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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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6 hours ago, win98seFQ99 said:

Yes. Follow Tihiy's instruction to set corner icons to use Windows 10 flyouts (in StartAllBack's taskbar settings), and when you click on the date and time part (not Action Center!), the Windows 10 version of the flyout will appear.

Clicking on Action Center button still shows up Windows 11 combined flyout, so you can collapse the Windows 11 calendar to see more notifications without repeatingly expanding and collapsing the calendar part of the combined flyout.

Ah I see, I found it. I missed this setting. Thank you Tihiy and ¬†win98seFQ99. ūüĎć

If only the flyout also have round rectangle, but I guess MS will ditch it after all to enforce the use of (useless Outlook, for me) Widgets and never use Windows 10 calendar flyout.

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2 hours ago, bapt said:


Thanks for your great work :thumbup

If this option "display windows side by side" still exists with Windows 11, it is possible to add it to the right click of the task bar ?

Sadly, it seems Microsoft broke it further in Windows 11 so it doesn't work at all. In Windows 10, it was partially broken. If in Multitasking settings, the option "When I snap a window, show what I can snap next to it" was off, it used to work.

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StartAllBack 3.0.2


- Tooltips now use system font

- Shutdown now respects restart apps after login setting

- Non-folder non-filesystem items (like control panel items) can be drag&dropped into right pane

- Fixed crash with some shell menu extensions

- Fixed task thumbnails underlay disappearing

- Fixed minor pick glyph dialog UI issues

- Fixed Accessories folder not localized


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I'm having an issue with Start11 where the Google Hangouts notification icon keeps hiding itself, after I have set it to Show Icon and Notifications in Start11's "Customize notification icons" option.  I set it to always show, and it does for a while.  I'm not sure if it's after sleep mode or rebooting, or just a certain amount of time regardless of what I'm doing, but eventually it sets itself back to Only Show Notifications.  I wind up changing this at least once a day, if not more.  Any idea why this one icon keeps doing that?

gh2.thumb.png.8b6a8d6301a7d7603c7562258347fb09.png                                  gh1.png.8b7c3f8e8f799aef0906bb0b87716087.png




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Hiding in plain sight (I think) question: how do you have the taskbar somewhere other than the bottom, particularly the right or left (vertically)?

Update: Oh, you unlock the taskbar and drag.

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When using vertical taskbar, and then unlocking and adding a toolbar, does anyone know a trick to get the taskbar back to it normal width again? It seems that merely adding a toolbar expands the width for some reason, even though there's really no need for it. Trying to drag the taskbar narrower again (still unlocked) doesn't work until you remove the toolbar.

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There is a bug in windows 10 ribbon ui. It has white font on white background, it was supposed to be black font

Steps to reproduce bug

Pin my computer to taskbar, then open it (or) just open File Explorer

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