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  1. Ouch! I'm glad you caught that, I'm not sure if I would have noticed. Please keep us posted if you see this in the next version as I've been "trying" to revert to NM27 as my "default-for-all".
  2. I hope that a moderator or admin stumbles upon this post. I have been SOLICITED BY A FRAUDULENT PARTY and it CAME FROM THIS WEBSITE. I hope that a moderator or admin can find out WHO used THIS WEBSITE to send me an e-mail and that this person be BANNED - PERMANENTLY! I do **NOT** want my e-mail address accessible by people that view my profile. I'm not sure if I jumped through all the hoops to set up this preference - as my view is that it should have been the DEFAULT to begin with! UGH!!!
  3. I second the "just leave the names alone and quit rehashing this every few months." I say that at risk of the "other" forum member(s) who visit here will now try to get me banned from here. Because I know for a fact they ban "us" on 'their' forum! Or at very least pound out a chest-beating "Why are you even here?" Don't know how to "mend" the relationship with the "other" forum WITHOUT jumping through the branding - but I still vote for "just leave alone".
  4. Noted. Will keep an eye on both threads - I highly prefer to run NM27 or ArcticFox as my default for *everything*.
  5. I can signin at Citibank but it then lands on the dashboard page but it is empty - can't do anything without the dashboard page loading. But this is something that would require an actual Citibank account to be able to witness.
  6. Looking forward to it! I much prefer nm27 over nm28 because it uses roughly 31 MB *less* of a memory footprint.
  7. Awesome! This works for PM28. But it does not work for PM27 or ArcticFox
  8. Roytam, this is the original post. It has the link, the working, and the non-working PM version info.
  9. I don't disagree, I was being facetious. A jab in the ribs to those that perceive New Moon issues with Citi login (third largest bank in US) as an "off-topic" discussion (regardless of the COMMUNAL discourse "to the side", it IS a VALID topic!) But again, it doesn't work "upstream" either, so *I* don't expect Roytam to 'fix it' (but I also see that a shame as patches are "cherry-picked"). But again, I digress... Again, lol...
  10. All the virus and mask talks seem way WAY "off-topic" to me. But I digress...
  11. Yeah, beware of upstream. The Citi issues pointed out earlier also exist upstream (which is why I don't expect RT builds to 'fix' it).
  12. Is this Paranoia or Conspiracy Theory? I wasn't asking anybody to visit Citi's web site, for the record. As I've stated over-and-over, I run version 28.2.2 (or thereabouts) from September 2018. Because IT works for me and "newer" versions do NOT. I 'all but' place people on "ignore" that chastise me for using a browser "from 2018" and wag their 'security hype' finger my way. I'm HAPPY with my September 2018 version.
  13. Not true. If you have a browser NEWER than Nov. 2018, you get the error that has been screen-cap'd above whether you put a real account username/password or a bogus account username/password. If you have a browser OLDER than Nov. 2018, you get a DIFFERENT error !!! So you do NOT need a Citi account to test this - you get the screen-cap'd error on NEWER browser but NOT on OLDER browsers. User Agent settings do NOT alter outcome.
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