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  1. @VistaLover @Dave-H
  2. I use FF 52ESR only to make comparisons with NM28. but to answer your question try to verify if what is written below can be useful: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3031074
  3. In the image below my string for the single website in NM28. To make the website work I masked XP for W.10 and inserted a version number of Firefox that doesn't force me to make frequent changes. It works !!:
  4. Again, it's not necessary to do general spoofing or even use an extension. Use a specific spoof for a single website.
  5. Sampei.Nihira

    Instagram videos not working in Firefox 52 ESR?

    @Mathwiz _________________________________________ I usually use NM28 with XP. But having multiple browsers installed is always advisable. For example with NM28 I cannot access the advanced configuration of some routers. For the model below: https://www.amazon.it/TP-Link-TL-MR6400-Monitoraggio-Traffico-Alternativa/dp/B017IGEPWW I have to access only with I.E.8 from my pc with XP. Sorry for the OT,
  6. Sampei.Nihira

    Instagram videos not working in Firefox 52 ESR?

    General spoofing is not necessary. Set a specific rule for the problematic website. As I wrote elsewhere the website below is not accessible with Windows XP: https://app.agyo.io/ I entered a specific string for that website in NM28. If anyone is interested I can write the string in this 3D. With FF52ESR it is possible to do the same
  7. Sampei.Nihira

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

  8. Sampei.Nihira

    POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    Use this test page: https://cc.dcsec.uni-hannover.de/
  9. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    What version of uMatrix did you install to make that failed test? The switch: "Forbid web workers" is available from version 1.2.0.
  10. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

  11. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    I will never,never,never,install Chrome/Chromium on my PC running Windows XP. Almost certainly your problem is not due to the OS but to the version of uMatrix or uBlock Origin. Installing the latest versions these extensions should be possible. I installed the latest version of UBO in my FF 52 ESR: I certainly will not be doing this test.
  12. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    Hi. I tried with the rule in uBlock Origin and your situation is not playable in my Chrome. The rule works as shown in the image below: With uMatrix it would be the same: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/new-browser-attack-lets-hackers-run-bad-code-even-after-users-leave-a-web-page.413876/#post-2812330
  13. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    With uMatrix the general rule to insert is: no-workers: * true you can enter exceptions for any problematic websites in an easier way. With uBlock Origin, here is the general form of the exception: *$csp=worker-src 'none',domain=~example.com
  14. Sampei.Nihira

    End of POSReady 2009 patches, what to do?

    Excellent analysis, good.
  15. Sampei.Nihira

    MarioNet Browser Attack

    *$csp=worker-src 'none' Enter the rule and repeat the test: https://html5workertest.com/