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  1. No, really. It's messed up. I can only assume the problem extends to other sites. Build 2250, same as on page 1. Certificate problem on github: This is literally what the front page of sourceforge looks like. Not exactly user friendly.
  2. Hi, hoping I can resolve a few little issues with Hummingowl 360 v13. 1. Sourceforce's "style" formatting doesn't load. I assume it's some browser setting. Works fine in Russian v12. 2. Github wants a new certificate. What should I do? I ran the cert. updater. 3. Chrome thinks google.com is in Chinese. Which is weird because it's google.com, and it is definitely not Chinese. So something there is configured incorrectly.
  3. I'm grateful for the time that 360EE has made web browsing on XP possible, and it's not even over yet. Because 7 is inferior and it's all downhill from there. No, soon it will not be a computer, but a "Windows appliance" to access the web. I don't understand why...why did the web have to turn into a bloated turd? I mean sure some hipster websites, but pretty much most places you need to go, the whole industry, locks you out if you don't have the latest technology running, and unfortunately that has been s*** for the past decade at least.
  4. v13 (2250) crashes after a little while looking at reviews on Yelp. v12 (1016, Russian) just won't load Yelp correctly, it won't load the map and it won't sort results. Sucks how trashed websites are these days (even when they load).
  5. Oh man oh man. I really am old. I was using Windows ME at that time. A lawyer gave me a pirated copy of XP the next year I think. It was fascinating - that blue tinted drag window, the colors. The fact that it wouldn't crash ever. ME was fine, it was better than people say, but obviously half assed DOS support and slower than 98. But you knew if you ran it all day long you might get a BSOD, depending on what you were doing and how much you dared to have open at once. Not in XP land, no. XP would slow down but it just wouldn't crash. That was one thing I remember about it being different. And now it is time for me to digress. The future? Eh, not really sure. Windows 7 is...ugh...tolerable. But it's pretty bad. For me personally lack of certain video techologies like NVENC, x265, AV1 are a big drag in XP. It's also lame that new hardware just won't have drivers. So there's that performance cap. And let's be real, soon nothing new will run in it and eventually no browser will be worth fighting with on-line. So for me it's a schism. It's a beautiful OS, for me kinda the definitive Windows, if not 98/ME. But eventually I'll have to have one system to do actual work and the XP one will be for playing around in sandbox. That to me is very sad, but also to be expected.
  6. EE 360 community! I have another annoyance to present you. See if you can solve this one. When I press the home button it opens a new tab. I don't want. I want to go home, not open a tab. I have a good feeling about this one, I'll bet it's one simple binary from being solved! Thanks Hunter
  7. This happens in 12.1016 also. (Russian) Feedback on your latest 12.1247: I ...am not a fan of the XP skin. I don't use it; I use the "classic" a la 98 style gray scheme, and the default EE 360 scheme is more or less not clashing with that. So an option to turn that off would be ideal. I'm having a flashback to tweaking Netscape 3.0 to get its huge GUI out of the way a little bit to display more webpage and less riff-raff.
  8. That was an amazing game for 13K. Shows what programmers can do if they put their minds to it :p
  9. Wow, yes!! It WAS the useragent! I first turned on hardware acceleration (no effect), then put in an extension and here is what happened: This is a video which should offer the "4K" resolution, as you can see that is not in the list offered to me. Exact same place, reloaded the tab after spoofing as Windows "10" and suddenly the list keeps going?! Anyway thank you so much, no idea why my previous efforts at this seemingly obvious thing failed. And isn't that some s***? OK I don't know if any of you are not using a useragent switcher but apparently YouTube blocks higher resolution streams for XP.
  10. I have another question possibly related to EE 360. Here is a secret, known by few. When YouTube introduced resolutions above x1080 in 2011-2012, it worked on XP. But in a later update, either to browsers or the site, this functionality disappeared. The highest resolution that appears in 360 (or any other browser) is x1080. This is bad for me because I do video editing and need to see how things look at x1440. Useragent doesn't seem to be the solution. Truthfully I don't know what it is - those resolutions just don't appear in XP. For some reason. Browser - for the most part sites accept that this is Chrome 78, definitely eligible to load the x1440 video. Drivers? Doesn't seem to matter which ones are loaded. Any ideas?
