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My Browser Builds (Part 4)

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Most intensive stuff when it comes to single page will still happen in 2 processes at best in multi-process browsers as far as I can tell. I doubt animations are treated specially from the rest of HTML/CSS.

I saw Firefox's content process put max load even on 3 CPU cores (multi-threading!) at once while with Pale Moon, you're lucky when you see 2 cores loaded. In general I mean, not related to animations, these look cheap compared to other stuff that may be going on.

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I installed the extension. Can it increase the number of addresses to keep in history? My problem was that I remembered visiting a certain page, but not all the details, and it had fallen out of the history too soon.

What is "async" in the context of Firefox. I understand how two processes can be asynchronous. But how does this term apply to the dyna,mic size of history?

In Opera I have 50000 entries. It is endless. Sounded like Firefox admitted that their browser isn't particularly efficient when they decreased the size.

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The German media (TV) portal Tele5:


was "overhauled" recently (you guess what comes next :whistle:), as a result UXP-based browsers now won't load at all their embedded (JS-based) HTML5 player, even when the geo-resrtiction has been circumvented (whitelisted DE IP address via VPN/HTTPS proxy, etc.); e.g., loading in latest NM28 below URL:


one ends up with:


Does anyone have any faint idea what type of "Chrome-ism" :realmad: is it that they require now :angry:, as (yes, you guessed right again ;) ) Chromium86-based 360EEv13 is quite capable of loading that JS player (and initiating playback as well):


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12 hours ago, VistaLover said:

The German media (TV) portal Tele5:


was "overhauled" recently

It should be noted that the overhaul has the neat side-effect that all content is no longer DRM-protected as it was before. (yt-dlp also does not support the new site format yet, but you can already use the network traffic monitor to grab the "master.m3u8" URL and pass that to yt-dlp.)

MyPal 68 directly plays all videos fine.

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12 hours ago, VistaLover said:

Chromium86-based 360EEv13 is quite capable

Always makes me HAPPY TO READ.

Especially with a very long and growing list of "posts" here at MSFN that like to remind us that much newer versions of Chrome shouldn't even be used.  "We know already."  Something like that.

I have St52 at home and will test this player and "Google-ism" from St52 later today.

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webp CVE is scary, ported changes of https://github.com/webmproject/libwebp/compare/7ba44f80f3b94fc0138db159afea770ef06532a0...95ea5226c870449522240ccff26f0b006037c520 will be in NM27/mozilla45esr/SP55/UXP in next build. (libwebp in NM26 is too old to get changes ported so no clue for it)

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2 hours ago, j7n said:

What harm could the webP vulnerability cause practically? Can they include a program in the picture file that does something useful? People seem to be worried about image viewers.

There is a good explanation here:


  • Important: Let me make it perfectly clear that this vulnerability doesn't just affect web browsers, it affects any software that uses the libwebp library. This includes Electron-based applications, for example - Signal. Electron patched the vulnerability yesterday. Also, software like Honeyview (from Bandisoft) released an update to fix the issue. CVE-2023-4863 was falsely marked as Chrome-only by Mitre and other organizations that track CVE's and 100% of media reported this issue as "Chrome only", when it's not.
  • Who uses libwebp? There are a lot of applications that use libwebp to render WebP images, I already mentioned a few of them, but some of the others that I know include: Affinity (the design software), Gimp, Inkscape, LibreOffice, Telegram, Thunderbird (now patched), ffmpeg, and many, many Android applications as well as cross-platform apps built with Flutter.



If someone knows a program has a heap buffer overflow vulnerability, they might be able to send it specially crafted data that causes the program to behave in unexpected ways. For instance, they could potentially run malicious code or gain unauthorized access to a system.

A codec is like a translator that helps your computer understand and display WebP images (a format like JPEG or PNG). If this codec has a heap buffer overflow, an attacker might be able to craft a malicious WebP image that, when viewed, exploits this vulnerability to harm your computer or steal information.

How bad is it? Very. If an attacker can exploit a heap buffer overflow, they might be able to take control of a system, steal data, or introduce malware. Protecting against such vulnerabilities is crucial.


BTW, official Pale Moon was already fixed yesterday.

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New build of Serpent/UXP for XP!

