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  1. These aren't exactly "metallic," but they're still grey and I think they look pretty cool (they are included in a theme pack from here, as you can see in the screenshots [the second by Simonsays himself!])
  2. Mine: 1280x1024 Wall: Photograph of USS Arizona Memorial (by me) Theme: Kamino Programs: Rainleandar, Glass2k, YzShadow
  3. Hey, I'm not trying to make any political comments here. I'm just trying to show a peculiar phenomenon that I thought was something you don't see everyday (i.e. someone going completely off-script on a live telivision broadcast).
  4. I'm not sure exactly where to put this (whether it be General, Real world, or even Funny farm), it really depends on your point of view. http://dl3.rapidshare.de/files/4662131/747...enefit_NBC_.mpg A few celebrities, including rapper Kanye West, are doing a fundraiser on NBC for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Kanye disregards the script and talks seriously about racism in the media, but this short clip makes him sound kinda odd. If anyone can provide a more complete, decent-quality clip I guess that would be appreciated. EDIT: Removed comment in parentheses
  5. A man from Japan that speaks Russki. Neato. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I only speak a little, but it's still a really cool language. I wish I knew more. Here's my laptop. 1280x768
  6. Uhh, Jennifer Garner is hot!
  7. Here's my second attempt (please excuse the flag in the background if anyone takes offense, I just felt like having a very Japanese background; I'm not a nationalist or anything). Bigger
  8. I did it, but then I realized that there was nothing normally sticking out from behind my moniter, so you can't tell that I did anything significant, and so I didn't bother to fix the colour.
  9. Curse those vandals. I think I need to install a security camera to keep my wallpapers safe... 1280x1024
  10. I second that motion, although it's kinda a pain to replace ur entire shell for just the taskbar.
  11. ...are you kidding? Try looking about 2 posts back. @harunaksoy: Where did you get that wallpaper, or did you take it yourself?
  12. ouch . I've heard that it is extremely difficult to uninstall longhorn transformation packs, and just impossible to do it cleanly (restore windows to the state before the transformation pack was installed). Has anyone ever tried uninstalling one of windosx's transformation packs?
  13. rofl. I can almost imagine Nelson Mandela walking around the streets of Johannesberg peddling items from his cart of car exhausts and windshield wipers he accidentally signed for.
  14. That's just a docking program. It's probably either ObjectDock or YzDock.
  15. All those widgets (weather, CPU, monitors, etc.) are Konfabulator. Wraith's desktop is also using konfabulator for this month. I'm not 100% sure about that TV schedule but I would assume it's konfabulator as well. I think all widgets have an opacity/transparency option. Cheers.
  16. I guess we differ as to where this belongs http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=50832
  17. I'm sure it would be really fun, but nobody around here plays it and there are no places around here to play it. I don't reall have time either
  18. I'm usually trapped at my desk doing work or something, so I'll be at my desktop. Desktops are generally faster than laptops, so I prefer to use my desktop unless I'm wandering around somewhere where there are no desktops.
  19. It's been a while. I was really satisfied with my previous desktop so it took a while to change. Does anyone have any suggestions for a metre to replace that (IMO somewhat) ugly rainmeter on the right side of the screen? 1280x1024
  20. It says it's expected in 2006, so there's hope that it will actually get produced (eventually).
  21. I guess you won't really understand why it's called Optimus Keybard unless you have seen Transformers (more than meets the eye!). http://www.artlebedev.com/portfolio/optimus/
  22. Here's another one http://www.markusleonhardt.de/en/oelbilder.html
  23. I guess there are a few things you could try doing with it. You could: Use it as a picture frame thing Use it in a vegetable-oil-cooling test Use it as a hat Use it as a horse-cleaner Use it as a coffee dispenser Use it as a dictatorship sitter Use it as a banana obfuscator Use it as a lamp Use it as a sibling Use it as a timed can-opener Use it as a rotary internal combustion engine house Use it as a fly-swatter Use it as a mailman pincher Use it as a nose sweeper Use it as a stock market Use it as a fish-jumper Use it as a snow cone Use it as a traffic jam Use it as a having Use it as a tree-sniffer Use it as a cesium purifier Use it as a song eater Use it as a treatise on punctuation Use it as a classical poet Use it as a rice-cooker Use it as a Christmas tree Use it as a mini-chef Use it as a sponge critic Use it as a doom house etc. Cheers
  24. It's supposed to be wild/crazy/23w0fweiof0m93w2. It was also on Reno 911. Pretty much nobody from this forum would go...

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