  11. I don't know what this is called. I have the mouse over the refresh button. Note it is highlighted in square. When I load a page, it becomes an X (stop). When the page is loaded it goes back to that static icon. About travelocity: Thank you all, I was being an id***, adguard was preventing the page from loading for some dumb reason.
  12. Not trying to rub salt anywhere but does this not demonstate why being dependent on a platform like Steam is a bad idea? Buy from GOG, get your local copy, f*** those guys making you log in and connect to access your own software. I was leery enough of GameSpy arcade, not that it wasn't very nice, and I am surprised at how badly its closure was managed, but when it did some games became unplayable - at least in client.
  13. Hi, couple of things. Is anyone able to open travelocity.com with v12? It loads for me and then blanks and is replaced with a spinner. Other thing, is it possible to use the "square button GUI" of 12.0.1016 with 12.0.1592? I find the animation on the refresh button to be really annoying. Thank you
  14. Pretty much. I am not using NoScript. Important disclaimer, this is version 12.0.1016.
  15. Example of a page 360 explorer HATES: eBay product pages. It's very unhappy about loading image previews, and sometimes the "related items" widgets on the page crash the page. https://www.ebay.com/itm/144132099755?epid=111947699&hash=item218ef14eab:g:~9kAAOSwMztg90eX
  16. Nah, it's off. I just checked the CPU usage for the screen saver I was using, and it's...nothing really. Looks the same as idle. I was actually using the "Windows XP" screen saver for years until I noticed it always hijacked focus from the active window (the other screensavers don't do this - of course). So I switched to "starfield." I just like the effect. I plan on trying out one or two of Humming Owl's builds, at least, to see how stable they are. I have the "Russian" version and it is not awful actually, I have to switch the kernel back to webkit a few times a day and I get a CTD maybe every couple of days - I know not to stress it, and I've been copying text before I submit it a lot - but it's ok because it saves the session. Compared to Opera on Windows 7 it's definitely somewhat slower (I'm going to try v11 later), and there are occasional pages it hates or just won't load, but the usability is actually not too far off.
  17. And? Did I not wait long enough for a reply? I wouldn't even have brought it up if you hadn't made your non-reply to it. I wasn't even talking to you. I was just asking the forum for help and YOU stirred this sh-it up. Not me. I just asked an innocent question. I didn't ask for your opinion on it. You're quoting something I wrote about your reply because I don't come here often? O...k... Finally. Thank you for the suggestion. I hope you will understand why this is unsatisfactory. Don't blame XP. Firefox doesn't do this. Chrome doesn't do this. They had a way of maintaining activity without peripheral inputs. I am frustrated by 360's inability here, because I watch a lot of video. A little confusing even since it's Chromium but apparently the part that handles the screen saver/monitor sleeping isn't included. I'm on 360 v12. I can just turn those things off for everything, which is an annoying pain in the a**, IMO not too much different from installing a special program and manually switching it on so that the half broken browser can get worked around.
  18. What kind of a s***-ty thing to say is that. If you don't know the answer then you need not reply.
  19. This thing is letting the screen saver cover full screen video. Is there a way to prevent it?
  20. Here's an admittedly not very informative list at xin.at concerning post wannacry updates Microsoft made but never bothered to spread around. http://wp.xin.at/xp-x64-post-mortem-updates Some are only for x64, others are for x32 also. By the way, the guy who runs that site is a god and he will help you if he can.
  21. I'll try a user agent or two, would be surprised. Concurrently, I think VP9 doesn't like making appearances much now. Back in the day (stroke gray hairs), I think 2011 and 2012 you could get those resolutions in XP with the latest version of Firefox, as they were introduced.
  22. As it stands the instructions are such a huge pain to implement, and no substantive indication of what may be enabled by doing it. And no GetNumaModeProcessorMaskEx
  23. Is there some reason browsers can't view youtube videos in resolutions above "1080?" In XP I never see that.

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