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  1. You can download 8.1 here: https://www.microsoft.com/cs-cz/software-download/windows8
  2. Well ethernet driver cannot be installed or modified yet. Better grab some cheap ethernet controller. I prefer ryzen though and amd motherboards including x570 works with all drivers installed just fine. Heck I even saw someone running vista on amd ryzen platform, so for older oses I recommend going ryzen.
  3. Sorry, I was tested covid positive and I was not on my computer. I have tested 10 computers with various hw specs amd cpu, intel cpu etc.. none of them works. idk how you managed to get it running. I even reinstalled the whole os with no success This is the crash dump: Název chybující aplikace: RTSSHooksLoader64.exe, verze:, časové razítko: 0x5d766218 Název chybujícího modulu: KERNELBASE.dll, verze: 6.3.9600.19724, časové razítko: 0x5ec5262a Kód výjimky: 0xc000041d Posun chyby: 0x0000000000007afc ID chybujícího procesu: 0x101c Čas spuštění chybující aplikace:
  4. I asked 4 people running 8.1. Every single one has the rtsshooker.exe crashed issue.
  5. I can't seem to find any older versions. I only found 7.22 but the issue still persist :/
  6. yes, it is nt 6.2, but honestly it was really bad. Some of the worst ui decisions were made in this os. 8.1 is what windows 8 should have been.
  7. Hi, this eclipse forum is msfn 2.0? O.o? or what is going on? I see so many familiar faces over there including win10 hater and win32
  8. Well this is perfect. It seems to be intentional. You could try vista if you can. without ex kernel though. It should run judging by their system requirements.
  9. Here you go. https://downloadui.bobpony.com/ just select your desired version
  10. Hi, no worries about older gpu. it simply does not work with anything on 8.1. I'm using it with msi afterburner combination. All troubles started with 7.2.2 and continues up until the latest beta. Please try the latest stable one. Thank you!
  11. Lately I was trying to report a bug with rivatuner and msi afterburner. When you try to display anything in OSD, riva tuner will infinitely crash. Inspite of system requirement being windows xp, I've only met stupid moderator saying that they only focus on "modern" oses and they will not fix it for 8.1. WTF??? is it working on windows 7? Thanks Edit: Hehe seems like I got banned on their forum. No big deal I guess system requirements means nothing to them.
  12. I honestly don't know the exact number but let's say around 10.
  13. It no longer connects to their servers. I tried
  14. https://prnt.sc/11ksyyh What happened?
  15. sorry, I'm not trying to mock you or anything, but have you heard of WINDOWS-AS-A-SERVICE? Windows 10 EOL only applies to windows 10 ltsb 2015.
  16. Well they were till the last month in the czech republic. Now you can't even find wd green for under 100 bucks. Don't really know what is happening Edit: they are few other brands that sill offers good prices though I just found out. so if you are able to find ssd for good price, definitely get rid of that hdd
  17. well hardware acceleration is important though. Disabling it does not fix the issue. It only bypasses it
  18. unity games have inverted colors for example. Discord screenshare does not work. Chromium browser sometimes crash because of gpu acceleration..
  19. Yeah the multiaccount guy should definitely calm down
  20. About that... Windows 8.1 is in very weird state. they seem to forgot about it The installer downloads 2021.2 and then upgrades itself to 2021.3. Windows 7 does not work (tested it).
  21. I’m sorry but I don’t agree merging these two topics. I wanted clean thread that would later add new missing functions demanded by the apps. Now it is a mess and new comments will make it invisible.
  22. I might sound dumb, but have you installed the graphics driver, right?
  23. Today I experienced unexpected thing on windows 7 machine in work. Our proprietary application that we use for security purposes in our company demanded this function: BCryptCreateMultiHash I hope this thread will become full of these missing functions for someone who will in future make extended kernel. By the way the app works just fine on windows 8.1 but does not work on windows 8.0 Edit: I know that this function is also missing in vanilla windows 7: SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext Missing functions: BCryptCreateMultiHash - Bcrypt.dll SetProcessDpiAwarenessCon
  24. Honestly you don't need to use metro apps at all. Once you're at the desktop you don't have to think about metro anymore
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