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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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Anybody else have a bug where switching to the Win11 Command Bar shows the Win7 Command Bar? I've had this issue with every build and version. Right now I'm using the Win10 Ribbon UI.

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what am i missing is the correct question as looking at a few screen shots i see the taskbar showing different shades or not fully transparent - i have skimmed 36 pages in this thread and can find nothing but whatever i try the taskbar is fully transparent

the image below from earlier in this thread shows it as i want it but how do i achieve that - if its a setting in SaB or win11 i cannot find it

EDIT - well i have got it working - every other setting takes as soon as they are changed in properties - the taskbar colour and transparency needs the system rebooted or signed out of - maybe its my system its an upgrade from win 10 not a clean install and on a laptop that i had to add the reg fix for TMP and CPU



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I have numbers indicating duplicates showing on items I pin to the Start Menu, I have attempted to rename via Properties and it just increases the number. Currently using 3.3.3. Is there a location where the .lnk exist that is not the usual locations?


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11 hours ago, mu23 said:

is there a way to backup my startallback configuration? i want to restore configs after reinstall windows 11.

I back up the registry keys, otherwise I had seen a little software that did that :)

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