Test binary:
Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.8.win32-git-20230916-3219d2d-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z
Win64 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.8.win64-git-20230916-3219d2d-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom

IA32 Win32 https://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.8.win32-git-20230916-3219d2d-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod-ia32.7z

source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32

NM28XP build:
Win32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.7a1.win32-git-20230916-d849524bd-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z
Win32 IA32 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.7a1.win32-git-20230916-d849524bd-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod-ia32.7z
Win32 SSE https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.7a1.win32-git-20230916-d849524bd-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod-sse.7z
Win64 https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-28.10.7a1.win64-git-20230916-d849524bd-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z

Official UXP changes picked since my last build:
- Issue #2301 - Make Gecko Media Plugins optional when not building EME or WebRTC (9e7d1492e6)
- Issue #2309 - Cherry-pick upstream libwebp fix. (20b69d7ddc)

No official Pale-Moon changes picked since my last build.

No official Basilisk changes picked since my last build.

My changes picked since my last build:
- [libwebp] Fix OOB write in BuildHuffmanTable. (61de658e45)
- [libwebp] Fix invalid incremental decoding check. (3b44f9850e)
- configure: move MOZ_GMP define block after MOZ_EME (f5cacdadbf)
- dom/media: more eme fixes (58a39ca8cb)

Update Notice:
- You may delete file named icudt*.dat inside program folder when updating from old releases.

* Notice: From now on, UXP rev will point to `custom` branch of my UXP repo instead of MCP UXP repo, while "official UXP changes" shows only `tracking` branch changes.

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New build of BOC/UXP for XP!

Test binary:
MailNews Win32 https://o.rthost.win/boc-uxp/mailnews.win32-20230916-d0fd16ed-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z
BNavigator Win32 https://o.rthost.win/boc-uxp/bnavigator.win32-20230916-d0fd16ed-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z

source repo (excluding UXP): https://github.com/roytam1/boc-uxp/tree/custom

* Notice: the profile prefix (i.e. parent folder names) are also changed since 2020-08-15 build, you may rename their names before using new binaries when updating from builds before 2020-08-15.


New build of HBL-UXP for XP!

Test binary:
IceDove-UXP(mail) https://o.rthost.win/hbl-uxp/icedove.win32-20230916-id-656ea98-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z
IceApe-UXP(suite) https://o.rthost.win/hbl-uxp/iceape.win32-20230916-id-656ea98-ia-93af9a0-uxp-58a39ca8cb-xpmod.7z

My repo changes:
- packager: fix packaging when MOZ_GMP is not set (695d9d1)

source repo (excluding UXP):

for UXP changes please see above.

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New build of post-deprecated Serpent/moebius for XP!
* Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual.
** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.9, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions.

Test binary:
Win32 http://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20230916-34d9c1e74-xpmod.7z
Win64 http://o.rthost.win/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20230916-34d9c1e74-xpmod.7z

repo: https://github.com/roytam1/basilisk55

Repo changes:
- [libwebp] Fix OOB write in BuildHuffmanTable. (3bd868029)
- [libwebp] Fix invalid incremental decoding check. (34d9c1e74)

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New build of Firefox 45ESR:

Test binary:
SSE https://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/firefox-45.9.34-20230916-795ad6d52-win32-sse.7z
IA32 https://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/firefox-45.9.34-20230916-795ad6d52-win32-ia32.7z

Win64 https://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/firefox-45.9.34-20230916-795ad6d52-win64.7z

repo: https://github.com/roytam1/mozilla45esr

Changes since my last build:
- [libwebp] Fix OOB write in BuildHuffmanTable. (1d0aec2ee)
- [libwebp] Fix invalid incremental decoding check. (795ad6d52)

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New NewMoon 27 Build!

