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  1. Hi everyone, So today rockstar released a new launcher for their games. Including my favorite GTA V. There's small catch. It no longer supports Vista. I have found a bypass, but I'm not sure for how long this is going to work. You need to uninstall the new launcher. Grab the old one (Vista saves folders history maybe you can find it there in "Installers" folder) and install it. Now you need to delete "PlayGTAV.exe". Copy "GTAVLauncher" to your desktop and name it "PlayGTAV.exe" and put it to your gta v folder. That's it. I have tried it only on steam version so i have no idea if this is going to work on dvd version. Cheers
  2. vmware workstation 12 is not affected by this at all. i'm super happy. However vmware workstation 10 has some unexpected behavior when running under vista 6003. Sometimes it runs, but the services keep crashing and bsoding the os.
  3. Well, it is a laptop (Dell latitude e6330) with i5-3340m. i could not find any compatible drivers. Snappy drivers installed some other driver, but the Behavior is completely the same.
  4. No, i'm not. Idk what is causing my issue. But it still persist. I'm no longer shutting down the laptop and only using sleep or hibernation which seems to work, but every time i restart i need to wait like for an hour. My guess is sort of incompatible sound drivers. They are available for windows 7,8,8.1, but still installs on vista. if i disable sound service vista is responding normally..
  5. Hi, First i need to clarify, that i'm Windows Vista diehard. I can forgive pretty much anything so i can use my favorite os. One thing really bother me though. Vista is seeking the harddrive for no reason. Superfetch is turned off, indexing service is turned off NO ANTIVIRUS INSTALLED. Updated all the way even with server 2008 updates. HD TUNE shows that "SYSTEM" process has red over 40gb in 1 hour. After like 2 hours of me just letting the laptop sit on desktop everything calms down and i can use my computer. What could it be? My laptop specs: i5-3340m 8gb ram 500 gb 7 200rpm hdd intel hd graphics. Thanks for any help.
  6. In my case the latest version of audacity (2.3.2) runs correctly on windows vista. On my desktop and laptop have you updated your os?
  7. R.I.P Teamspeak. The last version no longer runs on vista. The latest version for windows Vista is 3.2.5.
  8. Yeah my brain sometimes doesn't function as intended just to clarify this, i'm completely WITHOUT any antivirus software but windows defender (with the newest definition). Still this doesn't change the fact, that the problem persisted until the newest preview. i hate that avast care about vista so little, that they won't release hotfix for this. Anyway sorry for the chaos i've made here about update numbers. Cheers
  9. like i said i had open tab with win 7 updates and i took the win 7 april rollup number. the correct one is KB4493471
  10. so sorry for misstype. i was in middle of updating win 7 vm KB4499184 is the update i was talking about.
  11. well it isn't easy as it seems. KB4493472 was in fact the first update that has broke vmware and avast. (atleast for me though). The servicing stack update didn't change anything for me nor the may updates. The first update that started to solve my problems was KB4499178 so maybe give it a shot in vm? I have some free time tommorrow i will try to install 3 vms and test it, but i suggest to everyone just try the preview. You can uninstall it if it makes some harm to your os.
  12. i haven't skip any updates, but i've installed preview on top of the current may updates.
  13. Oh sorry i didn't notice. No, i'm not using any antivirus software.I've installed the may udate as soon as it was available, but vmware was still bsoding my machine. For some unknown reason the Preview does seems to fix it (mostly). Maybe someone can try if avast will run again after this patch..
  14. isn't it faster to just open netfx_x64full.exe? I mean is there any benefit doing it this way? Thanks
  15. Hi, im happy to report that the new may monthly rollup preview did fix the vmware issue. I mean the new preview (23rd of may). But i recommend to everyone to just stick with virtual box. Vmware keeps crashing and it is annoying though it no longer crash the os. I still can't use banking site on my laptop, cause i use id card to log in and that would cause vista to crash with win32k nonsense again. i'l keep you updated if anyone changes in future. I still use vista on my main laptop so it is easy for me to tell if new update has broken something or not.
  16. In my case it was strangely due to vmware services. i disabled them and vista was stable again. very strange..
  17. well, basically if i try to start virtual machine, my os throw bluescreen. Sometimes when i start my laptop explorer.exe crashes or it just random throws bluscreen with error like win32k something..
  18. im sorry, i was just little upset cause i can´t use my vista laptop properly now. I hope next update will fix it.
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