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  1. There's a "million" reasons that give that cert warning. Proxy server, revoked certificate, lack of WinXP updates, et cetera ad nauseam. google.com.hk shows up perfectly fine for me. Also, your screencap shows an instance of Mypal / New Moon / Pale Moon running -- what does it show for google.com.hk? And if you Mypal / New Moon / Pale Moon is NOT using a Proxy, then make sure that 360Chrome is also NOT using a Proxy.
  2. Thanks. I have been able to track down why some skins do not have a .srx "override" file and others do. That trick lies within [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\360chrome\default\ui_persist_value] keys stored in "360chrome_1.reg". Doesn't answer your original question but I learned more of the inner workings of 360Chrome :) I think your original question still seems to revolve around "http_nosafe_bar.xml" and "browser_strings.xml", both of which still contains a lot of Chinesse.
  3. For your "skin.srx", what is your 'modified' date via file properties? Are you running the "installed" v13 or the "portable" v13?
  4. Both of these "features" (as I understand them) sends your trackable data to a third-party, the third-party analyzes that data and then reports back if it is 'safe' or not (by their definition, not yours), then the browser proceeds based upon that reply. But WHO is this third-party, WHERE is this third-party ??? I simply do NOT "trust" either one because I don't have ANY information on HOW / WHERE / WHO "behind the scenes". When you rely on an extension such as Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, uMatrix, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, et cetera, you have a community of users and a plethora of online re
  5. @dencorso Are you using the "anti-tracking privacy protection" 'feature'? Or the "protect you and your device from dangerous sites" 'feature'? (I don't trust either one of them, to be honest.) Have you looked at "http_nosafe_bar.xml" that is contained inside "skin.srx" which exists in 360Chrome -> Application -> 13.0.2206.0 -> skin folder? Very close to what you have above so could be altered by alternate skins by the looks of it. What skin are you using?
  6. You could try Roytam's "loader" and maybe it fits your needs better -- http://o.rthost.win/palemoon/palemoon-portable-loader.7z I've never actually used it so feel free to report back your opinion of it.
  7. From what I can gather, the "libGLESv2.dll" file is needed for older graphics cards for 3D rendering. Not sure "how old", per se, as none of my computers seem to be old enough to "require" this file for 3D rendering. I don't really do a lot of 3D graphics via web browser. I used this as a test - https://www.wirple.com/bmark/ Mypal 27.9.4 scored 461. palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20210220-3b1d2cdd8-xpmod scored 384. palemoon-28.10.3a1.win32-git-20210220-729367b92-uxp-2b6effbf2-xpmod scored 618. bnavigator.win32-20210220-355db4de-uxp-2b6effbf2-xpmod s
  8. I benchmarked x86 versus x64 once-upon-a-time and x86 has better performance than x64, not the other way around. I do admit that this was a couple years ago, but the results were so CONVINCING and UNDENIABLE that I've never bothered with an x64 browser ever since.
  9. I'll use my XP *FOREVER*. Even if THIRTY YEARS from now I "might" not be able to use a web browser or email client, I will STILL be using XP even if only on a secondary computer for Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Solitaire, Mahjong, Soduko, Kakuro, Crossword Puzzles, and other miscellaneous pass-the-time games that retired old folgies do between naps and yelling at the neighbor kids to get off their lawn. Although, having said that, I will also have to admit that ONE of my SIX "secondary" computers DID get upgraded to Win10 LTSB about five months or so ago because I got tired of s
  10. To each their own, but since you bring it up and seem to be requesting feedback -- my feedback is this, I DON'T GIVE A RATS ARSE ABOUT "UPDATES". The very FIRST thing I do whenever I install ANY operating systems is to DISABLE UPDATES !!! !!! !!! However, I do SLIPSTREAM updates before every installation - so I do "update". And one of the things I *LOVE* about Win XP is that I don't have to WASTE THE TIME slipstreaming MORE updates. I stopped slipstreaming and patching SO-CALLED "risks" in June 2017 on this computer (WinXP x64) and in January 2018 on my SIX computers runn
  11. The "wrapper" program previously mentioned is called JauntePE and can be found here -- https://sourceforge.net/projects/jauntepe/files/ I'm not sure those 2 folders are worth the "learning curve" to learn JauntePE but I guess that's up to you. I personally clear my cache of EVREYTHING upon exiting EVERY browser session so at least on my end those 2 folders are EMPTY so they don't bother me sitting in ~\Application Data\. The "portable loader" does have a "[RunAfter]" section but I confess that I've never used it.
  12. Not that I'm aware of. Those folders are temp and will be EMPTIED every time you close the browser. SEVERAL portable browsers can even share that same folder without affecting each other. I use a "wrapper" program at home that will perform what you seek, but I don't recall what it is called offhand. And with those folders being EMPTIED by default, I just let them sit there and ignore them.
  13. Update. Added freebie software to first post and added step to remove Incognito Mode "background".
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