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  1. Did i misread this, is there a Vista Unattended Wiki? The XP Wiki is great, and i'de be happy to start contributing to a Vista one, but havn't found it yet? Ash Who said anything that the "XP Wiki" is a XP wiki? I believe the title of the project was "Unattended Windows"
  2. The real question I have is... The Unattended Guide is a Wiki, why don't you, Paradox, add the information?
  3. I've played FPS since DOS. Still don't need it.
  4. Well... I've been experimenting with imagex.exe from Microsoft for my college's system deployments. You could also use SelfImage which is open source....
  5. I play FPS games, and I don't disable it. Perhaps I'm just good enough to adjust for it
  6. You mean like the whole section of the forum devoted to it? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=92
  7. Run a modifype on the file before either compressing or building the CD. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/64/ The problem comes from the resource editor not updating the checksum of the file properly, and since windows checks the file against the checksum...it fails. Modifype corrects the issue.
  8. I've seen this caused when you either improperly or didn't edit one of the needed files properly. The boot sector, setupldr.bin need to modifed to point to the new OS locations (or boot folder locations depending on the OS). TXTSETUP.SIF is only used once SETUP starts.
  9. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/73/ Look here as well
  10. You sir have admitted to downloading a copy of Windows, and then requesting help. This falls under "Discussion of any other illegal activity". Topic Closed.
  11. I don't understand this part. As long as you 1. Don't use the same design (graphical headers and color scheme) 2. Link back to the original 3. I ask if you add new pages, add them back to the original as well. I don't see any problems.
  12. Oh my! What ever shall I ask? how about nice easy ones... guy or girl? what did you have on your homepage when you had your gosh site hosted at MSFN? do you remember me?
  13. did you read the license agreement of nLite? despite the fact that it'll violate both the nLite license agreement and the microsoft agreement, in a business environment this could lead to bad bad things...
  14. Because you should do ALITTLE work? Only you know what hotfixes you need? THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF HOTFIXES that you DON'T NEED. There's just a wide variety of variables to consider.
  15. You do realize there's a MS product that creates the answer file right? Depending on the way nLite integrates the hotfixes you'll be fine.
  16. No. The way nLite alters the files, breaks WFP. Turning it off during install will prevent the popups then, but once reenabled...windows periodically runs the scan to check file status, so it will show up again. I would suggest not using nLite on any system that isn't your's or on someone's machine that knows what they're doing. You may find all the MS stuff a hassle, but In-Laws especially none tech savvy ones may not even know what you're talking about. I know, I can ramble off a few big words to the faculty at my university (I'm also tech support), and they'll instantly agree with my assesment because of my title and the vocabulary I'm using. Most of the time however, I'm just trying to educate them in that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". MS's stuff works fine out of the box, as intended.
  17. You're not seriously using nLite for a "customer"'s machine are you?
  18. Nothing against you, but I don't think "ordinary computer users" should be using nLite to remove components.
  19. last i saw, nuhi like criticism. In fact, most programmers do, it's how things get better.
  20. Need I remind people... The Unattended site is a sorta wiki This coming holidays, I plan to update the codebase of it to improve it a bit. So any suggestions you make may make it in.
  21. I'm closing this thread, and then i'll read through for any offenses. I saw one just skimming the thread. EDIT:: Re-opening. I saw nothing wrong with this thread. I do see ONE user that got a little out of hand. *DISCLAIMER* I'm speaking on behalf of MYSELF and NOT MSFN *DISCLAIMER* As a side note, I personally don't like ASPECTS of nLite. I love the concept, and the execution is great. I don't like it when people who have no idea what components are, strip them out and then complain their favorite little program doesn't work. Now, I'm not referring to those who are doing trial and error... I'm talking about those that use nLite because "it's the cool thing to do." With the same regard, I don't like how nLite combining the unattending and removals. Now don't get me wrong, it's great having everything in one place, but at the same time that just brings more trouble. Again...from the people that just jump on the band wagon. I've always been a fan of the read up on something before you do it. Then find an easier way to do it. You wouldn't go skydiving without getting instruction would you?
  22. since we're on the topic of requests.... i wish people could do a search before requesting things repeatedly....
  23. like BIRDS had previously stated, I can use something like nLite add-on maker to create a .cab for a program and use nLite to insert it in the HOTFIXES and UPDATES. Hopefully I can do that and not have to create the $OEM$ folder?....I want to verify with a couple of more responses from others before I do this. Thanks yes you can, that's the whole point of the CABs
  24. http://unattended.msfn.org How would you get the install files off your CD to install with? That's what the $OEM$ folder is for.
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