32bit https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-27.10.0.win32-git-20230916-517c54e11e-xpmod.7z
32bit SSE https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-27.10.0.win32-git-20230916-517c54e11e-xpmod-sse.7z
32bit noSSE https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-27.10.0.win32-git-20230916-517c54e11e-xpmod-ia32.7z

64bit https://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-27.10.0.win64-git-20230916-517c54e11e-xpmod.7z

source repo: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27

repo changes since my last build:
- import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox:
 - Bug 1240411: P6. Clean up OMX headers. r=ayang (114a1df4be)
 - Bug 1230385, part 1 - Use MOZ_CRASH in ContentChild::AllocP*() methods. r=billm (6f8016bb29)
 - Bug 1230385, part 2 - Use NS_WARNING in unimplemented TabChild methods. r=billm (28a7165773)
 - Bug 1234026 - Pass a --display option to gtk_init in content processes. r=karlt (8e3e17858e)
 - Bug 1218816 - Remove useless semicolons. Found by coccinelle. r=Ehsan (e029c51e58)
 - Bug 1240796 - Implement Uint32x4 <==> Float32x4 conversions. r=sunfish (5a42f571ea)
 - Bug 1240796 - Implement unsigned SIMD compares. r=sunfish (93d4979730)
 - Bug 1240796 - Implement Uint32x4 extractLane in Ion. r=nbp (b5b7c782b6)
 - Bug 1240796 - Add Uint32x4 support to jit-test/lib/simd.js. r=bbouvier (187cbbb1d0)
 - Bug 1245547 - Implement RSimdBox for Uint32x4. r=nbp (0186f0355f)
 - Bug 1244254 - Move SimdTypeToMIRType into the header. r=nbp (5b15375c4e)
 - Bug 1217236 - Block trackers loaded by Flash movies. r=gcp (a1318a33da)
 - Bug 1237402 - Allow certain plugins to be loaded in parent process (r=jimm) (e951737778)
 - Bug 1172304 - Fix to handle short read in Plugin code. r=johns (625dadd61b)
 - Bug 377630 - Preventing filename disclosure, by putting downloaded files in a private directory. r=bz (5aca752a5c)
 - Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in (c7cb9ffc11)
 - Bug 1245724 - Make plugin network requests bypass service worker interception. r=ehsan (a0b7fab3ee)
 - Please enter the commit message for your chang Bug 1244254 - Pass a SimdType to inlineSimd(). r=nbp (6fcacd3c5d)
 - Bug 1244254 - Add IonBuilder::unboxSimd(). r=nbp (d5f0922fd9)
 - Bug 1244254 - Check SIMD arguments in IonBuilder. r=nbp (832d38940f)
 - Bug 1244254 - Replace MaybeSimdUnbox with assertions. r=nbp (9c2ad4a8c5)
 - Bug 1244254 - Add SimdType to MSimdBox and MSimdUnbox. r=nbp (74412371f5)
 - Bug 1238003 - Part 1: Add BooleanPolicy. r=jandem (79c1716cac)
 - Bug 1238003 - Part 2: Use Policy in RegExpMatcher and RegExpTester. r=jandem (a2ef8feec4)
 - Bug 1238003 - Part 3: Add test for Policy in RegExpMatcher and RegExpTester. r=jandem (1653bec783)
 - Bug 1244254 - Simplify MSimd* constructors. r=nbp (0ab2efcb4c)
 - Bug 1244889 - Remove trivial SIMD NewAsmJS factories. r=bbouvier (2f9c41713c)
 - Bug 1244828 - Ensure enough ballast space in CallPolicy::adjustInputs. r=bbouvier (d84dae2175)
 - Bug 1244828 - Ensure enough ballast space in AllDoublePolicy::adjustInputs. r=bbouvier (361092db86)
 - Bug 1245421: Remove dead function CoercesToDouble; r=h4writer (502b9efcee) (fc9fb8b315)
- Revert "pref: disable `javascript.options.ion' for the time being since it can cause crash in random memory location with corrupted stack when browsing (affects archive.org)" (2fd5121803)
- import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox:
 - Remove Compositor::mRenderBounds. (bug 1243071 part 1, r=mattwoodrow) (5f82e99655)
 - Use double precision when computing the backdrop copy rect. (bug 1243071 part 2, r=mattwoodrow) (3db95bac33)
 - Add software mix-blend mode support to the D3D9 compositor. (bug 1243071 part 3, r=bas,mattwoodrow) (4a68678ab7)
 - Bug 1231564 - Don't trigger new composites just to repaint debug overlays. r=BenWa (7dfd13163a)
 - Bug 1249312: UseAcceleratedCanvas on Mac should really be UseAcceleratedSkiaCanvas. r=mchang (0b830d9c6e)
