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Are you against Piracy?


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this is my opinion: i can't spend 50 euros for a game that i play one time, and when i've finished that i don't play that anymore... this is like when you buy a record on summer, you buy that because there's a song you like very much but what happens on winter when that song is forgotten?

hope you understand what id' like to say ;)

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well i personally don't agree with any type of piracy but... i frecuently download software or games to take a look at them, then if i really like some1 i buy it. it can't ben considered piracy because (at least in spain) you can download any file if you delete it after 48h.

a similar rule can be applied to music, for me it's too expensive buy any CD for 24€ so i listen mp3 frecuently and then i support the author i really like buying his/her CD.

other thing are cracks or keygens that i consider "inmoral" because they really hurt small software companies.

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I believe a better question, atleast in the US is if you like the Induce Act and whether or not you downloaded something before it was available, but then buy it the second it hits the shelves. In the case of movies when it's out of theatres but it's not in DVD form yet.

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  • 4 months later...

I can't really say.

Because I can't afford all the software I have, but I need it.

But it does take the p*ss when you buy something for a high amount of money, and you see others getting it for free.

Well all I can say is that I'm glad I bought XP Home.

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it really does depend on how usefull the software is. but nowadays there are so many good opensource apps out there that you really dont have to use the expensive stuff. i most often do not pay for software, but if i feel it is worthy of my cash ill pay for it. heck i have donated money to nlite and thats 100% free.

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i voted cant say....coz ideally it shud not be there..but there are a lot of issues to consider, before passing a blanket judgement, like the inflated prices charged by the companies.

So i guess its a necessary evil.

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I voted "yes" with reservations. Some software is rediculously over-priced. Most of my security software is paid for because I believed the price to be reasonable, I certainly wouldn't be involved in taking specialist software for free. :no:

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