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  1. This was an epic "fail" for me. The meeting did everything it is supposed to but there are 7 of us in our daily meeting and audio/video was HORRIBLE. I was logged in via 360Chrome v13 and XP VM with 4GB RAM. Opened a Win7 VM with 2GB RAM, logged into meeting as an 8th person but used the Webex "desktop app" instead, then exited the meeting from my XP VM. Audio/video returned to normal. Logged back in on XP VM via browser instead of "desktop app", audio/video returned to HORRIBLE.
  2. Nothing really new - they have all done it over the years. Android was once caught rigging their phones to falsely score high on very popular "benchmarks" but would perform poorly in "real-world" scenarios. And Android got caught doing that just a few short years after they themselves caught Samsung cheating benchmarks on Note 3 and Galaxy S4. AMD's entire Athlon line of CPUs were all premised on "We know the clock is only 1.8 GHz, but it performs equally to a 2.8 GHz" (which they did, btw, I was an AMD over-clocker for years) - though I guess that's more "marketing" then "cheating". Bing used to always load faster on IE then it did in Firefox. Google probaby used to do the same thing, but no reason to anymore, isn't Google the default search engine for Firefox? It's probably more of a smartphone thing nowadays, cheat your "score" for the sake of sales. Though I have always felt that if the "turbo engine" was marketed as "fuel-efficient" instead of "performance", then all cars would have turbos in the vein of "going green". "Why did you buy such a fast car?" "I didn't buy it because it's fast, I bought it because it's the most fuel-efficient in its class."
  3. I don't block MSFN. But MSFN does try to pull "something" from cloudfare.com, googlesyndication.com, and googletagmanager.com and I do block those.
  4. Did not know about that Fast 3G and Slow 3G preset, interesting... I pull older versions from https://www.crx4chrome.com/crx/152403/ I always pull .crx files and manually install after I remove their "first run connections" (web browsers aren't the only thing to make 'first run connections'), their "description" so as to keep my Extensions Manager free of clutter, and I also axe all language files except "en". Started doing that when one of the extensions I used to use had a "childish developer" that didn't take donations, but accepted free beers, I have no desire to read an extensions about-page and hear talk of free beers! But to each their own...
  5. Agreed, I use uMatrix in addition to NoScript as opposed to instead of. Can't say as I remember "why", per se.
  6. Come to find out, this happens ALL OVER THE PLACE with NoScript also. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now that I've dropped down to, holy crap is it noticeable on just how many cites used to have a very ugly flow-render (don't really know what else to call it). Several news cites would display a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram icon that took up the ENTIRE SCREEN for a split-second while the page was undergoing "flow-render". I never really thought too much about it originally because I remember the days where Opera had a setting to specifically work around "flow-render" (you could set to display pages "instantly" and witness "flow-render" or you could set at 1sec or higher and never have to see the "flow-render"). It's always on web sites that have top-of-page "banner menus". It's funny to discover you've been plagued by something you didn't even know was a plague.
  7. My sites load really quick also but there's no way to NOT see it when this happens. Might only take 1.5 to 2.5 seconds for a page to load but when 0.5 seconds of that looks like the below, you track it down and fix it It IS the newer versions of NoScript that cause this, another very bad "flow-render" site is Dropbox. Below is this very forum loading under NoScript It will look like the below for 0.5 seconds, then it will turn into MSFN's dark gray background for 0.5 seconds but still have a bunch of line-item jump-to-content dots, then a random user's avatar will display, then the portions that are supposed to be white versus dark gray turn to white, then the dots go away, then the page looks correct - eventually. When you can "see" all of that "unfold", it really does look like CRAP even if for only 2.5 seconds of my day. Me personally can do without that UGLY 0.5 to 2.5 seconds, so I've dropped my NoScript down to where none of this occurs on any of the websites that I've seen it occur on while using the "newer" versions. Proving once again, newer is not always better
  8. Finally got around to trying this and meeting is logged in and waiting for actual start time, looks good so far. Thanks again.
