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  1. CPU Microcode Update Driver

    From an info I got on MDL only the CPU's on following list got a Microcode Update on Linux Processor Microcode Data File Version: 20180108 (Latest) Date: 1/8/2018 (absolutely necessary to make Windows patch to work). Source: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/security-flaw-patch-for-intel-cpus-could-result-in-a-huge-performance-hit.76081/page-5#post-1402924 So it seams if your CPU is not in that list you are out ok luck and they decided not to update your CPU Microcode.
  2. CPU Microcode Update Driver

    As we can see in following pictures VMware CPU Microcode Update Driver really works updating the Microcode. Before applying VMware CPU Microcode Update Driver: After applying VMware CPU Microcode Update Driver: But Intel has not updated it to fix this vulnerabilities on recent version for my i3 3225, as SpecuCheck reported: alacran
  3. VMware CPU Microcode Update Driver: https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmware-cpu-microcode-update-driver Linux Processor Microcode Data File Version: 20180108 (Latest) Date: 1/8/2018: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27431/Linux-Processor-Microcode-Data-File?v=t I am on a i3 3225 Win7x64 PC, followed instruction on page https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmware-cpu-microcode-update-driver#instructions and was able to confirm on "Event Viewer" "Successfully updated microcode on one or more CPUs". Unfortunatelly after running SpecuCheck I got this: NOTE: Wasn't able to run PowerShell script on my win7x64 so that's why I ran SpecuCheck. Of course KB4056897 was installed on my system before doing all this. VMware program did work (as I confirmed), but in file "microcode-20180108.tgz" Intel Microcode Data File for my i3 3225 was not patched for this vulnerabilities. So this means Intel is launching this file "microcode-20180108.tgz" to public and not all Microcode Data have been updated to fix this vulnerabilities and no mention to this on download page. INTEL HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY FOR ME. Somebody with a newer Processor should check this in order to verify if Intel has fixed this on recent Processors. alacran
  4. PEBakery

    I think that using wimlib-imagex we can just extract the complete image (or part of it) to a folder, a VHD or an empty partition, then add all required files, folders and make registry changes, latter capture it again with wimlib-imagex (or inject to source when partial extraction was done), this way there is no need to mount/unmount wich takes a very long time, this is in few words the way MistyPE project works. alacran
  5. Telemetry

    Now that Win10 forced update is over most of aegis script is not required anymore. There is a very good script from abbodi1406 on MDL to disable Telemetry on Win7. You need to run it as administrator after installing updates, and then reboot your OS again. This needs to be done always after new updates are installed. Attached for your convenience as you need to sign on MDL to view this topic. I hope abbodi1406 do not mind for this, He is also a member of this forum and I hope he can come to this thread and comment a little more about this. source: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/disable-remove-telemetry-and-tracking-service.68131/ alacran W10-Block.7z
  6. PEBakery

    @ Joveler About this: I respect your decition, but since you ask for comments I suggest lower the NET warn to 4.0 wich I think is more comon since having version from XP to all new sistems it makes sence to me (I always had it installed since XP times). alacran
  7. PEBakery

    Good news from both of you guys, very good Christmas gift for us. I wish the Happiest Christmas to you and all member. alacran
  8. PEBakery

    @ Joveler & misty Build made on 10x64 OS. Source: Win10_1709_Spanish(Mexico)_x32.iso Builder: PEBakery (20171216). Build was successful When I find my old 8.1 x64 & x86, I'll make buids using them as sources and report back. Sorry I can't run any x86 OS to test building from it. alacran
  9. PEBakery

    @ misty I found the way to fix MW Snap do not change language to French or Spanish when running from Iso: Go to: MistyPE\Projects\Cache\Programs\MWSnap300\Lang Rename: Espaõol.bmp, Espaõol.ini, Français.bmp and Français.ini To: Spanish.bmp, Spanish.ini, French.bmp & French.ini respectively. Now I'm going to start testing 10x86 builds and report back my findings. alacran
  10. PEBakery

    @ misty Downloaded Opera1218_Package_v2, language selection on script is a very good add, no more need to modify operaprefs_default.ini manually before buiding. @ Joveler & misty Builds using both builders were without any problem. Iso's made with both builders booted very fine. @ misty LinuxReader do not run see attached pictures. By the way when making pictures MW Snap do not change language, when I opened it first time there was a language selection having es-ES preselected, I just acepted but no change, it remains in English, tryed do do it again from inside program but nothing change. (this is not new. AFAIR I saw this before but forgot to tell you). EDIT: This only applies to French and Spanish. EDIT: After testing this a few more I found you can change to any available language but not to French or Spanish, when running from the Iso. If you run the program from Windows there is no problem, you can change to any language including French and Spanish just fine. alacran
  11. PEBakery

    @Joveler & misty Running PEBakery (20171216) on Win10 last version is very nice, as this OS already has Net 4.7.1 Build aborted on OperaUSB1218int.script, then I saw PEBakery was reporting 2 syntax errors (System,Erroroff,1,nowarn only 1 argument is valid), I decided to try to fix this errors: Changed: System,Erroroff,1,nowarn to System,Erroroff,1 Started a new build and this time it was successful Both of my OS's have UAC permanently disabled but I got the anoying message about UAC in both builders, so I it was necesary to disable this check on Options 3 Tab to get rid of it. So something is wrong with this checking. BOTH OF YOU ARE DOING A VERY GOOD WORK GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!! alacran
  12. PEBakery

    @misty After update I made a successful Build on OS Win7x64, using WB, source: es_windows_10_multi-edition_version_1709_updated_nov_2017_x64_dvd_100289996.iso, selecting this time install.wim index 9, but there is one Error in log: (OperaUSB1218int.script) RegDelete - Failed to delete registry key in: [HKLM\_WinPE_SOFTWARE\Classes\.html\OpenWithList] Also checked previous log and it was there too, sorry my mistake didn't check log before, I was in a hurry to try the ISO. @Joveler & misty I'll make a new build using PEBakery and same source, this time from my Win10x64 Test partition and report back. alacran
  13. Windows 10 Activity History

    From first post:: The question on first post is just a retorical question. To me obvious answer is: I don't believe I can stop data collection doing only that.
  14. Google finds security flaw in Windows 10’s third-party pre-installed Password Manager Source: https://www.windowslatest.com/2017/12/17/google-finds-security-flaw-windows-10s-pre-installed-password-manager/ Now on top of all security holes in Win10 they are also on forced install Apps. alacran