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  1. well I did not explain myself in detail thinking there is a straight answer for such a solution but anyways, despite of what u might been thinking I am actually trying to make a very simple solution to put my drives elsewhere for personal use.. The 6 hdd's are my archive drives which have my backup games, my movies, tv series, etc.. so I do not access them that frequently. I've been saying 5 drives since the controller I found supported 5 (was going to buy 2 of them). but in fact i've 6 drives. well I said I want to remove them from my case, but in fact they are out of my case in seperate enclosures. 3 of them usb2 only enclosure, 3 of them usb3 enclosures (obviously they're connected to usb 2 in my case)(I had bought them thinking I might move to usb3 eventually) I wanted them out of pc case for, thermal reasons, not using them all at the same time so I want to power them off and I don't like windows' powering off, it tries to turn them back all the time. and for mobility reasons.. so anyways now I have 6 enclosures that are taking up so much space, so many usb cables, too many power adapters and cords. If I was to eject one of them it'd keep running on its own power so I've to reach the back of the case to power it down. I didn't have much time to consider these problems before I bought these, but now I want a proper solution. Also I have never found multiple read/write from a usb 2 external disk to be very reliable. over the years I've lost many files when trying to write a file and read a file simultaneously.. so this is one reason why I want to get rid of usb. second is obviously speed. as I've mentioned since these are archive hdd's i do not really need raid afaik. I want them to be seperate drives.. one other reason to want to combine all these hdd into a single place is for ease of access and mobility. I can just take all my drives to my friends or hook it up to the tv or something..(I'd need usb or network for that..network would be nice actually for my future plans) I do have other computers at hand. I am able to make my own case. most often only my computer will be accessing these drives.. I do need to access seperate drives at the same time. I am willing to spend time on making my own, that's actually why I said I don't want an enclosure unless there is exacly what I am looking for, for a reasonable price.. this actually happened when I designed my own computer case. luckyly i found a very similar computer case at a shop towards the end of my design phase.. 3 drives are 2tb, other 3 is 1.5tb. I can spend the money as long as it'll give me what I want..
  2. usb3 might be a good choice but the thing is the drives are not external. so I have to use the sata first to connect my drives. then i can choose between esata or usb3. I've found this card, http://www.cooldrive...pc4posipom.html do you think this one plus http://www.addonics....r/AD5HPMSXA.asp would do the trick? u're right about the jbod but I do not need nor want to raid my individual drives.. so i'll have to live with having no fault tolerance i guess. and also lets put the enclosures back in the game. at the end what should i be getting. i am really hopeless here please help. What I am tring to accomplish: thanks
  3. hi allen thanks for the reply buying a enclosure is not any different than the setup i am trying to build. enclosure is, if you search for it, an aluminium block with the same card i have attached on the previous post. so it isn't making any difference.. i still need a port multiplier capable controller or so if i am told right.. okay so let me ask another question since you've mentioned. is having a usb 3 hub+usb3 controller any faster than having a sata hub+sata controller? aren't they doing the same exact diving of bandwidth if at all.
  4. Hi there, I am trying to find out which port multiplier I need to be getting. I have 5 sata hard disks that I no longer want in my computer case. I am building an hard disk rack to collect them. (i do not want to buy a rack thank you) For this rack I want to have a controller that all my hdd will be connected via sata and will have esata as output which then will be connectable to my or other pc's. now my motherboard is Asus P7P55-LX, which has Intel® 5 Series/3400 Series SATA AHCI Controller. I wasn't able to find if this controller allows port multipliers. Now addonics have some port multipliers but they are all confusing. I do not wish to raid my drives. they'll be in jbod config. I do not wish to boot from these drives. I do not wish to connect any optical drives. Can someone help me on buying the right card please. basically I want the external enclosure consisting of 5 sata hdd's to be connected to my computer via esata. i do not have usb3 nor like usb for multiple read/write operations.. that is why i am keen on sata.. also i do not have esata on my motherboard but instead have a cable that one side is sata and other side is esata. will that properly work with port multipliers.. ow and i am on win 7 64 bit.. one card that i found was addonics ad5hpmrxa-e. i'm not 100% sure if this is fully compatible. there are many confusing parts...and many look-alikes with different controllers.. thank you so much for any response..
  5. Even though I did not open many tabs, ie9 has been closing and recovering my tabs. (not sure if plug-in related) this is most probably Internet download manager integration issue but whenever I click on Download All (right click menu) my tab gives an error and ie recovers it.. my main reason to stumbling upon this thread was that when I want to create a link on my desktop my dragging the URL of the page to my desktop, it wants to open the page in a new window. whilst this might be the new "feature" of IE9, it is very annoying. I just want to create a link on my desktop and close the tab. now its annoying. and I could not find anything in the options to prevent this.. also IE9 is eating up my memory so much more than ie8 and opera/chrome/ff.. now I've 14 tabs with 3 IE windows. and it is consuming a total of 3465MB of memory..IE is always like this but ie9 just opened a new memory hog era for me..
