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  1. @RanCorX2, I know this thread is ancient. But would it be possible for you to post your reg files and powershell scripts? I just got a new laptop with a lot of bloatware...so I want to make a fresh/clean windows 10 install. Your files and scripts and other usefull info found on here could save me a lot of time configuring;-) Thanks in advance.
  2. How did you extract the files? EDIT Never mind found it.
  3. Thanks strel. I actually do know how to make silent installers that work for Vista. Just haven't figured out yet how to install a language pack and hotfixes silently... Update: Just found a thread that might be very usefull to me (and others): http://www.msfn.org/board/net-framework-3-...ded#entry819327
  4. After having read almost all of this thread, I am still not sure if it's possible to make a package that can be installed on Vista SP2 Can anyone please help me out??
  5. What exactly does it install and what not? How did you make it silent?
  6. I think when running iTunes without Quicktime installed, you will get a message that you have to install quicktime. So yes; you need to install quicktime first.
  7. Thank you very much for this update, Shark007 As always, your work is very much appreciated.
  8. Maxblast 5 Discwizard Does anyone know how to silently install them? Afaik, atleast Maxblast 5 is, they are based on Acronis True Image 10!
  9. Are there any other download managers, except flashget, that without a plugin are able to integrate into Opera's contextmenu?? You know": "download all with Flashget".......
  10. Thanks, this might be very usefull! Have you tried it with WMP11?:

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