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  1. alacran

    A world of problems.

    A friend of mine disconnected a PS2 mouse and immediately connected another one during running Windows, since then the PS2 mouse port is not working anymore, of course he is using an USB mouse now. Also I fried a Geforce 210 just by disconnecting VGA cord, some time ago because PC was Suspended, not turn OFF and I didn't notice it.
  2. alacran

    A world of problems.

    Every time you open the machine box, you need to first unplug AC power cord on desktops and laptops, and additionally extract the battery on laptops, before connecting or disconnecting anything on your machine, to avoid any possibility of damage to the motherboard. Latter once you did all required inside your machine box, connect all external PS2 (like mouse and keyboard) LPT printers, serial connectors, soud cord if any, etc., and finally you can plug again (first battery if laptop) AC power cord. Only devices that can be hot plugged without risk to your machine are USB devices. So if you didn't follow this procedure it is a big chance you damaged your MB. NOTE: I have seen some MB Bios where you can select the option to hot plug/unplug SATA devices, but this is allways disabled by default, and many other MBs don't have this option anywhere. So to be on the safe side never hot plug/unplug SATA devices unless this is done through an eSATA external port.
  3. And the big questions are: Why MS didn't say this since the very first 10 release? Why wait until now to say this? This looks more as a new (recent) policy for updates, and a good oportunity to use it also as a very good excuse for a big bunch of bad updates plaged of troubles.
  4. alacran

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Yes, it is. I have IE 11 on my own Win7 SP1 uptated upto December 2017 install.esd, but only used IE 11 once, to download FireFox.
  5. alacran

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Well as I think people using Win7 now do not like anything related to 10, and since on 7 you can avoid especific updates, I don't think many Win7 users will download a Windows remake of Chrome when they can download real Chrome if they want, or Opera, or FireFox (as I prefer). So this is going to be just another fiasco. But this seems to me more like accepting actual Edge is another failure, and they are desperately looking for new ideas for the browser (copying others and not developing anything new).
  6. alacran

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    I also have upgraded to 1809 and saw the OS running a new "feature" to erase all old stuff on my profile, fortunately all my documents are always on a separate partition to easily use them from any OS. Anyway with all comments everywhere about troubles in every update of 10, Do you realy think it is a good idea to be betting every time an update is installed? And for average users there is no way to stop updates. alacran
  7. alacran

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    @Dclem It is good to hear you have your PC running as you like without troubles, but unfortunately your case is an exception, maybe IMAGEFOLIO 4.5 didn't make changes to Windows register when it was installed on your previous PC/OS, and it only expanded to its folder location on Programs directory during install, but that is not the case for almost all programs. alacran
  8. alacran

    Unsupported hardware in 1803 and 1809?

    Just stop using this trash, v1809 is the worse of all versions, I do not use 10 as my every day OS, but I have a partition with 1709 updated to Dic 2017 and all is working fine, updates service is disabled and metered connection selected just in case, to aboid updates.
  9. alacran

    Windows 7 on a Coffee Lake PC

    I remembered I had a GT 710 2 GB RAM on another PC and decided to try this one, now after installing it with its last version drivers all is working great and I have Win7x64 running very fine on Coffee Lake without any issue. Anyway I know this is and old graphic card, but it is good enought for my actual needs and I will remain running Win7 updated up to Dic/2017 (I'm not installing any more BS updates on any of my machines since that date). for as long as possible until FireFox and Avast Free stop supporting it, then go to some Linux distro and a virtual machine to run my especific programs. It's been some time I'm testing some Linux distributions to be ready when needed. Ubuntu is too bloated, Linux Lite (Ubuntu based) seems as a good option for MBR paritioned disks (not bigger than 2 GB). Also Linux Mint x64 is a very good option, good to install on MBR and (UEFI) GPT partitioned disks. alacran
  10. alacran

    Windows 7 on a Coffee Lake PC

    As I read about new H310 ChipSets supporting Win7 on Coffee Lake platform, in order to improve my old (Win7x64) PC, recently bought an Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0 MB, a Pentium Gold G5500 (3.8 Ghz, 2 Cores, 4 Threads), two Kingston HyperX Fury 4 GB at 2400 MHZ modules of RAM, an Adata SU650 240 GB SSD, and as secondary the old 1 TB HDD. On MB page there are available (almost) all drivers for Win7x64 but not the Video Driver, CPU Processor Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630, and on Intel there is only driver for Win10. I tried all known tricks used to install HD Graphics 630 for previous generation processors, adding line for ID (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3E91 taken from a Win10 install on another partition) and in fact they work and let me install the HD 630 driver (unsigned, but install anyway), but it is not loaded by the OS during boot, on device manager it is with the yellow mark and says device reported a problem and was not loaded by system (code 36 or 42 depending on driver version), driver versions tested are, 4526, 4541, 4551 and 4678. So even if I think (and also read) both graphics drivers are basically same thing and new one is just renamed from HD 630 to UHD 630 the fact is I can't make it work so far, and I have several programs that do not run on Win10, so Win10 is not an option (and also I hate it). Any ideas? Please don't suggest to buy a video board, I don't want to spend more money. and processor graphics should be enought for my needs (including watching NetFlix by HDMI and play some low resource consuming games). alacran
  11. alacran

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    No doubt they are getting better all the time.
  12. alacran

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    You are not forced you to use it, you are free to install any other AV. But on the other hand in the past they were forced to make N editionts without Windows Media Player, and also add an option to download and install other Internet browsers.
  13. alacran

    Windows 7 Touch Pack without MultiTouch

    Go to device manufacturer site and see if there is some software or driver for your device: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/q1u-series EDIT: On this page: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/q1u-series on software there is this: Touchpad Version APR 22,2008
  14. alacran

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Better call MS for assistance, your case is really unique.
  15. New version 181017 with very minor changes is available. What's New in Version 181017 = Added: Link to repository. Starting from version 181017 all translations (*.ini and Readme.txt files) are now available on separate folders on: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a39a3kebewmlu/Wimlib-clc You may download your prefered language files, and just put them on wimlib-clc folder and rename them by deleting from the original name _DATE (as an example clc_es-ES_181017.ini renamed to clc_es-ES.ini), to let the program find them easier (or automatically if you prefer).