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  1. buy gt 710 or gt 1030 really easy solution. on used markets they are around 20 usd
  2. I won't argue with you, I was actually in middle of czech conversation and I was responding to this in english so i pronounced myself wrongly, I meant that this statement you wrote is not correct, cause videos are being accelerated on chromium browsers on platforms such as disney+, netflix, youtube. For some reason 1440p and up on youtube at least is just not working under 8.1. So yeah, I wrote it misleadingly and you didn't bother to respond to anything relating to gpu acceleration.
  3. This is also not true. Because 1080p 60fps is accelerated on gpu, netflix is accelerated on gpu. 1440p and up is not accelerated. At least on 8.1
  4. It does work for me on windows 10 though. rtx 2060 and r5 3600 so I think it is not working under w 8.1
  5. Stuttering? I have few computers with intel hd graphics ranging from sandy bridge to skylake with no stuttering on yt videos. And I don’t really think that it uses gpu anyways since whenever I try 8k60fps on my main pc the cpu gets heavily utilized
  6. my 8.1 just rollbacks all server 2012 r2 updates
  7. Your iso should have usb 3 drivers integrated. but I’m not sure if windows 7 is able to boot on NVMe drives. I think it was added in 8.1. Try sata ssd?
  8. That page is weird. common ie is spyware.. ? https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/explorer
  9. I recommend integrating all updates to your installation
  10. Thanks, but didn't work.
  11. it says that I can't be running it under compatibility mode and spoofing does not work it still detects nt 6.2 for some reason
  12. Installer throws up error that my os is not supported
  13. Hi, so I bought myself a present and got windows 8.0 pro sealed in box. I even built period correct computer for that. I know we have 8.0 diehards over here so my question is: 1) I updated the os and now I see "hey you should update to 8.1 or 10" message. What's the quickest way to update it with server 2012 updates andd should I be worried about anything? 2) .net framework 4.8 (is it even possible?) 3) Internet explorer (should I even bother with ie11?) 4) Windows 7 explorer on 8 is it worth trying or just stick with openshell? Thanks
  14. Unfortunately, I have to maybe go off topic, but I can't create new topics anywhere anymore or visit huge part of this site. Am I blocked? Did I do anything? Thanks
  15. So I am not the only one noticing.. if only I knew who does he remind me of
  16. Calm down, there was no reason to be so passive aggresive to me. Sorry I misunderstood you, you said chrome 110 is crashing for you and also mentioned no sandbox hack which does not help windows 7 in running newer chromium versions. Again, sorry for that.
  17. I'm running 8.1 though. I thought you were also targeting 8.1 since you mentioned --no sandbox
  18. I’m testing it atm and I experienced no crashes even with 10+ tabs opened. last week was just like every other version of chrome.
  19. I don't know what CRC means but the iso works fine in vmware workstation 16
  20. I don't have rtm copy of 2000... but I tried vmware compatibility all the way back to vmware workstation 7 but no luck
  21. Hi, I'm trying to install windows 2000 sp4 on vmware, but when setup tries to copy files it just crashes with no bsod and restarts. any suggestions? Thanks
  22. Dear D.Draker, I count you as one of the most toxic people on this forum. How is it possible that you are in war with pretty much everyone? I no longer argued cause last 5 post you did interact with me you did not attack me directly and asked real question and discussed with me in general. But I meant YOU ruined the fun of using vista for me alongside with Dixel. (pretty sad about that) Also, thanks for your effort, but I strongly dislike opera in general and I will use edge/chrome with --nosandbox or just switch to firefox.

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