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  1. Thanks for your report! Windows 8.1 on the other hand still works as of this time. (12.1.1 works just fine)
  2. None of those companies release any new drivers for windows 7
  3. Since I don't think that not having the newest drivers would be much of an issue I have to ask you what other chips besides amd and nvidia are on the market that still supports 7 or 8? I think nvidia was the last one to still drop new drivers for these operating systems.
  4. This is very interesting.. why would they block windows 7 and keep 8.1? I don't think that 8.1 has anything (except dx 11.2) over windows 7 that would stop the game from running. I hate when companies do this
  5. I actually found out by myself. I was doing something completely unrelated.
  6. It is actually the first thing on this list.
  7. I do understand and fully respect that. Do as you will. Could you use vm or something? Like I said, I unfortunately have no iso image of 8.0 and was curious to find out
  8. Could I please ask @Jody Thornton a favor? Could you try this on Windows 8.0? I don't have any iso of this os on hand. Thanks!
  9. So in order to succesfully bypass iTunes os checks you need to do this: BEFORE YOU BEGIN! I only tried this on Windows 8.1 Fully updated up until september 2021 patches. I have no idea if this is going to work on Windows 7 too. Windows 7 works up until 12.11.3. Later versions require ntdll.dll and dxgi.dll from newer operating systems. Windows 8.1 works without any problem. 1) Download iTunes from apple. 2) Extract the installer 3) Edit the main installer with orca (drop table LaunchCondition) 4) Install iTunes and all of its components 5) Do not launch! - Download this: https://github.com/hejmus/win10verhack/releases/tag/v0.1 6) Put these files in iTunes install folder 7) Open notepad and put this in: withdll.exe /d:win10verhack64.dll iTunes.exe 8) Save it as Launch.bat on your desktop (since iTunes is located in Program files and you would need Admin access) 9) Put launch.bat to the iTunes install folder and open it 10) Done! (Optional, put launch.bat as shortcut on your desktop)
  10. Also the official latest iTunes version still supports my iPhone 12 pro on iOS 15
  11. HOLY COW! I found a way to bypass it! proof: https://prnt.sc/1tdlc6c
  12. Just compare these two screenshots of mine: https://prnt.sc/1tcg6o2 - firefox https://prnt.sc/1tcg5q2 - chrome What's up with the white bar at the top?
  13. there are no kernel errors. they just f****** limited it to windows 10. no way around that (just yet)
  14. unfortunately there is only one and Halohalo does not wan't to share how to bypass this stupid block.
  15. Uhm, i5-4590 is definitely 8.1 compatible though.
  16. I'm trying to help my friend with his old hp desktop pc, but I can't seem to upgrade his os to 8.1. I'm using official microsoft ISO. Anyone could help? http://prnt.sc/1r8s7wk -- rough translation Windows 8.1 could not be installed. Computer has been restored to previous state as it was before windows 8.1 install
  17. yeah that's true just saying that sha-2 is already included
  18. I've heard about this technology: https://web.dev/gpu/ and it seems to be only available to windows 10 only. Do you think that this is the final nail in the coffin?
  19. Windows 8.0 already has native support for sha2 technology. No need for that then.
  20. Please, can anyone confirm this? I tried on 3 different computers and 1 vm and the results are the same, the app just crashes. Thanks
  21. No, I meant the metro apps updates. Here in this list only windows updates are shown

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