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  1. I don't even install updates anymore, i just update my wim, re-create an iso and also copy it to my usb installation stick. Can't remember the last time a hotfix actually reached 100% on 10 without the stupid failed configuring updates message.... i have several computers and they all do that if i try and install an update the normal way via the .msu so i don't bother anymore. (and that's on an unmodified installation) i.e. not tinkered with.... updates failing to install for me was pretty rare on xp, vista, 7 and 8. i started having failed updates more often starting with 10 th
  2. edge had sidebar, though it was crappy and basic edge chrome like all chrome browsers has no native sidebar (opera one doesn't count as it's crap) for me a sidebar is 100% required.
  3. can't be done as the feature has been removed. scaling can be added back to control panel via an old display.dll but resolution page is gone.
  4. ^ sorry to be blunt but if everything runs slow, it's not windows 10, it's your pc. if you are still using an old style hard drive for windows, then i can see why i might be slow as those drives are just awful for os use by todays standards. i upgraded a machine a few months back for a friend as they still had a hard drive with the os on it and it was painfully slow to do anything, uninstalling software, loading programs, moving files..ughh putting windows on a ssd makes all the difference.
  5. don't forget readyboost, i never saw any gains from that either.
  6. i last used superfetch back on windows 7 when i had a hard drive i only remember it using lots of ram, programs opened a little bit faster but not much. i disabled it when i switched to a ssd for windows. though this site says windows 8.x and 10 disable it when your have windows on a ssd. https://www.howtogeek.com/256859/dont-waste-time-optimizing-your-ssd-windows-knows-what-its-doing/
  7. isn't superfetch worthless when using a ssd?
  8. screen of processes list would be helpful.
  9. broken builds, broken hotfixes, they sure do like breaking stuff. thanks for the heads up, will not be integrating that in my next updated iso.
  10. 1. disable automatic windows update - should be recommened. a. if you want to use windows update - only install office updates manually using WUMT / WUMGR / PowerShell b. remove ms office and install a free office then you won't have to bother with wu. c. don't install drivers from wu as they are usually out of date. d. make sure insiders programme is not active so you don't accidently upgrade to some broken beta. installing the big a** "hotfixes" stopped working for me ages ago (failed configuring update error and the repair component store thing never worked either a
  11. Fluent Design > making everything look like it's meant for a touch screen. sorry microsoft, you've lost it.... win32 ui is better than the modern ui and always will be. - ease of use for anyone who knows windows (modern ui is just trying to copy all the old ui stuff and make it "new") - saves screen space, ui can be resized easily (modern ui is chunky and wastes screen space) - start menu (easily beats the crappy basic menu they added in 10) - control panel (easily beats the settings app for ease of finding stuff, none of the tile bs) etc....
  12. it's very hard to find direct links for ms hosted isos these days and they aren't dodgy, wincentral is a good site. it wasn't even a direct link to the downloads...
  13. after searching multiple crap websites i finally found one that has legit downloads of the latest windows 10 builds. [redacted] i usually get builds from the betaarchive ftp it's slow at times. you can also find links to builds on mdl forums but they don't make it simple to find an actual download, infact it's not like it used to be with actual links posted. way too much effort just to get an iso.
  14. i think we can add microsoft to the list of terrible developers now, i think they belong up high close to dice (battlefield / battlefront) as with each new release, the bugs increase and the product becomes less and less usable.
  15. yes, i use older sytem files from betas of windows 8.x and 10 plus a few files from 7, 8.x rtm and 10 rtm to get some stuff back in contro panel such as personalization and display scaling. for things that ms removed that come from shell32.dll i had to find 3rd party alternative like something for display resolution. though gfx cards have their own control panel for that as well, so no much of an issue.
  16. i removed the settings app. control panel all the way for me, even restored a few classic applets. settings app, uwp ui, metro, it's just too basic and crappy looking to be called fresh and modern. on a phone it's alright as it's too small for a desktop experience but the menus and tile stuff is usable, it just sucks on a desktop / laptop, i also have a tablet and use the desktop mode, it's just too fat and chunky on a bigger screen.
  17. i've been using wumt since it was released as that has a simple disable auto updates setting. wum looks good, didn't know someone else had made one, seems like it's got a few more features but still nice and simple. wumt hasn't been updated since dec 2016 but still works.
  18. users need to learn how to disable windows update, and just update to the next rtm build. (well after major issues are fixed)
  19. probably been asked, but do mac os upda batch files would be a starting point to stripping stuff out. already done it on my rs4 install. don't rely on programs such as ntlite (expensive for what it does) which don't really give you an idea on what breaks after removing components, only the odd greyed out components due to vague compatibilty reasons. best way to do it is in a virtual machine and start removing stuff, use checkpoints along the way to go back when windows shats a brick. i learnt by doing it myself. i've slimmed down th1 to rs4 so far, each time i add more stuff
  20. it makes you feel stupid because of the basic ui of the settings app, you have too look for everything as it's all different... i'm working on a project that restores old features (on mdl forums) it removes as much of the modern features as possible and replaces them with bits n bobs from windows 7 and early builds of 8 & 10 where some old stuff still worked. doesn't replace / restore all the stuff that's gone because somethings like screen resolution are gone from the old ui. 3rd party apps are used instead. so far i've made my project compatible with th1 through to rs4, no rls yet a
  21. The dark theme thing is so gimmicky, i tried it ages ago on photoshop, on my last phone (windows) but went back to light theme. I don't see the appeal and now because people are fapping over it, ms are adding to windows 10 as yet another new "feature". at least we won't be forced to use it.
  22. or you can look in fridge before going shopping and make a list of what you need? some tech is just not needed unless you are rich and lazy or both.
  23. hmmm....spend thousands on a mac computer or spend a few hundred on a pc. macs in my opinion are for graphic designers or people who think they need a mac because they want to do graphic designing. when they could just build a cheap pc and then get photoshop for windows instead. (or get an older version that's not got the cloud crap) plus when stuff goes wrong on a pc, you don't have to waste time contacting apple for support, you do it yourself.
  24. you want to download windows update mini tool and add it to control panel, you can find it on the mdl forums as well as other sites, but they are probably less trustworthy. disable auto updates and update when a full windows build goes public, that's what i do, i stopped bothering with updates sometime ago as they do not install properly on my machines, they always fail after the reboot with the annoying failure configuring updates error, been like that since 8.1, up to 8 updates usually installed fine without errors, only a few failed. Then something changed and updates fail to install,
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