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  1. Here's what I got for several NM 28 versions. These are with javascript.options.ion set to false. There's way too many versions to include them all, so I took my preferred v28 (approx 28.2.2) and then every three months from there. If there is a needle in the haystack that truly shines among the v28's, I have no quick way of finding it. green = best group of three... followed by light green... red = worst group of three... followed by orange...
  2. The 2018-09-22 seems to be the best NM28 on my end. I haven't focused my table too heavily on comparing v28's throughout the months - my experience has been that 2018-09-22 is about as good as it gets as far as v28. But v27 beats it hands down and I have other reasons to also prefer v27. Truth be told, I no longer use any of Roytam's builds but I run benchmarks on new releases every weekend and if they don't beat my current default browser then I delete them and move on.
  3. You really have to answer this one yourself. You ask 50 people, you'll get 50 different answers. You ask 5000 people, you'll get 4999 different answers and two people that give the same answer. I personally use v27 because I have ran benchmark tests and v27 is faster - "mileage may vary" and you should really run your own benchmark tests.
  4. I will not. I do not follow "their" build, I follow your build.
  5. ALL settings in about:permissions is broken. "Most" of them were fixed in NM27 but they still remain broken in ArcticFox.
  6. Agreed! I, for one, do NOT want BLOAT added. I want to go the OTHER WAY and REMOVE (what I feel) is BLOAT already added. I want FAST and EFFICIENT at its CORE. "You guys" can slow your browser down all you want with addon after addon and extension after extension. "To each their own", as the saying goes.
  7. 300+ MB RAM with only the "Tableau" open ??? HECK NO, that's not for me! (you asked my opinion, lol) Plus I don't want my browser to use my OS's proxy settings - I know there's probably an extension for that but the 300+ MB RAM with nothing open is a showstopper for me.
  8. I can direct SOME (not "most") to web devs. I whitelist JS and only allow a portion of them to work on a very small number of web sites. I have high hopes for BNavigator but it can't dethrone Mypal / New Moon / Pale Moon just yet. Pale Moon (at the upstream level) has become BLOATED and there is no such thing as a current fork that attempt to remove any of the BLOAT. "Most" can be directed to "web standards" and that browser developers FALSELY think they need to attempt to adhere to them. The "web standards" are GIGANTIC and we CAN browse the web WITHOUT a very VERY large portion of them. Read some of our "patch" descriptions on a weekly basis then try to track down WHY that patch was implemented. You are kidding yourself if you think MOST of them have anything to do with "security" as opposed to 'striving to achieve 100% web-standards-compliance'. (Granted, I can only find a WHY for a very small number of these "patches"). But it's also not my "line of work". But I digress. There WILL be a day where I will have to switch to Win 7 or 10 or run a Server version (I ran Server 2003 for several years and trial-ran 2008 and 2012). But that day is FAR away so long as I don't fool myself into thinking I need to achieve a 555 score for HTML5 -- I don't!
  9. I've personally become INCREASINGLY displeased with "new" web browsers. I want FAST and EFFICIENT. What good does it do to boast "works on XP" if it takes 10 seconds to load or 5 seconds to render (exaggerating, 'slightly') ??? FAST and EFFICIENT is WHY I run XP - boot time from full power down is UNDER 20 seconds compared to OVER A FULL MINUTE for Win 10 -- "mileage may vary". My default-for-everything is currently Mypal 27.9.4 dated July 19, 2018. PassMark AppTimer == https://www.passmark.com/products/apptimer/ Kraken 1.1 == https://krakenbenchmark.mozilla.org/ Basemark Web 3.0 == https://web.basemark.com/ Speedometer 1.0 == https://browserbench.org/Speedometer/ Speedometer 2.0 == https://browserbench.org/Speedometer2.0/
  10. "mileage may vary" I haven't yet concluded if it is 'important' or not that various Roytam browsers "freeze" during the Basemark Web 3.0 test. My next addition is to browse through the patch lists and find Roytam's version "closest" to Mypal 27.9.4. Because it seems to me that "newer is NOT better" - we score lower and lower with each new release so I'd rather run an 'old' browser inside my 'old' OS. The RAM column is with my default profile (eight add-ons) with no page loaded and sitting idle for a few minutes.
  11. Roy, A reminder that NM27's about:permissions page is still broken. The Receive Push Notifications and the Hide the Mouse Pointer options both have not worked for a very long time.
  12. That NM27 v27.5.1 is from Feodor2's GitHub archive -- https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal27old/releases Feodor2's releases were called "New Moon" and didn't take the "Mypal" name until v27.7.2. His very first release was Mypal but switched back to New Moon "because the most users did not like the name change" (according to GitHub). From my slipstreamed installation disk, my only browser in March 2017 was GreenBrowser + Proxomitron. My next archived installation disk isn't until September 2018 and it shows I went to Roytam's v28.1.0a1 32-bit 2018-09-14. That is from my Acer machine and it's actually only used out in the garage. My eMachine computer will tell a bigger picture but would also require more digging. I know that I was using Moonchild's Pale Moon for several months, then Mypal for several months when Moonchild dropped XP, then Chromium only as a backup to Mypal. Then I eventually landed on Roytam's v28.1.0a1 and only trial-tested Roytam's "weekly" releases but kept v28.1.0a1 as default-for-all. I personally feel that Roytam's upgrade process is too "rushed" and I have witnessed far too many patches that are later "backed out". To each their own, we all have different needs and different perspectives. I am aware that some of those back-outs are upstream also, but some are literally just "typos". It displeases me that several of these aren't even "discovered" in this forum because the forum-users seem to only notice if YouTube gets broken and nothing more. All of that has me digging through archives and performing my own tests and seeking out, at least from my perspective, a "mature" version that renders all of my needs. I'm using various "benchmarks" and attempting to keep "personal preference" out of the picture. I would like to edit the Help -> About popup boxes in several of these archive versions during my testing process basically with the end-in-mind that one of these is going to become my new default-for-all. I am still in-process of determining which version that is going to be. But I do know this, it's NOT going to be Roytam's "latest and greatest" because about:permissions remains broken and I'm getting better benchmark numbers with older versions. I'm probably not supposed to say that in a forum where we all cheer-lead Roytam because he is doing great work and I'm not trying to undermine that. I think the Help -> About has to be done to xul.dll but until then I have found that I can do various hides and highlights via Stylem.
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