 - Fix stale intermediate surfaces in the D3D9 compositor. (bug 1244821, r=mattwoodrow) (1827598eaa)
 - Bug 1224433 - Part 2: Clamp the invalidation rect to values that fit within nscoord. r=rc (3c08f0531e)
 - Bug 1161978 - Use GetEffectiveVisibleRegion() for Layer invalidation r=matt.woodrow (3209eda22d)
 - Bug 1242720 - Followup: reduce code duplication. r=jfkthame (37ff368177)
 - improve gcc11 and later fix for numeric limits (e7a3e86bb7)
 - Bug 1240589 - Import Chromium's upstream rand_util_win.cc to avoid rand_s() crash. r=jld (9be9342c7b)
 - Bug 1240589 - Cross compilation fixup. (714a88c2a3)
 - Bug 1188211 - Fix more constructors in IPC; r=billm (500382e235)
 - Bug 1200131 - Avoid shadowing members in tuple.h; r=njn (0c3f06c4eb)
 - Bug 1205942 (part 1) - Fix overflows in time_posix.cc. r=jld. (18961ef5dd)
 - Bug 1205942 (part 2) - Fix "always true" warning in child_thread.cc. r=jld. (3c21921822)
 - Bug 1205942 (part 3) - Remove unused OS version detection functions from ipc/chromium/. r=jld. (da54914934)
 - Bug 1205942 (part 4) - Remove GetWinVersion(). r=jld. (345daa48bb)
 - Bug 1141565 - TSan: data race ipc/chromium/src/base/histogram.cc:730 Accumulate. r=gfritzsche. (be428d7396)
 - Bug 1240985 - IPC glib deadlock fix (r=jld) (ab640c7c5b)
 - Bug 1241901 part 4 - Stop using nsAutoPtr for holding primitive arrays. r=froydnj (f8c2de6f8b)
 - Bug 1133073 - Use PR_DuplicateEnvironment to avoid post-fork malloc on all Linux platforms. r=dhylands# Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting (58b793b6db)
 - Bug 1215151 - Add XPCOM leak checking for base::Thread. r=jld (5f58074c97)
 - bug 1249622 - make ThreadData::list_lock_ a StaticMutex r=froydnj (1fbc823209)
 - Bug 1213320 - Detect IPC::Channel leaks with the XPCOM leak checker. r=jld (d483f4abc2)
 - bug 1161166 - Move some implementation out of ipc headres to not include headres for EndianU32_* r=billm (6125f1789d)
 - Bug 1221056 - Make the destroy messages for PTexture and PCompositable part of the current transaction when applicable. r=sotaro (52e3533e8d)
 - Bug 1236167: P1. Do not attempt to destroy a non allocated surface. r=nical (169570d50e)
 - Bug 1236167 - Don't attempt to take a compositor snapshot if parameters are incorrect. r=jrmuizel (7b65e2df32)
 - Bug 1229780 - Remove TextureClientPool helper functions from ClientLayerManager, r=mwoodrow (3f8cc506d9)
 - remove code without reference in FF or TFF (0126b4d3f8) (37721bb087)
- [libwebp] Fix OOB write in BuildHuffmanTable. (efdf1d591d)
- [libwebp] Fix invalid incremental decoding check. (08625c2b16)
- import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox:
 - Bug 1230352 - Update to Oculus SDK 0.8.0,r=vlad (ec5404763a)
 - Bug 1237689 - Enable Oculus hardware latency tester r=daoshengmu (a914fb5c78)
 - Bug 1248757 Use string ::Assign() instead of Adopt() when reading blobs as strings. r=asuth (65e361797f)
 - Bug 1248757 followup - Release blob after assignment in DoGetBlobAsString on CLOSED TREE. (8f5d86a27a)
 - Bug 1240583 - Odin: record and assert whether a function is defined yet (r=bbouvier) (693c0be6fe)
 - Bug 1240583 - Odin: store code-range index instead of entry offset in ModuleGenerator (r=bbouvier) (ac14028824)
 - Bug 1240583 - add thunkWithPatch/patchThunk (r=jandem) (9b53ac4d5b)
 - Bug 1240583 - Odin: fix long jumps/calls on ARM for large modules (r=bbouvier) (3f7bacc9cf)
 - Bug 1240583 - Odin: add MacroAssembler::repatchThunk (r=bbouvier) (1336b1492d)
 - Bug 1037483 adopt microformats-shiv for microformats v2 support, r=tantek (c08afa618d)
 - Bug 1224766 - forward callID to disambiguate multiple gUM requests from same window. r=jesup,smaug (547eafdbaa)
 - Bug 1201393. Remove irrelevant ProcessedMediaStream for nsSpeechTask. r=eitan (f17f8e6821)
 - Bug 1240583: Fix non-unified build for fuzzers; r=luke (cc7ea34899)
