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Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!


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3 hours ago, Roffen said:

I am glad I also have a working XP machine

I have not installed the unofficial SP4.

Do you recommend that I install it?

Windows XP should only be used by people who know, what they are doing or using an offline pc! - If you are the old man, your picture shows to us, i would recommend using Windows 7, Linux, by an Mac, or (if your life will be long enough) wait for reactos... If you still wanna use XP use custom images only! (nlite or similar, to remove unsecure elements....) , and you really need kerio firefall 2.x (company changed after), Sandboxie, Zertificate Updater, and maybe import the "writeprotect-function" from Server 2003 version... - Maybe you find on old forum (not here) disscussion (in waybackmachine) from a user called "vamp", who worked with SP0 version, and updated only existing dll´s in the image manually... (after removing things with nlite)


To stay here, just typing my today w10 problem:

- Ublock for edge, needed to be set back to standard rules (beause, the elementpicker didn´t worked) (thy only store app i use)

- after that, i did´nt start

- uninstall

- try to reinstall, but store got an so called "PUR Authenification Error"

- store reset -> no success

Solution (i dont wanna reinstall, cause i did a clean install of 1809 last weak, and allready restored it one time, cause some updates broke it, now i am supressing them with my firewall rules...


- installing another browser and removed outbund rules for edge and store ;) (until next reinstall, or find a workaround)


p.S. a Question:

Did someone know how to forbid chrome (and other software) from adding unwanted firewall rules ?

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13 hours ago, jaclaz said:

I don't want to appear picky....but where did incompetence get called a bug....

Had the same from Bitdefender support....I installed the latest release and all of a sudden I couldn't access my "Home Network"...?! Turned off Bitdefender and had access again...got in contact with support and they said they have a bug in the fire wall that will be fixed soon with an update....

I then contacted sales and demanded my money back.....Releasing a version with a firewall bug?!

But I see the same with Windows 10....instead of improving they get worse....why the desperate hurry to release a new verison all the time....concentrate on fixing the original before pushing new crap on us....because of the amount of computers that I am getting with Windows 10 and serious problems with hardware etc....I have warned all my customers about Microsoft and their insistance to update hardware drivers...Yes, we can turn it off but as you all know Microsoft activate it again with a new update....So, my customeres are left with "grin and bear it"

Look at this crap...

Windows Insider Program

Explore the future of Windows


You’ll be amazed at just how many highlights our engineers have already packed into this early Windows 10 Insider Preview build (19H1), including a more powerful Windows Search, a beautiful new design update, and more.1


Link now working...

What bloody engineers?! They couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag!!!!!



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Fluent Design > making everything look like it's meant for a touch screen.

sorry microsoft, you've lost it....


win32 ui is better than the modern ui and always will be.

- ease of use for anyone who knows windows (modern ui is just trying to copy all the old ui stuff and make it "new")

- saves screen space, ui can be resized easily (modern ui is chunky and wastes screen space)

- start menu (easily beats the crappy basic menu they added in 10)

- control panel (easily beats the settings app for ease of finding stuff, none of the tile bs)


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23 hours ago, vinifera said:

they simply refuse to realise that touch-ui and desktop-ui don't go together ...
guess its simplier to bang with head against wall till you crack it :P

I was wondering why I have so many headaches....that answers that question....;)




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I booted my W10 partition on my main PC today to be greeted with a Windows update screen. At that moment I immediately and instinctually pressed the reset button on my tower and booted back into my W8.1 partition. I think I am getting old lol!

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BTW.. got my laptop up and running and thus far, seems just ok to me, but, updating is going to be a problem as I can not just leave it on connected all day as I'm on limited connection and my bandwidth is not dedicated to only me...shared connection. Perhaps I can only update the previous build with security fixes at the very least. Don't like that part at all  :(

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Observed another usability degradation in Explorer, which must have been there for a while now. While you can still use Folder Options X or QTTabBar to restore the old view control that displays files and folders, custom file ordering is not remembered. The taskbar still loves to flash.

MS is also trying to hide instabilities of their own and other people's software. UWP stuff always just closes on crash without any indication for the user what happened. Same behavior can be observed with Win32 applications, but that can be amended with editing registry settings for Windows Error Reporting. Consequently due to default settings, you don't even get the option to invoke debugger on application crash (the one defined in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug key).

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Another victim for Windows 10...I have a customer that was in the middle of sending an email when the was a power cut that nealy took the whole town...

After coming back on he restarted the computer and it tried to repair itself...nada

He came to me and I tried to repair the start functions....nada...

Started diskpart and checked volumes.... his C: drive was Raw....nice....now the only positive thing to come out of this is I always create a recovery image...and that when I create partitions always move the user from C:

Now before I even think of doing a recovery install need to backup all his files...

Windows 10 "Worst Crap Ever" In my book is really living up to its name....



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Microsoft finally released an update for 1809 17763.134, KB4467708.  Manually downloaded the KB and Standalone Updated with no issues.  This is on the Apple Macbook running under Boot Camp.  Also, have Windows Update Mini Tool installed.  It seems to be able to check for, download and install updates quickly and with minimal interruption.  However, regular Windows Update doesn't seem to know what has already been installed until it goes to install after its download and finds the update is already installed.

Yup, "WCE".  Didn't have a problem with a power outage because the computer is powered off for security reasons.

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On 10/20/2018 at 12:29 AM, UCyborg said:

Recently, I needed to transfer some files to another computer, used plain file shares. The Windows 10 computer never appeared in the Network folder, neither on the machine in question itself nor on the other computer from which I wanted to access the files. It could be accessed by manually typing its hostname.

Found the cause, Function Discovery Resource Publication service wasn't running.

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