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  1. That is the same release as my MacBook using BootCamp to run a Windows 10 Pro 32 bit system. Your system may be a 64 bit PC. On my system, I changed the settings in Windows so that the PC never powered down anything and never went to sleep under any conditions. So my systems just runs until I use the Apple Host software to restart the system in the Apple Host. Then I shut the computer down so it will come up in the Mac mode. From the Mac I can select the BootCamp or the Mac system to restart. So far this release has run with no problems but I have restricted a lot of the parameters that allow Windows 10 Pro to gather a lot of information and also allows a lot of apps to do whatever. I guess that I just don't trust this Crap. But this Crap is doing pretty good so far.
  2. Which Version and Build are running on your Windows 10 Enterprise system?
  3. Got two test PCs for released Windows 10 Pro. A MacBook using BootCamp runs 32 bit Version 1809 with the latest CU to Build 17763.557. That updated OK with no problems. However, the Feature Update to 1903 installed but took out the Apple Host software. When the Host software was reinstalled, Windows went into a "Dump-Restart" loop. The good news is that the recovery software was able to uninstall the Feature Update and return to 1809. Waiting for 1909 to try the Feature update again. The Dell laptop runs 64 bit Version 1903 with the latest CU to Build 18362.175. That updated OK with no problems. These PCs are used as my "Slow" Outsider testing. At least I can see what end users have to deal with. Depending on individual PCs, some updates work and some don't. And sometimes 64 bit PCs work and 32 bit PCs don't, or vice-versa. What was the name of this thread again? Oh yeah, I remember.
  4. Exciting new Win 10 coming down the line, 19H1 > 19H2 > 20H1. Sort of like American politics, there is a lot of fertilizer to spread on the fields. The old Dell laptops, one 32 bit and one 64 bit, have installed the latest Insider Win 10 Pro with no problems. The old Mac Book is running the released Win 10 Pro, 32 bit, under BootCamp. Could it be that the crap is beginning to turn? Probably not when you consider the politics. But no Clean Build has been required for some time now. Still, Ccleaner pulled out about 150 trackers on this last Insider update.
  5. Changed my "Fast" Win 10 insider PC from a 64 bit laptop with an older slower 32 bit laptop. To my surprise, the older slower 32 bit PC updated Win 10 much faster. I wonder if Win 10 has a coding issue of 64 bit code versus 32 bit code? When I run Ccleaner on a new updated install of Win 10, it finds and removes around 100-150 tracking pieces of code?! That code comes straight from MS. Side business? Just talking crap.
  6. Updated the "Fast" PC from Build 18346 to Build 18348 but the PC ended up at Build 18346 after the Restart when the install was supposed to be completed. I wonder if the only reason for this update was to see if the update could return to the previous update??? Probably not the case but the procedure took over 12 hours to complete. It seems that the only way to stop automatic updates is to keep the PC powered off. Is this beginning to sound like a load of crap? Gullible comes to mind. [But its a Beta release so it might have problems!] {Yes, it's Windows 10.}
  7. Slow, Fast and Skip Ahead are now separated for Win 10 Insider Preview. It takes three PCs to keep track of the crap.
  8. "This PC" would work to do what you want to do. The problem is finding it on Win 10. It is located under the "Windows System" program link.
  9. Microsoft finally released an update for 1809 17763.134, KB4467708. Manually downloaded the KB and Standalone Updated with no issues. This is on the Apple Macbook running under Boot Camp. Also, have Windows Update Mini Tool installed. It seems to be able to check for, download and install updates quickly and with minimal interruption. However, regular Windows Update doesn't seem to know what has already been installed until it goes to install after its download and finds the update is already installed. Yup, "WCE". Didn't have a problem with a power outage because the computer is powered off for security reasons.
  10. The MacBook with Windows 10 Pro 17763.55 installed in Bootcamp seems to be working OK. I do keep it "Security Mode" (Shut Down) most of the time but it runs all my tests error free every few days while waiting for the real ".104" update to be released to end users. I wonder if a new Current Release for 1809 will magically appear with a lead in of, "This is what we really meant to send out a few days ago." Same old crap.
  11. Even Windows 10 Buildfeed seems to be unable to keep up with the Microsoft product. Redstone 5: Current Release: 17763.104 Insider "Slow": 17763.104 Maybe Current Released?: 17763.55 The crap is a little shifty.
  12. On a previous Windows Update the Microsoft Store app was gone. Tried several times this last month to get it back. Finally came across TheWindowsClub online which gave step by step instructions to get the Store back. It is still Windows 10 but the deck is a little better now. One more tool for the Windows PCs.
  13. Search for "Media Creation Tool" may get you some options.
  14. An interesting thought. The MacBook has the 32 bit Windows 10 version but has a x64-based processor. Just did the quit Insider task to keep the MacBook on 1809. I may be laughing quite a bit in the next few months. Which ever way the comedy flows. The Apple does some magic things with software.
  15. Win98????? Did it ever work???? The want-a-be Windows 10 October 2018 release is quite good when compared to Win98! Haven't forgotten the wasted hours from 20 years ago. Windows 10 for October 2018 if it does get released now is a better vintage of crap! The MacBook will get to live with the next released version of Win 10, the prerelease is already running on it. Just a Wisconsin farm kid who learned to live with the finer aspects of crap.
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