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Future of Chrome on Windows 7


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1 hour ago, sonyu said:

is there someone who has downloaded the files in this topic that is now infected with the TJPROJMAIN.EXE virus ????????????????????

I have them.  And no, I am not infected with "TJPROJMAIN.EXE".  I do not run any anti-virus.  I only tried them in Win10 just for the curiousity of a new browser.  I don't think you got "TJPROJMAIN.EXE" from this thread.


image.png.ee3519b34b34b63e2945c7805a8b304d.png  (2/23/23)

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Thanks to you all

Since I can't find https://github.com/jack51706/byte_stinker compiled, I searched all partitions for .exes containing TjProjMain and I deleted lot of downloads.

If anybody can compile this and send me it by dm, will be also useful for you all since I don't know if there is another option to recover .exes infected by this virus

even Malwarebytes doesn't recover your .exes I think

how to recover the infected .exe files using stinker.exe: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/66956355/125113641-9666ed00-e0f1-11eb-920d-30e6d759d478.mp4


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3 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

No!  Two of us were NOT infected and the guy that WAS infected has been infected in the past.  So whatever the guy did in the past, he did it again and it has NOTHING to do with the modified Chrome that was shared herein.

Thnx, but that wouldn't explain his sudden departure, would it ?

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We even exchanged several IMs with him regarding that chrome, everything was fine, nothing out of the ordinary, and then the links suddenly got deleted and he is locked.

Now I'm afraid to use that Chrome !!!!!! I asked him a couple of questions right before that ! And then they all got deleted ! You want to tell me it's just a coincidence ?

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You and D.Draker have the same view.  If you want my view (and since you're asking questions, I have to assume that you do), so here goes.

Are you familiar with a guy named "Binary Outcast"?
He has (had?) a web browser project called "Borealis Navigator".
Another project called "Interlink" is also originally his.
He never made it to an official public release (at least not for Borealis Navigator, unsure on Interlink).

BEFORE he could ever make it to an official public release, a guy named "roytam1" started publicly releasing the same exact project that went by the name of "BNavigator".
Look at that name and I'll ask the same question - coincidence?  Of course it isn't!
This was when "branding issues" and "trademarks" and you name it were "debated" both here and on other "official" forums.

Enter this thread!
The same EXACT thing just happened!
Somebody did not go public with a web browser and somebody else did!  An open source browser.
NEITHER one of these "somebodies" OWN the original Chrome/Chromium.
Mod's to open source software does not make them closed source, this is against the terms of agreement of the original open source code that was mod'd.

It could be easily argued that Binary Outcast's "toes were stepped on" when roytam1 started releasing BNavigator.
And the same just happened here.  But open source is open source.  Else roytam1 would no longer be distributing BNavigator.


That's my two pennies.  Put them in a bank and they'll eventually earn interest.


edit - this is just my "view", my "opinion".  and opinions are like butts, everybody has one, that doesn't mean everybody wants to hear them.  waka waka waka

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51 minutes ago, Cocodile said:

I don't see any links here. You mean you all downloaded the modified chrome made by that guy from poland and got infected, then he just vanished and locked the topic.

I also find it suspicious.



it seems I was infected before I downloaded the modified chrome.

And I'm the only one infected, you can continue all with the topic, it's just a coincidence I noticed it after I download chrome that's why I posted about the possible virus here.

The chrome I downloaded was clean. It doesn't have any virus.


(And my files are clean since yesterday cause I was infected with the same virus 2-3 years ago and now I know a bit more about it)


NO VIRUS HERE. JUST a personal infection in my computer and not realted to this topic.


Keep the good work @D.Draker


And one interesting thing about ported chromium:

1080/720 Youtube videoplay in Chrome ver. 111/112 running on Windows 8.0/8.1 removes Intel iGPU micro stuttering. (With, of course, a gpu capable of playing 720/1080.)

I noticed this cause it's the only thing I miss from w10 running chrome/ium.

I don't know if somebody else noticed the same or if it's related to a concrete system file......

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12 minutes ago, sonyu said:

1080/720 Youtube videoplay in Chrome ver. 111/112 running on Windows 8.0/8.1 removes Intel iGPU micro stuttering. (With, of course, a gpu capable of playing 720/1080.)

Stuttering? I have few computers with intel hd graphics ranging from sandy bridge to skylake with no stuttering on yt videos. And I don’t really think that it uses gpu anyways since whenever I try 8k60fps on my main pc the cpu gets heavily utilized

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