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  1. Time is telling. 2004, 32 bit, using the combination of IE11, Favorites and a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to select items, a "Black Screen" event has occurred several times. The only recovery of this event so far has been the 10 second manual button power down. This followed by a normal single press of the manual power on button brings a normal power on sequence to start Windows 10. "Black Screen" events have been noted in Insider testing over the last year. However, this is my first experience with this situation. Oh yes, the fertilizer seems to still have traces of crap.
  2. Well Version 2004 shipped yesterday! Feature Update Version 2004, OS Build 190.264. Updated MacBook today with no issues in 3 hours. Windows 10 runs quite well on the Apple! Wow, some sweet fertilizer! Time will tell. And the temperate is up in the 110 degree range.
  3. Have you seen 2004 show up? We're past the 4th month and it's a no show here. Maybe it will show up in the 20th month? Maybe it's too hot here. It may need to be refrigerated to ship? Crap protocol?
  4. Decided to try Edge update because of your comment. But the results were dismal. Windows 10 quit working normally. Also, couldn't restart or shutdown Win 10. used ctl-alt-del to log off. Uninstalled New Edge and Win 10 worked normally again. However, IE11 has worked great and did not hurt Win 10. Too bad MS didn't just stay with IE11 and not waste resources with the Edge of the abyss. Talk about crap......... Waterfox and Firefox are still the browers that just work. Even CLIQZ runs well.
  5. Just wait for 2004. It should be out sometime during the lockdown. Some crap just takes a long time to appear.
  6. Same issue on the MacBook trying to use VMWare. Problem was in sharing the computer hardware, just was too slow with the two OSs running at the same time. A solution was to use Apple BootCamp which transfers all hardware from one OS to the other. However, had to install Win 7 first in BootCamp and then update to Win 10 (MacBook is 12 years Old). BootCamp is now running Win 10 Pro, 1909, 18363.815. BootCamp Win10 runs faster than PC Win 10 in my experience.
  7. Win 10 1909 seems to be much more stable than 1607. 1607 may be unsupported by now? The Apple MacBook is running Version 1909, OS Build 18363.720, under BootCamp, Win 10 Pro. This Win 10 is running quite well on this old Apple computer. But it is still just a test computer to keep track of Win 10. More, a sweet grade of fertilizer.
  8. Apple BootCamp report: MS did good!? BootCamp Windows 10 Pro, Feature update 1909, installed cleanly without removing Apple software!!! Build 18363.657 Windows 10 Pro is actually working OK on the MacBook!!! After the Feature 1903 destructive update, never expected a clean update from MS again. But this is 2020 and life goes on. Even got Logitech Bluetooth mouse working in Win 10 BootCamp!!! It's a good "fertilizer" day!? Imagine that!!!
  9. Insider Preview numbers move along: Version 2004, Build 19536.1000. A new Year is coming. Lots of laughs in MS software and American politics. What is this theme? Oh yes, crap. Just need to keep smiling and things will change. Fertilizer is useful.
  10. For a change of pace, recreated an XP Pro system on an XPS M140 Dell laptop. Had to re-learn XP speak. Got it up and running but had to use IE 8 as the newest MS browser. Shades of Win 10 Insider Preview IE 11. Got IE 8 to access Google.com but very little else. Crap started to appear way back then. However, an old Firefox had no problems under XP Pro SP3. A friend needed an XP computer to run a specific newsletter program. That started the walk down memory lane. It still amazes me that MS is still a viable company. The smile says that people will buy crap and then wonder why after awhile.
  11. Welcome to the "Insider Preview" world. This is the "1809" world. These sorts of changes have been happening for a long time. Stay on Win 10 for more exciting happenings. What was that about the title here? Oh yes, "Worst Crap Ever." Some of us enjoy the comedy.
  12. That is the same release as my MacBook using BootCamp to run a Windows 10 Pro 32 bit system. Your system may be a 64 bit PC. On my system, I changed the settings in Windows so that the PC never powered down anything and never went to sleep under any conditions. So my systems just runs until I use the Apple Host software to restart the system in the Apple Host. Then I shut the computer down so it will come up in the Mac mode. From the Mac I can select the BootCamp or the Mac system to restart. So far this release has run with no problems but I have restricted a lot of the parameters that allow Windows 10 Pro to gather a lot of information and also allows a lot of apps to do whatever. I guess that I just don't trust this Crap. But this Crap is doing pretty good so far.
  13. Which Version and Build are running on your Windows 10 Enterprise system?
  14. Got two test PCs for released Windows 10 Pro. A MacBook using BootCamp runs 32 bit Version 1809 with the latest CU to Build 17763.557. That updated OK with no problems. However, the Feature Update to 1903 installed but took out the Apple Host software. When the Host software was reinstalled, Windows went into a "Dump-Restart" loop. The good news is that the recovery software was able to uninstall the Feature Update and return to 1809. Waiting for 1909 to try the Feature update again. The Dell laptop runs 64 bit Version 1903 with the latest CU to Build 18362.175. That updated OK with no problems. These PCs are used as my "Slow" Outsider testing. At least I can see what end users have to deal with. Depending on individual PCs, some updates work and some don't. And sometimes 64 bit PCs work and 32 bit PCs don't, or vice-versa. What was the name of this thread again? Oh yeah, I remember.
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