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Extreme Explorer 360 Chromium 78-86 General Discussion

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I wonder if the JIT disabling of the V8 javascript is working with 360.
Basically the enabling of "Super Duper Secure Mode" available in Edge.


The problem will be to check if actually JIT is disabled.

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SunSpider1.0.2 might be a good reference point.
As Malwarebytes Labs analysis reports:


But I don't think anyone has tested it in non-Edge browsers.

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On 9/7/2021 at 3:14 AM, rereser said:

...deleted all intermediate , trusted and untrusted certificates from the ie8 cert store.
updated the cert store with cert updater v1.6...


I've been secretly testing this the last few days and have been getting a red padlock up until I gave your fix a try - and it worked!

I mean ... to everyone that put hard work into this browser, I can't say enough what an amazing experience thus far I've had with the new @ArcticFoxie 13 v4 build. I've been using this and cant crash it with countless youtube tabs open. I also hope to  get around to testing all others builds when I have time. The only thing I'm unable to get working is speel check. 

So I'm (very much) all into this and will give this a try as my default browser. 

Very fast and secure and I'm quite happy and was surprised to see the flag [Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC]. I looked over the loader and it clears everything  when closed. 


Thanks and keep up the good work and I hope your projects take off.


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hello XPerceniol.

a working spell check for chrome.
search google for : Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker

no need to sign in to microsoft for additional options.

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On 9/2/2021 at 9:13 PM, Humming Owl said:

Yeah, the thing about that theme you are using is that it has a very little animation for the refresh button (only 4 frames). You might want to change to the "Chrome" theme that has a larger animation integrated.

To change it go to the "User Data --> Default" path and search for a file called "Preferences". Open it with a Text Editor and then search for a "jisu9" entry (if I remember correctly there is only one) and change the "jisu9" entry by "jisu9_chrome" (or to "jisu9_dark" for the dark theme if you want to test it).


Works like magic. Thanks Humming Owl :)

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Thanks mate. I sorted it out with a bat file, with your prescribed sequence. The issue is that some extensions insist on saving settings in leveldb, which I prefer to delete (or gets deleted/altered on crashes), resulting in loss of settings. 



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Does anyone have any suggestions for monitoring browser RAM?

Not the OS RAM, but RAM used only by the browser.


This one looks promising  --  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cpu-and-memory-performanc/nmpbhigddhbbhopeeagpnnmnihgagbfk

But I find it very strange that I can load TWENTY YouTube tabs into 360Chrome v11, 360Chrome v12, and 360Chrome v13 and the amount of RAM being used at IDLE and with TWENTY YouTube tabs is IDENTICAL across all THREE versions!

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I guess when I think about it, it does make sense that all three versions consume identical RAM when all three versions have the same exact 20 YouTube tabs open.

I guess I kind of was assuming that v13's RAM would be higher than v12's RAM which in turn would be higher than v11's RAM  --  but this is not the case, all three versions consume the same EXACT amount of RAM.

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I have another question possibly related to EE 360.

Here is a secret, known by few. When YouTube introduced resolutions above x1080 in 2011-2012, it worked on XP. But in a later update, either to browsers or the site, this functionality disappeared. The highest resolution that appears in 360 (or any other browser) is x1080. This is bad for me because I do video editing and need to see how things look at x1440. 

Useragent doesn't seem to be the solution. Truthfully I don't know what it is - those resolutions just don't appear in XP. For some reason. Browser - for the most part sites accept that this is Chrome 78, definitely eligible to load the x1440 video. Drivers? Doesn't seem to matter which ones are loaded.

Any ideas?

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