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  1. Unfortunately this does not work as intended. For example vista is still buggy under vmware 16
  2. Hi, does anyone here have experience with this capture card under windows 8.1? I plan on buying it, but I have 0 idea if I can get it to work with win 8. I found conflicting info on the internet. Thanks
  3. what applications abandoned windows 8 or 8.1 but kept windows 7? I only saw games. on the other hand vmware,python,office 365 etc kept windows 8 but dropped win 7. I just want to know tbh.
  4. there is probably very small chance for this to happen. Windows 8 has system file verification and thus won't boot with modified files. I know just 3-4 apis that are missing in user32.dll and kernel32.dll. Most of issues comes from API-MS-YADA YADA files. Local redirection works only in certain cases so I don't know about that. But I would love to see that. First we need to see win NT version spoofer since 8.1 can run most of the windows 10 only apps only if it spoofs it's os version.
  5. it will be worse definitely, but still playable
  6. Unfortunately there is no way AFAIK. I already looked deep in to this issue, but it seems that microsoft blocked every possible way to backport it. Windows 10 beta builds have some sort of certificate issues and the start menu is buggy as hell. And I don't think you can do anything with arm compiled explorer.exe and twinui.dll
  7. Even though it requires windows 10, it runs without any problem on 8.1
  8. you know what. you have to be right every time, don't you? You are one of the reasons I left vista community. Since you can't use vista without the help of this forum I knew that it makes no sense. You basically disagree with everything. I will say just this and say no further reply. D3D12on7 is real, it is being used in wow,red dead, cyberpunk. it was used in call of duty series and probably many other games I'm not even aware. I'm glad that over on 8.1 topics, you're not present. I think that you and I should avoid each other. My computer meets requirements to play modern titles and I'm glad. I don't know anyone who would use an old gtx 770. 1650 super has no problems whatsoever with playing my favorite games (including cyberpunk btw). It might not be on the highest details, but it works. Windows 7 is and will be for a while a supported os unlike vista. once chrome drops support then I will consider it EOL. anyone but D.Draker and Dixel is welcome to join the discussion with me.
  9. it does not change the fact, that it is being used. cyberpunk was just example. Do you have something against red dead too?
  10. cyberpunk implemented it, red dead redemption 2 etc.. it is being utilized
  11. you should do your research before saying that. IT IS official. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/samples/microsoft/directx-graphics-samples/d3d12-12-on-7-sample-win32/
  12. it is not windows update. It is called d3d12on7 and can be implemented by any game developer
  13. also windows 7 usage is huge in comparison to vista/server 2008. Windows 7 still receives newest chrome updates, steam. Got support from microsoft by backporting d3d12 libraries etc..
  14. Hi, I want to have vmware workstation 10/12 (I don't know which of them I will need) alongside vmware workstation 16. Is that somehow possible?
  15. Have you tried this update? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/december-14-2021-kb5008274-monthly-rollup-e7eed5a2-1154-4af6-a3ec-1db61d66f967
  16. I’ve decided to create this thread, since the amount of half working programs have became kinda crazy. Handbrake - 1.3 is the latest officially supported version. At this time the newest version work just fine, but it is no longer supported. Beamng.Drive and Rocket League - Both give "App stopped working" When you properly exit them. They function just fine, but this weird message comes up every time. Geforce experience - While you can install and open the newest 1.24 geforce experience, it no longer screen captures and many other functions stops working. 1.23 is the latest one that still work normally. VMware workstation Pro - The newest 16.2.1 version of this still functions on 8.1, but 3D acceleration has been turned off for some reason. 16.1.2 is the latest one that still functions as intended. Logitech GHUB - The latest version works if you update it through vista compatibility setting. For some users a warning saying that the driver is not digitally signed pops up, but everything still works. iTunes - See my topic on this. Onedrive - Microsoft claims that it will stop working on 1st of january 2022 Office 2019 - Somewhere on msfn I’ve seen people claiming that it can be installed. I use office 365 and it still updates to their newest version just fine. Ryzen CPUs - They work just fine. Don’t forget to manually install missing pci drivers from amd folder and usb 3.1 root hub. Use AMD’s windows 10 driver version RTX 3000 - Unfortunately no known workaround has been found RX 6000 by amd - They seem to work. Sometimes you get weird colors on unity games. Please contribute to this list. Cheers
  17. I would suggest loading different ahci driver from intel?
  18. Windows 8.1 is host and my 1650 super does support dx 11.1
  19. I know that this is not the best thread and sorry for going kinda off topic but could you please try what would happen with 8.1 I wonder if you could use that? I don’t have anyone who could test this for me. If you don’t want to I understand but it would be nice. Thanks
  20. 8.1 has all my bluetooth devices already connected and wifi works immediately.
  21. When aero is off it is no longer being rendered on the gpu. So you gpu is completely irrelevant

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