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  1. RunOnceEx conflict with DriversPack

    You use XPlode you said.. so why not let it execute from there? (unless you use XPlode from T-12, then let it be loaded during first logon) I'm lost... i can't make anything from what you tell me in your last post. My questions: - SP2 integrated? - RyanVM integrated? - Wich DP's do you use? - What Method did you choose? - what choice (GuiRunOnce or RunOnceEx) do you make? - What are the other customisations on your XPCD?
  2. device drivers

    Good to see that your trying to do it by yourself! That's a very nice lesson to learn. once managed to get it working with help from HERE. ,then it's time to check out Bashrat's driverpacks wich contains almost everything you want AFTER those your trying now . even the AC97
  3. RunOnceEx conflict with DriversPack

    My guess is that you let XPlode handle the BTS_DPs_finish.cmd. BUT.. while slipstreaming the driverpacks you have choosen to let the final cmd file run from cmdlines.txt which contains: [COMMANDS] "BTS_DPs_ROE.cmd" (in the $OEM$ dir) And that calls: BTS_DPs_finish.cmd to be set in RunOnceEx When chosen NOT to keep the drivers, the 1st one which get's executed will win!! The 2nd one give's you an error, because the file's are allready removed through the first one with NOT keeping the drivers.. Are you still with me!? Basically, you try to let it run from XPlode, but forgot to clean cmdlines.txt and remove the BTS_DPs_ROE.cmd Now it runs twice. I also use XPlode which make's it wait to be finished before it move's to the next item. Here is my example for that: <item display='Finishing BTS DriverPacks...'> <execute display='BTS DriverPacks: finishing...'> <program>#systemdrive#\D\BTS_DPs_finish.cmd</program> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> To make it work: Slipstream (i use method 2) whatever DP you need, choose "R" for RunOnceEx, provide a random nummer, and Keep the drivers/or not. From $OEM$ : Clean up cmdlines.txt by removing the line with BTS_DPs_ROE.cmd (or when nothing else used from there remove it at all) Remove BTS_DPs_ROE.cmd Use the code provided above as first one in XPlode. VOILA! Think that solves the problem... if i understood the problem correct..
  4. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    REM ### If KB888111 is slipstreamed, it will be deleted, UNLESS the .cat file is detected in the SVCPACK folder. ### %INE% I386\SVCPACK\KB888111.ca? ( %IE% I386\portcls.sys DEL /Q I386\portcls.sys %IE% I386\hdaprop.dl_ DEL /Q I386\hdaprop.dl_ %IE% I386\hdashcut.ex_ DEL /Q I386\hdashcut.ex_ %IE% I386\hdaudbus.in_ DEL /Q I386\hdaudbus.in_ %IE% I386\hdaudbus.sy_ DEL /Q I386\hdaudbus.sy_ %IE% I386\hdaudio.in_ DEL /Q I386\hdaudio.in_ %IE% I386\hdaudio.sy_ DEL /Q I386\hdaudio.sy_ %IE% I386\hdaudres.dl_ DEL /Q I386\hdaudres.dl_ ) Confirmed to be working!! - SP2, RyanVM, All DP (excl. sound A+B ), M2, KtD - on a dutch XPpro for a change First without editing the RUN_ME.cmd >> Failed, missing files 2nd try with editing the above in RUN_ME.cmd >> succesfull install Time for a fix!!
  5. The Best anti-virus

    Never saw a better easyer and "lighter" working one then NOD32! But that's just my opinion..
  6. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    ill wait in patience... keep it coming and then give me go with a replacement!! EDIT: Bashrat, i guess that is a go.?
  7. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Then i will do so! (have a "fresh" one allways in standby) You hear me soon.
  8. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Is there a need to test it right now? I'm able to do so, otherwise i'm going to something else for the moment.. let me know, grabbing a cup of coffee first then
  9. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    : REMOVED : Not even touched those! Plain and simple slipstream, straight forward, only the RunOnce command removed and integrated in XPlode. Hope this doesn't mean testing the DP's one by one? untill all together? It explains why i couldn't install that freaking laptop... So, no need to test it on my main machine were i'm typing now, it will fail if i'm correct. (just got an huge instant headache from it and answers your question about the faulty txt setup i had) How about those UPPERcase naming, was i correct on those or doesn't it matter?? EDIT: ****, nazgul is fast replying Yes i added the DUTCH version of RyanVM.. So it should be a "if there is... "but not used... "then leave alone...??? It's going to be complicated by now i think.
  10. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    @BASHRAT i was still curious about why my install went wrong on missing files when NOT using the DP_SOUND A+B. Thought it might be of Uppercase/lowercase naming in the i386 dir. There were a whole lot of them, and i can remember a discusion about it. I looked over a XPCD before and after the slipstreaming, and noticed that a few of the file's its complaining about are gone AFTER the slipstreaming!! example: hdaprop.dl_ , hdaudio.sy_ are just 2 of them. All files which start with hda...etc are missing. I used all except mass and soundpacks, because of the portcls error. My question is why and should they be missing?? (haven't tried it yet on normal machine is use for testing) ps. used it this time on a DUTCH XPpro, sp2, RyanVM 4-05NL, M2, KtD.
  11. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    @Garak I'm not that "good" with Sata disk's (yet) so i can't really answer it for you with the hardware thing. But the Masstorage shoul dbe working for you! At least in the near future For the errors you get, is it related to missing/not found file's?? Or what else? I noticed that there are still a few NOT uppercase file's left in the i386 dir... If so, take a look under the letters hda...etc Thought that was also an issue if i'm correct here. Can anyone confirm that??
  12. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    @MARK49 Yeah right... I'm not going to touch that notebook anymore!! I'll be more then willing to help out, but that kind hwid's are not available from me at the moment. Really need to get that **** thing in the UK tommorow (07:30) with my working buddy. Unless... someone hands me a new one for my own!
  13. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Hi Garak, That's a long time for making it work... I took a look at the DriverPack_MassStorage_V505 for you, and downloaded the drivers from the BIOstar site to verify. The VIAMRAID.INF is an exact match for the one from Biostar!! Bashrat included the same one in here: DriverPack_MassStorage_V505\D\M\V\1\VIAMRAID.INF So that should work for you. Are you sure about the stop error?? nothing else causes it? Those small form factor pc's can be a bit...exotic once in a while. Site for the once's willing to help him HERE.
  14. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    @Bashrat Okay then, i guess i must put some pressure on you here, were did you live you said?!! No, can't do that, you put to much work in it. But still will post the driver details. Fujitsu-siemens, AMILO M 7400 Laptop. Crystal WDM AC'97 Driver for ICH4 Hardware-id's: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&SUBSYS_10331734&REV_03 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&SUBSYS_10331734 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&CC_040100 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&CC_0401 I have 1 day left to make it run like hell, so i will monitor this place (again)
  15. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    @ bashrat, I'm also getting the portcls.sys error for the first time ever... It's on a Fujitsu-Siemens notebook, Amilo M 7400. (FB21) Can't give you the HW id's at the moment because it's not working (ofcourse) I'm a bit desperate with this one... really really could use a favour for once!! I tried really hard to make an install without the Mass/audio pack's, but without any luck. Want to use them in this case because it will be in the UK for 2 weeks and can't handle the s*** of missing drivers.. When i excude both the audio pack's its moaning about missing file's wich look to me mostly audio files!! (lot's of them, get back on those tomorrow) I need it very urgent on the job, because someone just managed to f*** it up big time. It needs to get out again with my work partner on tuesday but they lost all of the software etc. etc. Please help me out here, what is the best solution to tackle this!? No bios settings for disable audio, latest bios flash..