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  1. Out uBlock Origin Legacy v. Released (July 11, 2020) Fix: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/issues/244
  2. @nicolaasjan Yes, this works. But we need to fix this regression bug which may also depend on the latest recent version of UBO Legacy.
  3. @roytam1 Hi, There are problems with subscribing to custom lists taken from Filter List for uBlock Origin: Could you check with EasyPrivacy optimized? TH.
  4. Duplicate cosmetic filters are a problem. UBO cannot always efficiently analyze 2 differently written cosmetic filter rules. All of this causes performance decreases. The ideal would be to have few cosmetic filters, which are necessary, however, compared to the network filters. As I have written elsewhere, malwares lists and predefined multipurpose lists are also inefficient. Better to insert some personalized lists. I insert my final UBO filters list in the dedicated 3D. MSFN members who want to try Adblock Latitude could take my lists as an example.
  5. MSFN members who use these versions of the Roytam1 browsers can also use AdBlock Latitude which is compatible with version 27: https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/adblock-latitude/
  6. Out uBlock Origin Legacy v. (July 4, 2020): https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases/tag/firefox-legacy-
  7. @nicolaasjan My welcome in the forum.
  8. Raymond Hill is also considering removing the default "Malware Domains" rules in UBO in favor of more up-to-date lists. The urlhaus-filter list is taken into due consideration. I modified my lists in UBO for better performance for the developed browsers of Roytam1 which, like the derivative versions, lack Google Safe Browsing.
  9. Probably not. If MBAE ensures its total protection even for Windows XP, there is no lack of compatibility. Maybe there was an adjustment to the boot phase of W.10 which follows different rules than XP.
  10. Does the MBAE icon appear in the bar with a certain delay? If yes, I had reported this "problem" but it was not considered noteworthy. At the end of the boot you should see the 2 MBAE processes in the Task Manager. Are you also experiencing the MBAM Chameleon error (7026)? You probably have some software (in my case it's the printer) that could interfere with startup. Verify at the end of the boot with Process Explorer that the mbae.dll is present in the browser: P.S. Although it is not useful to verify this aspect, as I have written elsewhere the compatible version to use of PE is 16.12. Later versions seem to work but report incorrect data.
  11. Out Ublock Origin Legacy v. Released (June 20, 2020)
  12. I added an additional list of malware content: urlhaus-filter (Online Domains) The 3 predefined malware lists don't seem very efficient. "Malware Domain List" also blocks links from 2017 that have been inactive for some time. "Malware domains" can easily be replaced by DNS blocking. I deleted the "Spam404" list (Phishing) because many links are blocked by DNS or inactive. I also deleted the "NoCoin Filter List".
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