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  1. bump, anyone have any ideas? I have posted in middlemans forum as well, but they dont know what an unattended cd is...
  2. Hello all, I am trying to find switches to install the aim addon middle man silently. The installer uses the Nullsoft Install System v2.0. /s does not work nor does silent or verysilent
  3. what switches would you use if you wanted to download aim using this installer then use all the default options, but keep it silent. Edit* the switch is "ainst" without the "" for anyone interested
  4. my onboard audio actually worked at a time, but too many programs didnt, aparently aim wasnt happy, so i needed to download that new triton thing.... then something in the boot secter got messed up i think, because after restarting the computer decided to not load all of windows, it would restart again at random times....
  5. Hello, I just downloaded my ISO of vista from msdn, and was wondering, could i install vista off of like clone cd's virtual drive?? would the instalation work properly, I only ask because I dont have a dvd burner anymore...
  6. please to scream at me as i have had my head stuck up vista's @$$ for a while, but i did not no M$ was giving office 2007 beta 1 away, kuz someone link me, this just doesnt seem plausable...
  7. XPero, you are my hero, my great thanks and appreciation for another edition of such a fine program
  8. is there a registry hack to auto enable automatic updates?
  9. arite well that didnt work, someone wanna clarify for me?
  10. by hide you mean install correct? So basically i install xpsp2 then go to wu and install windows messenger 4.7, restart in safe mode and copy the datastore file, then copy it into $OEM$\$$\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore, and when i install using my UACD messenger wont be installed but windows update will think it is. Did i get that correct? i guess the only way to find out is try, but please correct me if im wrong.
  11. wait a min, wouldnt runing wu again just over right that and say that its not installed?
  12. sorry for my stupidity, but could you be more clear on how to hide it lol?
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