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  1. interesting. it should be not related theme?
  2. the shutdown menu is not rounded is it about theme or sab?
  3. i also reported it with GIF weeks ago. it sometimes start to work by itself. sometimes don't work again.
  4. yes i searched for it too for sometime, but no luck. no one makes that theme for sib/sab. maybe tihiy can add that theme originally. idk. no luck on internet
  5. - Tooltips now use system font can't find this entry under regedit? if its not there can u share it as reg entry?
  6. any fixes on search not working on startallback?
  7. presing both cleaning buttons. but new installed items on startmenu is not cleaned
  8. My startmenu is not searching installed softwares/apps. look when i search for microsoft store nothing is found. and yes i do have microsoft store installed its opened right now at background if you look at it carefully can see also settings are done correctly under search a.k.a. "Ara"
  9. policy fix is good enough for me right now thanks
  10. that is what i am saying. it is still there even when it is disabled. i asked tihiy he said he won't fix it.
  11. Server preview and regular windows 11 will be different its for server ofc it won't have some features its something close to ltsc.... install normal regular windows 11 if you want to see that option. I'm trying to report a bug. and fix a bug with SCREENSHOT AS PROOF. please stop arguing or saying i don't have it bla bla bla ofc you don't have it you are on a server build......
  12. its windows 10. you don't have widgets or teams? thats why. also for some reason you don't have INKs and people too. yours look a bit sketchy try on real windows 11, and you will get teams/chat and widgets try on fresh windows 10, and you will get INK and people

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