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    The B.O.O.K.

    The B.O.O.K. - A Low-Tech Breakthrough Announcing the new Built-in Orderly Organised Knowledge device (B.O.O.K.). It's a revolutionary breakthrough in technology: no wires, no electric circuits, no batteries, nothing to be connected or switched on. It's so easy to use, even a child can operate it. Just lift its cover. Compact and portable, it can be used anywhere - even sitting in an armchair by the fire - yet it is powerful enough to hold as much information as a CD-ROM disk. Here's how it works: Each B.O.O.K. is constructed of sequentially numbered sheets of paper, each capable of holding t
  2. Teacher: Johnny, define "miracle", please. Johnny: There are no miracles, sir! Teacher: Imagine you climb a 100 meters tall tower, you fall on your head and you survive. How do you call it then? Johnny: A coincidence, sir. teacher: Well then, and if you climb the same tower for the second time and you fall on your head again and you survive? Johnyy: I would call it an extraordinary coincidence, sir. Teacher (a bit frustrated): But if you climb it again, and you fall, and you survive for the third time, then how would you call this? Johnny: A habit, sir!
  3. Once upon a time there was a shepherd. He was standing by the side of the road, looking after his flock of sheep. Suddenly, a brand new Cherokee Jeep appeared and stopped near the shepherd. A young man wearing a Hugo Boss shirt, Yves St. Laurent trousers and Nike trainers got out and said to the shepherd: ‘If I can guess how many sheep you have in your flock, will you give me one of them?’ The shepherd looked at the man, looked at his sheep – who were eating grass peacefully – and said: ‘Yes, OK then.’ The young man parked his car and took out his laptop computer and a GSM phone. Then he log
  4. @ Malmst33n[RPM] Welcome to our (your) forums! You express yourself quite good in English. For your question about the logo: I got the logo from somewhere (I no longer remember it). It was already transparent by its creator. However, you can post in Graphics and Designing Art to get an answer by a qualified member. Wish you good luck.
  5. Welcome back , prathapml, with your hot topics! I, finally, decided to go o2k7 (with a lot of effort to revive my o2k3 Access databases; not completely, yet!) However, I haven't found a generic way for disabling the creation of LIS. The only way, so far, is to install all features of the package and to run them from computer. Thank you for your topic.
  6. I can just say: WONDERFUL! Shall we get the file? Thanks.
  7. Re-uploaded! See the first post.
  8. I added those you see in my posts. I don't know if there's a limitation.
  9. It happens, quite often, that I need to print some reports in a place where the available printer is not the default printer set by my system. So, I designed this form (attached as Printers Form), to help display installed printers on my machine. Then, I can just click a printer in the list to set it as the default printer during current session. Credit for code is inside the form. Well! I, also, created Autokeys macro; so that I can only press F12 on my keyboard to open that form, instead of opening it within my user interface. However, that macro has no relation to the functionality of the
  10. Well! You haven't mentioned if the two Pcs are on a network or not. You haven't mentioned if each database conssists of a single file (tables and other objects) or two files; back end with tables and front end with linked tables and other objects. In either case, I'll mean "database with tables" when I refer to DB1 or DB2 in the following lines. Let's call the database on the other PC "DB1" and the database on your (or whatever) PC "DB2". Let's assume that there's a table named "MyTable" in both DB1 anf DB2. Now, you want to append records from MyTable in DB1 to MyTable in DB2. Then, copy DB1
  11. What I can understand is that they are exactly the same database with the same design and same tables. And, the only difference is that tables in each of them has different records. And you want to append the records of the first database to the other, then delete the first one; then finally use the second one. Am I correct? If so, let me know!
  12. @ machkris Attatch your file to your post, and let's see what the problem is.
  13. The correct criteria expression for dates is: Between #06/06/1977# And #06/06/1982# BTW, all date/time formats are readable by MS Access, no matter how they look, as long as they are correct formats.
  14. The Unattended Guide ... Simple & Visual!
  15. I'm sorry, man. Each version has different files and reg keys. There are newer versions of Winamp MSIs on forums. Search for one. Good Bye!
  16. Thank you, Martin H! It's, probably, a bad habit of mine when posting in MSFN forums. I, basically, assume every one reading my post knows that I'm working in an unattended environment. Thank you, again, for clearing things up.
  17. Resolution in winnt.sif is for your desktop, not for your BB. Here's the solution for BB resolution: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78312 It'd be cool to share how you change fonts!
  18. If you uninstall vista tp6, it should be back. Otherwise, get the original msgina.dll from your orig source ane put it in system32.
  19. Thank you for the compliment! First, I just assumed (my bad!) you install those apps from your HDD. And, this is why I used %SystemDrive% in my script. Second, it's ALWAYS SAFE to use the command "ExpandEnvironmentStrings" with predefind variables like %SystemDrive%, %WinDir%, etc. (my bad, again!) So, my first script should be like this: Third, accordingly; the scripts of creating shortcuts should be as follows: - This script creates a folder for the shortcut to be placed in. Then, it creates the shortcut, itself: - This script creates a shortcut in an existing folder: Fourth, the CDR (a u
  20. 1- Extract WINNTBBU.DLL from WINNTBBU.DL_. A simple way is to rename WINNTBBU.DL_ to WINNTBBU.cab, then use WinZip to extract WINNTBBU.DLL from WINNTBBU.cab. 2- Use ResourceHacker (or whatever) to change graphics/text in WINNTBBU.DLL. 3- Use WinntbbuED to view/review your work and to change text colors to your liking. 4- Use MODIFYPE.EXE to check your new WINNTBBU.DLL. 5- Re-cab your final WINNTBBU.DLL to WINNTBBU.DL_ again. HTH
  21. This is how I create a shortcut in a shortcut folder that does not exist: This is how I create a shortcut in a shortcut folder that exists: For your request No. 1, see this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=576814
  22. You can add this line above the %{F4} statement so that the script brings focus to your Window. WshShell.AppActivate("Documents");//part of or the whole name of the running Window Change "Documents" according to your situation. For timing, it's not, practically; a problem. You just use sleep time that's equal to or greater than the actual installation time.
  23. Well! Let me assume you want to install ACDSee 3.1. (I haven't done it myself!) Then, you need both files (ACDSee.exe and ACDSee.js) in the same place. Let me assume, again, you put both files as these; on your CD: $OEM$\$1\Install\ACDSee\ACDSee.exe $OEM$\$1\Install\ACDSee\ACDSee.js At installation time of Windows, $OEM$\$1\ will be C:\, or whatever your %SystemDrive% is. So, your JS script will be like this: 5000 means 5 seconds. When the installer finishes its work (but still waiting for the shortcut folder to be closed), it's time for %{F4} to do its job. So, adjust the sleep time to the t
  24. In such situations, I use a JS script. Some others use a VBS. Both are effective.
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