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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2022 rebuild 3

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@ rikafurudae and others interested ...

for web content i use this : change all UI fonts
or here : https://www.crx4chrome.com/crx/57736/

after install open the settings and change "undefined" to Arial Black for example. (click save )
reload page to see the effect.
to reverse : remove your custom font from the settings and save.
all will be at chrome default again.

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have seen that before , never tried it.
modified the extension "change all UI fonts" here after install.
changed in foo.js :
divNode.innerHTML = '<style>*:not(span):not(i):not(.fa):not(button){font-family:' + fontname +
to : 
divNode.innerHTML = '<style>*:not(i):not(.fa){font-family:' + fontname + 
don't remember why though ...

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Instructions on how to convert the "ungoogled" to "regular" and how to restore "Translate to Engish" provided in 2nd and 3rd posts.

Please note that going forward, I intend to maintain ONLY the "ungoogled".

Instructions will be provided on how to "convert" the "ungoogled" for different 'flavors' but I will not be "maintaining" anything outside of "ungoogled".

MSFN Members are free to assist/host/share any files they wish to assist other 360Chrome users.

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13 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Please show me your "About 360Chrome" popup.  If it does NOT look like the below, then your version is not the version being discussed in this thread.



edit: copied image to Dropbox host instead of using profile attachment

Good day guys.

Sorry, was sleeping late again but I DO want to give details on the version and skin.


I use both 13 and this new one (and where I posed last night accidental), but I plan to ditch 13 when you get this new ungoogled version up as you see fit as that is why I desire, as well.

Right now, the videos are a little better in your last 13 upload (abandonware now), but hopefully as things progress, this new version will prove superior. 

RE the skin: You are correct. That is actually an old skin from Humming Owl and it is actually jisu11.srx and I simply rename and replace it to add it to your 3 files.

Great work here and very glad you returned to this project :)


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15 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Thanks.  I wanted to verify that as the out-of-box jisu9_chrome.srx and it is.

One other thought re the changing of skins ... Just going by faulty recollection, I think it was you that wrote quite some time ago that you had planned to break the ability to change the skin, and truth be told, I was a tad surprised that I was able to just switch just like that as that could be a security issue. If going forward you were to (somehow) combine your desired skin into your translated files, I'm great with that. This is your project and every detail makes it special rather than generic. I don't (only) use this because I need it, I'm glad to use something that came from the heart. So, again, if it were locked, I'm happy-go-lucky. I also don't mind "skinless" without it and you could improve or include just the 3 files (en_skin.srx / iframe.srx / skin.srx)   . I don't know the slightest clue on how, regrettably.

The color (or lack of) are also fine with me. Maybe needs a bit of sharpening, but very workable. The buttons on the upper right are not very good as as, of course.  



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On 11/25/2022 at 12:23 PM, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Download link (base version is the "ungoogled" version, instructions provided to convert to "regular" version in following posts) -
"new link with and / or without updated build number"
Last updated: Fri, Nov 25, 2022 @ 8:05AM EST


would be nice to know if resources.pak and / or chrome.dll modifications are needed with every new file.
for updated link on date only and on build version update please.
it would make the "upgrades" for "regoogled" users more convenient.
your instructions are clear but may not be for all users.

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8 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

There are 42 "gstatic" entries and I did not have to restore any of them to restore "Translate to English".

I personally prefer the "err on the side of caution" approach and would keep all 42 "gstatic" and all 47 "googleapis" entries disabled.

We can always isolate and "selectively restore" if some unknown feature that nobody has found in close to two years is somehow suddenly found.

I'm only at the moment blocking the following:

RE gstatic.. gw0.activeasanaingstatic-v3.net.zooplus.it gw0.datatestingstaticnginx.net.zooplus.it node.ns-northamerica.backend.vpn-activemarketingstatic.net.zooplus.it csi.gstatic.com gstaticx.com\

RE googleapis.. firebaselogging.googleapis.com clientmetrics-pa.googleapis.com crashlyticsreports-pa.googleapis.com update.googleapis.com

I'm a bit unsure of the flag:

Disable the 'instant extended' limit on search suggestions
Effectively doubles the max number of Google-provided search suggestions on Android by disabling the 'Instant Extended' check. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

Since this is a PC, I leave it at the default. 

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