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Extreme Explorer 360 Chromium 78-86 General Discussion

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hope you can create a new v13 skin folder for this.
also , about the useragent change.
some sites complain about outdated version , others will follow.
for example https://www.etsy.com/

on a side note :
have added this to the ini to keep the 360 v13 folder size more static.
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage

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3 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

You're on the internet, you're on Instagram, you're on Twitter.

Don't kid yourself for one solitary second that you yourself have not been "fingerprinted" and stored in a database "forever".

Get over it, dude!  And PLEASE, I publicly INSIST  --  PLEASE STOP HARASSING ME in the guise of "jokes" or "rib-jabs"!  This HAS TO BE a violation of forum rules, albeit within a very fine gray area and to individual interpretations!

C' mon , I was not laughing at you ! No jokes , you can test different 360 versions (including mine) and see the results for yourself. Who's version is the most advanced/protected ?

Would be interesting if you make some screencaps ! Do not use your IP [not a joke]. In the end , we are trying to make a privacy oriented browser , aren't we ?





I have never ever told you I'm on twitter , etc. If you see any accounts pretending to be me (it's not me). 


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1 hour ago, Dixel said:

In the end , we are trying to make a privacy oriented browser , aren't we ?

Within reason.

I will leave it to the readers of the forum to decide just which of us is being "reasonable" - both sides have pros and cons.

Attempting "zero fingerprints" on the internet?  The ONLY way to do that is to NOT be on the internet, PERIOD!

The dichotomy paradox - you will never get there!


This dog has no interest in chasing his own tail.    "To each their own..."    "Mileage may vary..."

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1 hour ago, rereser said:

on a side note :
have added this to the ini to keep the 360 v13 folder size more static.
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage

Agreed, I leave that out of the public release.

Here's what I use -

DirRemove=%Profile%\Webstore Downloads|e
FileDelete=%Profile%\*-journal*;chrome_shutdown_ms*;switch_core*;*.log;Last Version
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\clndnfoadlilcaldbhiecjmgbcofmndc\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\coplodjelciknlcpfcimefhaglehldna\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\djnjianblomafokflipghlhnfaglcnie\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\ecnkldeglmjjafjjodlcjhpgjlaeoogh\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\fkgakjahmnidnbbjlcgjhjpdmbjeoggd\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\gojhkojccmifdbkpkcnkminlhhmdhimh\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\jidgjlkcneagcmhbceljjampjgjgjije\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\niidnaepdphmjcbeheinoegcjkmdbbco\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\leveldb\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\*-journal
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\MANIFEST-*;*.ldb;*.tmp;*.bak;*-journal;Archived History;History Provider Cache;Visited Links;Current *;Last *
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Google Profile.ico
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\History Provider Cache
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Media History
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Network Action Predictor
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Network Persistent State
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Reporting and NEL
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Secure Preferences
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Top Sites
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Visited Links
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Code Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Media Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Pepper Data
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Application Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Extension Rules
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Extension State
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Feature Engagement Tracker
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\File System
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Platform Notifications
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Service Worker
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Session Storage
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Site Characteristics Database
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Sync Data

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Updated rebuilds.

These are still XP skins, it may be a week or two before I can devote the time to create a Win2k "classic gray" skin.





Special thanks as always to @Humming Owl as the hard-coded portions stem from his builds and he also removed a to-do item from my list with the video and copy-paste tooltip conversions.  :worship:

Also duly note that my previous v13 builds had an issue with downloading .csv files from some sites (such as Google Sheets) and that has been resolved in this build.


edit - minor update to v13, link updated to newer upload

Edited by ArcticFoxie
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@ArcticFoxie - I had a chance to try rebuild #2 of 12.0.1247 and both the original AND reupload of rebuild #4 of 13.0.2206. I can confirm that in both cases, v13 crashed on YouTube. However, v12 is solid. No crashes, and definitely using CPU/RAM better than v13.

Now there is no doubt in my mind that v13 is just more unstable overall...I'm sure you have done everything you could, and it's still not performing as well as v12 does. Even so, the fact that the v13 devs were able to port Chromium 86 to XP is an incredible feat, and I hope they or someone else will find a way to surpass it in forking a later Chromium version than 87, though it would surprise me if they could do so AND achieve better performance than/equal stability to what I get with v12--THAT would be a miracle to rival the U.S. beating the Soviet Union in 1980.

I have tried the MiniBrowser forked from Chromium 87, but it also runs slow and is even more unstable than 360 v13 (I've been able to make it crash simply by inserting a USB flash drive). It also has horrible tab behavior that I've never been able to figure out how to solve. That's why I wanted to hopefully use v13 on a daily basis, but given its instability I'm sticking with the older but more reliable v12, in whatever form it may take (and so far yours is the best I've tried, though Humming Owl's v12 builds are also excellent).

Thank you for your efforts! I'm definitely going to keep a track of any future v12 builds from you, Humming Owl, and hopefully others.

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thanks for the update!

some comments on v13-4 on xp sp3 x86:

copied the user data folder but forgot about the 360 loader ini.
so i lost my stored cookie keeper extension cookies.
sites like this board store the login data in a cookie as weathersites do for location.
as i always backup before any change so that was easily solved.
you should maybe consider removing "delete cookies" from the ini as default ...

as to the xp skin , it has now no more bold text in the user interface or the url bar.
that solves 16 px icons on the bookmarks bar but i liked the bold fonts however.
i used this from the usercontent.css file from nm28.

 /* Limit font size */
* { font-size: 13px !important }

created a custom crx file with it in the extension dev tools , packed and installed it.
in combination with https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/change-all-ui-fonts/loiejdbcheeiipmakhghinclmpafiiel
i have set the default to arial black so all the fonts on all sites are the same and the same size.

it does not change the font in the user interface however.
the above also explains why i miss the bold font in the ui.
have some problems with eye sight so bold font is better for me.
i find that v13 displays website fonts much better compared to v12.

next i exported all cert files from nm28 and imported them in ie8.
that solves most red striped https links.

setting 360 browser as default from the settings works somewhat but leaves an issue.
when using site shortcuts from the desktop or a folder , it still opens nm28.
solved this with a little freeware ancient tool , setbrowser.
pointed it to the 360 loader.exe and desktop shortcuts now open 360 chrome.
however not without the warning posted below this post.
still working on how to fix that.

edit: fixed with this http://kb.mozillazine.org/Windows_error_opening_Internet_shortcut_or_local_HTML_file_-_Firefox

anyway , long story short , great v13 version that i have not seen crash yet.
no matter what i try , youtube and all.

thanks for reading and looking forward to the win2k skin , but no rush.


Edited by rereser
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I think you will need to stick with an XUL-based browser in order to maintain that much control over GUI fonts.

Pale Moon / New Moon / Basilisk / Serpent / Borealis Navigator / BNavigator.

I've made zero changes to fonts in any of my v13 builds so I have no clue why v13 will (if I understand you correctly) display the GUI in bold in one build but not in bold in another.

I know I've seen some bold GUI fonts when I run v13 on Win10, but I've never seen any bold when running on XP.

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yes maybe...
have modified the whole xp system to the arial black font.
several windows dll files changed and some regedit settings.
programs that would not comply i modified with reshacker and pe explorer.
a lot of work but worth it for me.
plan to use both nm28 and 360 side by side.
not sure what to set as default yet , for now it's nm28.
am very impressed with the 360 speed and it's capabilities.
was new to chrome so it's been a learning curve.
was holding of until this got traction and had the energy to dive in.
am sure this will attract many more users after this extreme effort on 360!
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