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  1. You should see the list in "Privacy". But as you may have read I have no way to verify with UBO Legacy.
  2. Forgive the delay in my response. Obviously I would recommend the lists I used to use as well,you can find them in this thread a few pages back. You might also consider the experimental list below: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gwarser/filter-lists/master/lan-block.txt
  3. The Covid EU Digital Green Pass NOT in paper format (the one Jaclaz posted) in my opinion is also more respectful of your privacy. It can be shown to the operator without any paranoia. The check is based on 3 parameters. If the certification is valid,first and last name and date of birth. And of course you need an identity document to confirm the data. The operator can also not make any saving of the screen. I forced a screen through a photo:
  4. The vulnerability described below affects uBlock Origin Legacy: https://github.com/vtriolet/writings/blob/main/posts/2021/ublock_origin_and_umatrix_denial_of_service.adoc https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/issues/310#issuecomment-876323719
  5. https://www.lifeinitaly.com/news/digital-green-pass-in-italy-and-how-to-get-it/ Last Saturday, I finally completed my Covid-19 vaccine cycle with the Moderna vaccine. And on Monday I got my digital Green Pass which is valid for 9 months. How is the situation in your countries?
  6. I will buy a Lenovo all in one pc. Lenovo IT is offering a 10% discount on your first purchase: As I understand the discount is valid for 30 days after registration. The prices of the PCs are the same as I found on Amazon or in the most famous stores in my country. I have another desktop pc at home, and that one is over 10 years old too. So I would like to buy a new pc.
  7. Yes and no. Without mains power the battery life was very limited. I am also considering purchasing an all in one pc. Compared to my Acer notebook of 16 years ago modern notebooks are rather limited in hardware features. Few USB ports, no DVD RW drive, no RJ-45 port,small screen.........
  8. @ArcticFoxie @RainyShadow Conclusions always wrong...... I opened this thread to warn MSFN friends that unfortunately I will not be attending this subforum as before. I will buy a new notebook probably in September or October. My knowledge in IT security covers also W.10. Certainly with XP I had more satisfaction but at my age you understand that life stops giving and starts taking. We are all necessary but no one is indispensable.
  9. After 16 years probably all electronic components have reached the end of their life cycle. The pc has imploded now probably because in my country the temperatures reach about 34 degrees Celsius in the shade. I have additional cooling fans but you can't row against nature.......
  10. The pc is sixteen years old. It's normal that it imploded. A few days ago I performed a defrag because the HD had become too slow. Then it left me a bank of RAM (500 MB). Also the other bank of RAM had problems because they were frequent freezes. Then the screen finally gave up on me and that was the end of the pc. P.S. I use Android but I'm not thrilled with it.
  11. My Windows XP notebook is dead. With a probable triple failure its repair is certainly uneconomical. My friend has been with me since 2005, so I can not expect anything more. I will buy a new notebook. Although W.10 seems abominable to me and probably W.11 will be even more so, I will not proceed to install W.XP on it. Linux has always bored me. ChromeOS is useless I'm not a MacOS guy. The future, unfortunately for me, is less satisfying than the past.................................
  12. Github wc-polyfill 1.2.0 is out. Just Off released this Jun 22, 2021 Add experimental GitLab support https://github.com/JustOff/github-wc-polyfill/releases/tag/1.2.0
  13. I wouldn't use it. Do this test: https://browserleaks.com/ssl It is interesting for Mixed Content Test.

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