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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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Hi. Its nice to to see control panel got its dark mode but kindly need to fix a bug causing (old) context menu went glitched out like these. Had to downgrade to version 3.3 for that reason.


Screenshot 2022-02-28 161437.jpg

Screenshot 2022-02-28 161521.jpg

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25 minutes ago, Tihiy said:

This is not supposed to happen - 22000 uses old context menu styling. Did you alter theming any way? Are you Insider of any sort?

Oh yeah, i kinda replaced aero.msstyle files with 22504 version i found somewhere in r/windows11. It worked well in version 3.3 or below while enabling SAB, but not the latest one.

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On 2/24/2022 at 10:00 AM, admirdante said:

Can anyone tell me how I can group the volume+Wifi icon again? I am using this app just to put the taskbar on the left of my screen, nothing else and I would love to be able to group those two together again, but I can't seem to find the option for it.

Anyone? Is it even possible?

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Hi! I want to first of all say a huge "thank you" for developing this application. Not only it gives exactly the degree of customization that I crave whenever I install Windows 11, but it is very compact, very tidy and intuitive to use. I decided to register here to share a feature request that I really, really hope to be feasible.

I typically use Startallback to resize the Taskbar down to the "S" icon size and "S" icon margins. This allows me to recover an enormous amount of screen real estate, compared to the standard W11 taskbar.

However, on most Surface products and hybrid devices that run Windows 11, whenever you slide/remove the keyboard the OS will enable an automatic "tablet mode" that implements the following changes to the UI:

- the icon margin in the taskbar becomes considerably wider, even if it is set to "S" or "XS" in Startallback;
- checkboxes are added onto each and every file icon in Explorer.

So, I was wondering whether something could be implemented in Startallback to either disable the automatic switching to Tablet UI, or at least keep the icon spacing in the Taskbar unchanged when using the device as a tablet.

I don't mind the checkboxes in the end, but this automatic switch for the taskbar spacing definitely defeats the point of any customization... Many thanks!

Here's how the taskbar looks in normal mode with icon size "S" and icon margin "S":


Here's how the taskbar looks with the automatic W11 tablet UI with icon size "S" and icon margin "S"


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