  9. The gmx site is leaps and bounds better with MSFN worked fine with but was horrible with and Running with for my config.
  10. I started googling around for this issue and there have been several reports that seems to isolate it to cap_unchecked_css and reports that it actually started with on some web sites (the most-often cited is gmx.de) and these users reverted to I do use the legacy 5.1.9 for my MyPal and NM browsers, but I think I'll stick with for my Chromium browsers but will drop down to if I see this happening more often (I don't get this with but other users report that they do). I do get the "page flow lag" here - https://www.gmx.net/ Will revisit later today with instead of with
  11. It's not really about the moment of the page loading, but the manner in which it renders. I followed the Scientific Method six times (ie, I only changed one variable [NoScript version, same profile otherwise and same NoScript settings] and the "page flow rendering" exists in and in but does not exist in For the time being, I have reverted to - may try legacy 5.1.9 later as NoScript is the only extension I use that takes up so much memory that it shows up in the browser's Task Manager.
  12. So I updated my profile today and upgraded my NoScript to Thouroughly unimpressed! For example, when you load MSFN with a clean cache, the page displays "while" it is loading. You get the broken menu and a long list of menu items because the menu hasn't fully loaded yet but the browser is trying to render what portions have loaded. Reminds me of how Opera had a setting to display pages "instantly" or after 1 second and pages would just "look better" if you told Opera to WAIT 1sec before displaying the page. Watching the page "flow" into existence while resources are loading is a bit "tacky" in my opinion. Confirmed by reverting back to and the "page flow" went away. Upgraded again to and the "page flow" tackiness returned. Anyone else notice this issue with the latest NoScript? Maybe it's something that showed up in a version somewhere between and
  13. v13 build 2206 rebuild 2 file size == 90.0 MB v13 build 2206 rebuild 3 file size == 70.2 MB login resources have been removed (which also removed Avatar context menu [may bring it back in a later rebuild to use as dropdown for chrome URLs]) @Humming Owl's v12 modfications have been ported to v13 -- no more gstatic connection on First Run --- I have not tested for possible side effects but will report if I do find any all settings pages fit in one 1920x1080 viewport - it always bugged me that you could be three dialogs in, close that third dialog, and the second dialog defaulted itself back to the top and you have to find where you were at, just annoying so I fit all to one page https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/qyyimm3h58r3963/360Chrome%202206%20rebuild%203%20-%20unran%20-%20MSFN.zip
  14. @Humming Owl - have you observed any of your modifications breaking 'internal' Unicode support? As an example, in Modified v12, you have an entry where you changed "Edit Search Engines(&E)..." to "Edit Search Engines..." And both the original and the replacement entry are THREE DOTS. But a Unicode entry of … instead of ... (highlight each of those and you will see that one is one character (unicode horizontal ellipsis) and the other is three characters (three dots) will be shown as a square in the GUI (ie, unicode support is broken). Another example, there is an entry in your notes where you changed "More…" (original with unicode horizontal ellipsis) to "More..." (you replaced unicode horizontal ellipsis with three dots, directly above "speeded" to "Speeded" entry in v12 notes) - did you do this because of a square being rendered in your GUI? I ask because the original untouched 360EE (v13 at least) does allow unicode characters but somewhere along the line both you and I are now using non-unicode throughout. I don't know "where" along the lines that the original unicode support broke but at the same time we haven't broke unicode support for the web pages that we are rendering, only the text strings of the GUI.
  15. Thanks to some suggestions by @Humming Owl from his Modified v12, I can hereby report that v13 build 2206 rebuild 3 makes ZERO connections on First Run. Let it sit open for 20 minutes on about:blank without visting any sites, never made any connections in that entire 20 minutes (this was the case for rebuild 2 also, aside from First Run gstatic connection within seconds of launch). Navigated every settings page, never made any connections the entire time (never actually tested this in rebuild 2, it might have done a favicon connection in the Search Engines settings, not positive). Closed and relaunched three times, never made any connections (this was also the case for rebuild 2). I should be ready to upload v13 build 2206 rebuild 3 sometime tomorrow.

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