  6. this is an example folder structure: c:\PICTURES\folderAA\ c:\PICTURES\folderAA\01\ c:\PICTURES\folderAA\01\*many many files*.jpg c:\PICTURES\folderAA\02\ c:\PICTURES\folderAA\02\*many many files*.jpg c:\PICTURES\folderAA\03\ c:\PICTURES\folderAA\03\*many many files*.jpg c:\PICTURES\folderBB\ c:\PICTURES\folderBB\01\ c:\PICTURES\folderBB\01\*many many files*.jpg c:\PICTURES\folderBB\02\ c:\PICTURES\folderBB\02\*many many files*.jpg c:\PICTURES\folderBB\03\ c:\PICTURES\folderBB\03\*many many files*.jpg and this is the rar files that i want to create: c:\PICTURES\folderAA\ c:\PICTURES\folderAA\01.rar c:\PICTURES\folderAA\02.rar c:\PICTURES\folderAA\03.rar c:\PICTURES\folderBB\ c:\PICTURES\folderBB\01.rar c:\PICTURES\folderBB\02.rar c:\PICTURES\folderBB\03.rar no folderAA/folderBB.rar no pictures.rar so far I've gotten this: for /F %%f in ('dir /aD /B') do (rar a -r -cl -m0 -df -md64 -ee -ep %%f.rar %%f\*.*) for /F %%f in ('dir /aD /B') do rd %%f /Q >>I use this to delete the sub folders... in rar command line switches -r means Recurse subdirectories now I can place the batch file into folderAA and folderBB folders manually and run them manually. it works. but i've lots of folders under PICTURES folder so i really don't want to do this manually. now I tried to put for /F "eol= delims=" %%A IN (dir.txt) do rar..... but then I get folderAA.rar having the contents of folder 01/02/03.. I tried to put several variables with tokens but i wasn't able to get anywhere.. dir.txt contents are are shown above.. I know if i put more hours to this I can figure it out but i know there are batch gurus that'll make this in matter of seconds so help please. TIA
  7. u said there are duplicate files right? u can get rid of them with http://www.mapilab.com/ softwares. i've used the duplicate remover and remove duplicates software. they're pretty fast & nicely interfaced.. and they don't cost a fortune..
  8. stealing credit card info and billing info is a big big deal...yea maybe 7 years is too much but its against aol sad thing is, once he's out he'll do it again but this time smarter... they should give another punishment.. or hire him for a job or something..
  9. okay weird. i shall try this on vmware as well. i just vlited once on an all in one untouched RTM SP1 Vista's. i've not vlited twice. I haven't really stopped or disabled any services nor made lots of registry changes, but i dunno. i'll try it again as well. due to lack of time i had not tried it on vmware. sorry about that nuhi. thanks
  10. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=937287 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Prerequisites You must install update 949939 before you install this update. Restart requirement You must restart the computer after you apply this update. do u have Vista Sp1 or just Vista?
  11. Yes, but I've selected most of the components since i'm planning on using the ftp & all. (tried it again with default selected IIS components, same error) Attached are my system events log along with application event log, if it helps Last_Session.ini system_events.rar application_event.txt
  12. I'm not asking for recovery. I have not removed IIS, i removed system restore I am wondering if this is a common problem. if not this is just a WARNING for those who are planning on installing IIS....
  13. Hi thereAs of 10 minutes ago I wanted to install IIS on my Vlite'd Vista Sp1. Install gave an error and said nothing was installed. So I looked at the event viewer and saw this error: So apparently this stupid system restore thing is required for IIS? which i don't get. This is probably a trick for vlite users. Has anyone else got this error? Has anyone successfully installed IIS with system restore removed?Thanks
  14. well i'm not talking about the projectors in schools. they're at max $200 and they suck at showing moving objects. their max resolution is 640x480 or 800x600. the ones that i'm talking about are 1280x1024+ ones. and believe me there are insane projecters out there that cost $40.000!!! look at this for example: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electro...000000000005702 many suggested that i get this: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electro...000000000005702 6000:1 contrast ratio, that page is poor with specs but the projector is pretty good from what i've gathered from the net and dealers.and a lcd or plasma screen that is as big as the projector's is like 5x the price.
  15. hi therei'm thinking of getting either a projector or a tv. i'll watch dvd's, play games on ps3 and wii.since they all use hdmi I need to get a hdmi capable projector/Tv.has anyone got a hdmi projector? if so are they as good as a plasma/lcd tv? i'm seeing 4000-10000:1 contrast ratios on projectors, they sound nice but how would one compare them to Tv's?the reason why I'm considering a projector is because its smaller and i might change its place or take it to a friends house...but if its not worth buying a projector please do tell ;)Thanks! ps i know this is a computer related software but i know most of u, use these.
  16. good point. just mentioning so that ppl won't get dissapointed after vlite'ing. (lol new english verb ) btw not being able to integrate sp1 plainly sucks. i don't understand this. anyways nuhi great job!! I hope ms realizes this potential of yours and allows u to get more insider news and other stuff from MS so that u can better & easly build future builds.. maybe some day vlite (*lite) will come integrated to os thanks
  17. I just had to write this: whereas its good vlite's referenced by MS, be aware that unless u download the whole sp1 434.5MB, u might not see sp1 on windows update!! sp1 download main page: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en sp1 download direct link: http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/a...0-X86-wave0.exe ow and these are avaliable for 5 languages, check the main page.. and here's Nuhi's response on the subject. http://www.vlite.net/servicepack.html (sorry if this was mentioned b4, i had not seen it) not that i have any interest in vista. sorry i love my xp
  18. ie7 over ie6 [tabs!] if ie neccessary of course, otherwise opera 9!!! wmp don't really use it.. don't care at the end included or not nuhi will give his best to remove them
  19. dude you got it wrong. I'm talking about outlook.... word: i choose the doc (older format) it changes some stuff. not 100% compatible with 2003 doc. [read my previous posts.] outlook: 2007 converted my 2003 pst file. so i don't know if it will work on 2003 anymore.. There is NO save as in outlook........ anyways this has gone so far from the original subject...
  20. yes i could but i dunno if my outlook pst file will be recognized by 2003 outlook. bc when i installed 2007 it converted the pst file..

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