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  1. Does anybody know of a way (userscript? addon?) to automatically fill in date fields? For example, one of my bill-pay websites have payment date fields where you enter the date to make the payment. These fields STUPIDLY default to the DUE DATE. I would like a userscript or an addon that would default these date fields to TODAY'S DATE *plus* two days. ie, visit the bill-pay website today (5/13/21) and the date field is automatically filled with 5/15/21. (This was a piece of cake using a web filter called PROXOMITRON, but I no longer really use it for a web browser proxy
  2. lol, very very true. I didn't know what part of China you were from.
  3. I sometimes really just can't help but laugh at some of the conspiracies that run rampant in these hallways. You don't trust Chinese software, I get it. You don't trust Russian software, I get it. But how about a little perspective here! The UNITED STATES is number 2 on the list of top hacking countries worldwide! China is #1, USA is #2, Turkey is #3, Russia is #4, Taiwan is #5, Brazil is #6, Romania is #7. That ordering was true in a 2012 article and remained the same order in a 2019 article - I'll leave the Google/Bing/Duck searches for your own free time. And,
  4. Right you are, I thought there were a few api files but upon double-checking, you are correct, there are none. I use the "portable loader", maybe that's 'sandboxing' everything and not letting my 360Chrome fetch OS runtimes? (which I'm okay with, TBH, as I prefer as much of my software to be "self-contained" as possible)
  5. No, that screencap is from my XP x64 machine (my primary rig). But I have the same runtimes (x86 only, of course) on my XP x86 machines. From what I can see, "installed" runtimes have NO EFFECT on 360Chrome. In fact, I get the same benchmark figures from my XP x86, my XP x64, my Win 7 Enterprise (32bit), my Win10 LTSB (32bit), and even from my XP x86 VMs with NO RUNTIMES installed at all. So my 360Chrome is using ONLY the api files within its own subfolders and isn't grabbing any from the OS.
  6. These are my system runtimes. I do not copy any api files into 360Chrome. As far as firewalls go, my nod goes to Comodo v2.4.18.184 (I no longer use a firewall on my host pc, but several of my VMs still use it).
  7. I can only assume all of that was just so you could hear yourself talk...
  8. I'm confused. Adding additional api-ms files killed your 360Chrome's performance, correct? So this demonstrates that 360Chrome found those api-ms files and loaded them, correct? So you removed the api-ms files and 360Chrome's performace returned back to normal. Then you installed the latest runtime and that killed 360Chrome's perfmance again, correct? I'm confused because I have the MS Visual C++ runtimes installed and IF my 360Chrome performed as poorly as Mini Browser then I assure you, I would NOT be using it. My 360Chrome really is extremely comparable to M
  9. I really haven't done that much with Mini Browser but I do agree that I am thus far not impressed with it. However - with only 2GB RAM in a 1-cpu VirtualBox, my 360Chrome uses roughly the same amount of memory as my Mypal v27.9.4 when playing a YouTube video.
  10. @CRK At the BARE MINIMUM, please do the above step. This will prevent the Russian pages you keep seeing. I also suggest the HOSTS file updates as a BARE MINIMUM in the post above the post copied above (see Page 1 of this thread). If you have a real interest in using 360Chrome, these procedures are not that difficult, even for a "new dog" to learn
  11. For 360Chrome, I personally don't recommend anything newer than version 13 build 2206 for the "repack". Anything newer is "broken" as far as being used as an ENGLISH browser. I would suggest this thread also -- https://msfn.org/board/topic/182370-extreme-explorer-360-a-how-to-guide-converting-remaining-chinese-to-english/ 360Chrome v13 build 2206 has never crashed for me since upgrading Stylus to v1.5.17, I would get constant crashes during style edits on earlier versions of Stylus. I don't use uBlock Origin, I prefer uMatrix (development ended in late 2020 but it has mat
  12. Not really XP per se but sharing in case others may also benefit. My wireless network has always had a download speed of only 8-13 Mbps on the living room computer. But it has also always stayed in that range even when the living room Roku is streaming HD at 4-5 Mbps (bedroom Roku streams at 33 Mbps but it's six feet away from wireless router). Those living room speeds have always "been enough" so I never really worried too much about it. Until a new customer requested Webex meetings on a regular basis and the living room download speed had choppy audio unless the video was
  13. I assume you are asking about x86 SP2 (I ran it in x64 SP2 just fine), I personally don't run (nor need) x86 SP2 so have no way of testing. But I have a strong hunch that yes, you need x86 SP3. I also personally avoid POS updates and stick with EOL. POS updates broke several of my applications and it wasn't worth the time to track down which updates were the root cause. I didn't do any extensive testing, but enought to show that I plan to stick with 360Chrome v13 build 2206 at least for now. I disable webgl in my browsers for default browsing but benchmark with webgl e
  14. credit to @user57 in the "Windows XP Media Center Edition" subforum <snip> working Chromium v87 for windows xp download links: http://www.filedropper.com/minibrowsersetup1071 https://www.file-upload.net/download-14566263/MiniBrowserSetup_1071.exe.html https://easyupload.io/e3fdad https://transferxl.com/08M79dPPgqG1M https://file.io/wFhiH69x9vge https://filebin.net/jqbzrykgxjv8hl2r </snip> I've tried in XP and it seems to work quite well. You don't need to "install" it. And I use the "360Loader" from 360Chrome to run i
  15. Here's one to disable the worst invention known to man as far as I'm concerned (ie, blurry migraine-inducing anti-aliased sub-pixel font rendering) -- https://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/179933 I personally disable them via a Stylus User Style when uMatrix or NoScript doesn't suffice by themselves by blocking useless fonts, but it's nice to know that there's a User Script for the task as well. Not really an XP issue but I use the same browser profile on my 7's and 10's.
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