 - Bug 1212366 - Part 1. Don't call SetAudioOutputVolume if stream is destroyed. r=roc (af1106491c)
 - Bug 1212366 - Part 2. Don't release SourceMediaStream until StreamListener is called. r=roc (08cf9cf62f)
 - Bug 1220320 - implement the nsSupportsWeakReference. r=baku (0cfd32c83a)
 - Bug 1225347 - Apply audio setting to volume parameter of Speak(). r=eeejay (fc6dbd938c)
 - Bug 1228564 - part 1 : revert the changeset of bug 1190040. r=baku. (921a0f7383)
 - Bug 1195051 - Part 3: Test changes; r=padenot (438a73a408)
 - Bug 1195051 - Part 4: Fix a null pointer crash happening after the destination node gets CCed (90fd50c8ac)
 - Bug 1228564 - part 2 : check audio capturing when the agent is registered/unregistered. r=baku. (14f473625b)
 - Bug 1228564 - Follow-up to fix static analysis build bustage. r=me (295d61a1b6)
 - Bug 1247846 - Odin: switch CallIndirect to wasm binary encoding (r=bbouvier) (5997b4c59b)
 - Bug 1247846 - Odin: refactor ModuleGenerator::finish (r=bbouvier) (a71293c284)
 - Bug 1247846 - Odin: refactor error stub generation (r=bbouvier) (5f9f98b215) (9e41bd2207)
- devtools: fix use of genexprs and legacy comprehensions (b8f9cd342d)
- more devtools js fixes (9c3ef02584)
- import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox:
 - Bug 1247104 - BaldrMonkey: Outline a method to reduce indenetation. r=luke (43aae99318)
 - Bug 1247104 - BaldrMonkey: Enclose most of WasmText.cpp in anonymous namespaces. r=luke (50a93211ef)
 - Bug 1247104 - BaldrMonkey: Parsing, encoding, and decoding for load+store. r=luke (bf87e68074)
 - Bug 1247846 - Baldr: add type declaration to text language (r=sunfish) (4333417275)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 1: Move MacroAssembler::branchPrivatePtr into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (ba4b42bca0)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 2: Move MacroAssembler::branchPtr into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (863dbbb121)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 3: Move MacroAssembler::branch32 into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (e8464ab752)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 4: Move MacroAssembler::branchTest64 into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (6ac2817f78)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 5: Move MacroAssembler::branchTestPtr into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (5498a461ec)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 6: Move MacroAssembler::branchTest32 into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (3f80771dfd)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 7: Move MacroAssembler::branchFloat into generic macro assembler. r=bbouvier (bfe366f03d)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 8: Move MacroAssembler::branchTruncateFloat32 into generic macro assembler. r=bbouvier (a2953d2eb1)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 9: Move MacroAssembler::branchDouble into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (68910e9b54)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 10: Move MacroAssembler::branchTruncateDouble into generic macro assembler. r=nbp (cb176293fe)
 - Bug 1245112 - Part 11: Move generic MacroAssembler methods into check_macroassembler_style block. r=nbp (faa0180389)
 - Bug 1246957: Make the data section require the memory section; r=luke (9337d637ab)
 - Bug 1247846 - Baldr: add indirect function table and call_indirect (r=sunfish) (a379696e7f)
 - Bug 1247247 - Factor essential wasmEval code into public helper function. r=luke (606562c29b)
 - Bug 1240127 - Fold MTableSwitch with constant int32 operand. r=nbp (350accb1cc)
 - Bug 1246658 part 1 - Refactor MDefinition::constantValue and friends. r=bbouvier (fea967ef6e)
 - Bug 1246658 part 2 - Rewrite MConstant::valueToBoolean to not depend on js::Value. r=luke (8b6cddbd7c) (517c54e11e)

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