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  1. congrats pS-, awesome desktop, winner of the month hanuraksay, i specially love yours
  2. harunaksoy Desktop lylo Desktop mr.brownstone Desktop KMFM$ Desktop pS- Desktop Vote, vote, vote... !
  3. This one was closer Congrats Camarade_Tux, very nice desktop. See you next month buddies. [Closed.]
  4. let me remember that without explorer, there's no startbar nor desktop icons. for customization, litestep can replace explorer shell.
  5. http://www.customize.org/details/23711 my favorite plus there's somewhere a ximian theme and a clearlooks theme
  6. is ok as long as you don't need write support from ubuntu (as i said write support is experimental)
  7. can you recommend any good online ps2 games?
  8. let me guess... yes! for those lazy, same fonts dialog from win 3.1 on vista
  9. 1. xp pro sp2 (c: fat32) 2. xp pro 64 (d: ntfs) 3. ubuntu (e: ext3, reiser... whatever) with additional software you'll be able to access all drives from c: and d: (depends on e: filesystem). from e: you'll have r/w access to c: and possibly d: (total read, experimental write). plus you can use wine to run programs from c:
  10. today i've recived a reminder... less than 1 day to jump...
  11. what about none, at least until the war ends.
  12. ut dvds already include a native installer no need to use loki's except if those are not working
  13. some people will find this interesting, source: digg.com http://renegadetech.blogspot.com/
  14. @Astray, http://wint.virtualplastic.net/
  15. @Astray, WinT's Modifications? Very nice
  16. lolol thanks XPero. i heard about gimpshop which i tried, unfortunately didn't work that good PS7+wine works almost as good as natively
  17. back to topic buddies undeadsoldier's litestep or an older version of windowblinds from stardock should do the job
  18. @jaclaz, that's for win9x operating systems if i remember correctly @aldares, you need to res-hack ntoskrnl.exe, sure about this. although not sure if bootskin from stardock also skins that screen.
  19. now, can you explain me why after editing your post and offering you a solution you post exactly the same thing again do you seriously think someone will review that bunch of text (without even being quoted) closely to find what's wrong with it? you better check/test it yourself and please... CODETAGS ARE NOT OPTIONAL! [Closed.]
  20. i recived breezy 5.10 and dapper 6.06 after just a few weeks it's ok if you don't like to share your personal info but... hey! they're shipping you cds!
  21. That's it, Weapon-X, no more spamming from now on. Consider this a friendly warning.

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