack of motivation: I don't use WMP10 myself so...

Sorry... and thanks for your kind reactions!

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