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  1. Already a step ahead of you. (Because 360Chrome requires wow_helper.) Nope, that doesn't get Mini-Browser to execute on XP x64. That is, if that is the help.exe that comes with the official unmodified download.
  2. I didn't get any error warning, just a crash. It was always when logged in and entering text in the reply box. And it was always very lengthy replies - all lost when the browser crashed. When I was trying to track it down, I would OPEN the reply box but not even type in it. Leave the reply box OPEN and browse in a different window. Sometimes 30 seconds later, sometimes 15 minutes, but MSFN would ALWAYS crash if the reply box was open. I haven't returned to v13 as my default browser on account of random crashes and it happened on versions that I had used for MONTHS unchanged/unmodified without ANY crashes, then all of a sudden the same exact version, brand new profile, would crash left and right. I gave up on v13 and much prefer v12. Even the v13.5 that I've been experimenting with has random lockups only during startup (with or without a profile already in place). No crashes during browsing, just lockups at startup (maybe only 1 in 500 starts, but a lockup is a lockup and I run v12 because it's never had any of the issues that keep popping up with v13). And ONLY on XP.
  3. Cannot replicate. I don't get the qr-code popup. Do you get it on a clean profile? I think I'll just leave the default "Share page", reupload, and call it our official "rebuild_1". Save dark theme for as-time-permits.
  4. I cannot replicate. This could be due to OS-specific font or DPI settings on your computer.
  5. This one might have to stay in the context menu, still digging - it is disabled, it's just still "visible" in the context menu and I've changed it to (disabled feature). This is one of those "added BLOAT" items that didn't exist in ANY of the previous v11, v12, or v13.0 builds.
  6. Download link for v13.5.1030 Beta_2 added to first post. Alpha links removed to free up storage space in Dropbox. Should be 100% functional at this stage - only remaining changes are to remove one minor GUI context menu entry and to create a dark theme.
  7. I see this in the context menu and have placed a "(feature disabled)" placeholder in the menu until I can find where to remove the menu line completely. Kind of a temporary fix for now.
  8. My apologies. I had to clear out my Dropbox to make room for hosting rebuilds and this thread was dead so away they went to free up some storage space.
  9. I was actually toying around with a "Halloween Edition" but time kinda got away from me and it's taking more time than expected. A witch flying to the left for "back", a zombie walking to the right for "forward", a black cat with a swooping tail for "restore", a tombstone for "home", a witch's pot for "bookmarks", a pumpkin for the "menu". Orange text on a dark gray background (which was planned to evolve into green text on a dark gray background for a "Matrix Edition"). It was more for fun as an interim before an official "dark theme" but like I say, time kinda got away from me.
  10. Found this and this will be resolved in Beta_2.
  11. For what it is worth, my version of v13.0 ( this thread ) also crashes here at MSFN. It started crashing here at MSFN roughly two months or so ago, I forgot when exactly but I dropped down to v12 as my default and haven't had any issues since. I am in-process of rebuilding a v13.5 but I have not used it extensively enough to see if it suffers the same crashes that v13.0 suffers. Other users have been testing it and have better stability with v13.5 then they had with v13.0. @Humming Owl - my WinXP is unmodified, my x64 is an unhacked official SP2 and my x86 is an unhacked official SP3 with none of the POS updates (and I always have to laugh that they called them POS). It is tweaked as far as not running any of the useless services and Internet Explorer is disabled with file name trickery, but all of my OS's are unhacked, no kernel patches, no certificate store hacks, et cetera. And my v13.0, your v13.0, Dixel's v13.0, the original Chinese (several builds), and the Russian Repack (several builds) all crash here at MSFN. I've abandoned trying to figure out "why" and just moved to v12 instead. Maybe v13.5 in the future, unsure as of yet.
  12. I'm not really sure what that speed optimization setting is supposed to do.
  13. It really all boils down to USER PREFERENCE. There is no such thing as a "best browser". Operating system plays a role. Available RAM plays a role. Can the same browser be used on six different computers running different operating systems and different RAM and clock spec's all play a role. Browser A will always perform best on web site U, V, and W. Browser B will always perform best on web site X, Y, and Z. Browser C will always have a GUI more intuitive and ergonomic than Browser D. Browser E will always handle RAM better than Browser F. Browser G will have a wider range of available extensions than Browser H. et cetera... It all boils down to USER PREFERENCE, what balance best fits the USER.
  14. If you "hoard tabs" or do what is called "page parking", then you are better off with v11 or v12. Depends on how many tabs you "hoard" or "park" on. I personally do not hoard or park tabs but it is common for me to have a bare minimum of THIRTY tabs open without any issues. But I do not close the browser with all THIRTY still open and expect the browser to "continue where I left off" and spawn a thirty-tab browser session the next time I open the browser.
  15. My v11, v12, and v13 all use roughly the same amount of memory as other public releases for v11, v12, and v13. I've never had any issue with any of the three versions and one of my computers only has 2GB of RAM -- but I admittedly don't use that computer for anything like YouTube.

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