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  1. Sorry....if I offended anyone.....got enough problems with Swedish politics......b***** disaster!
  2. And they encourage us to move to Windows 11.......for God's sake why? It is as bad as listening to the drivel coming out of the mouths of people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert...only the id*** that voted them into office are likely to do that....and I say id***....now that is a poop moment! bookie32
  3. Ok with a statement like that....what do you base that on? I base my findings on working with computers on a daily basis and Windows 11 has shown far more problems and still does than Windows 10...Yes...Windows 10 has had its problems - but Windows 11..... bookie32
  4. Just a little update.....been a while..... I never thought I would be singing Microsoft's praises - but I have to say that the customers that have upgraded to Windows 11 ...most of them have downgraded to Windows 10 because of driver issues etc.... Of course most computers now come with Windows 11 as standard - so it is harder to find computers with Windows 10.... I warn my customers to be ever vigilant about their computers wanting to upgrade to Windows 11....few have missed the signs and had problems....hence the "most of them have downgraded to Windows 10....." Windows 11 getting stuck in a loop after an update is quite common....so, even if I could upgrade this computer (according to Microsoft) I wouldn't do it...Windows 10 is more stable.....god that hurt to write...... When looking back at some of the comments here over the years since I started this thread.....a lot of those people would be happier with Linux.... I still love Debian and will keep supporting Linux as the best choice for a stable computer....the community is fantastic.... BUT....don't get me wrong there is fantastic support here on this forum and I am truly grateful for the times you guys have got me out of the ****! I can't claim that Windows 10 is the worst crap ever anymore....I think Windows 11 has taken over big time!! bookie32
  5. And you are writing from experience? bookie32
  6. I can understand why no one has replied to this thread... Why on earth would you want to use IE....it is dated and was never much good.......?! Edge isn't much better.... bookie32
  7. Wow GD 2W10 Nice info! Going to leave it on a test machine for the time being and see what happens with a major update.... Thanks for all your time and effort.... bookie32
  8. Yes....but it is annoying all the same We will wait and see what happens....lol Just thinking out loud...it would be a good idea to build a lite version of this to get rid of all the apps and crap one doesn't want and then you don't have to risk breaking anything with download scripts.... bookie32
  9. Update! I have followed the instructions here and have installed this on a test computer with no problems.......just as a test My question is....What happens when a newer version comes along? Most of us create images of our computer's with all programs etc.... Do I need to do a fresh install every time they roll out a new version? bookie32
  10. It as bad enough when they released Windows 8 and then 10 but 11 takes the cake....even worse crap than 10... Even if you guys can fix it....not sure I will be wasting any energy on that any time soon.... bookie32
  11. There goes the environment.....I have been building computer's for years and never have I had a computer that has failed...yes sometimes a psu will fail because of a poor electric central....but those computers just keep going and going... I have upgraded many of them with SSD's for system drives and moved the user to a larger drive.....but I always point out the SSD's I use usually have a five year warranty and that if they are going to buy a new computer save the drives from the old one... I try my best to persuade customers to replace a drive instead of buying a new computer....OK....that being said MANY of my customers NOT ALL will not pay for a reinstallation on a new drive if a drive fails or even clone to a newer drive....they have the same answer all of them "can put that money on a new computer instead" I always work even harder on such customers to make them think of te environment - BUT at the end of the day it is up to them.... Now there is another side to this and that is if a computer is already 6 to 7 years old I do point out that...Yes, a new SSD will make things better but it will not change the fact that Microsoft will not support Windows 11 on their hardware and that Windows 10 has end of life 2025... Some customers will still upgrade to a new SSD but many want help with buying a new computer... WE HAVE TO THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENT! IT IS THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE! End of Rant.... bookie32
  12. You are absolutely right....I really am just waiting to see what the criteria for Windows 12 will be....Microsoft has probably deals with Intel and Amd that none of us are aware of....and of course they want you to buy their newest products....what they did with Windows 7 was just the tip of the so called iceberg....(my opinion). One of the main reasons I love Linux...have it on so many computers and it works really well.... bookie32
  13. I am not sure I understand....this is a thread about installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware.....so what part of "Microsoft don't want us to use older computers....so why waste the energy?" don't you understand? You have a use Windows 7 and there will come a time when you can't use that because of the restrictions for newer processors. All unsupported hardware is in Microsoft's view old hardware...I have built several games computers on hardware that cost them a small fortune but because of not meeting the requirements for Windows 11 they either have to do what others are doing here or buy new hardware.... We will never be able to trust Microsoft?!! I get asked to build expensive computers and they don't just cut it after just over three years.... Because the world is in crisis and things are just going to keep getting more expensive....we try to make our computers last as long as possible.....not easy when Microsoft lies and lies over and over again.... Sorry if I was unclear...has been known...lol bookie32
  14. Another thing I noticed...end of life Windows 11 next year? It has been out five minutes and now end of life?!! I think it should be end of life for Microsoft and be done with it... What crap will they demand to install Windows 12? bookie32
  15. I agree but we will never tame Microsoft....they are a bunch of twats that will always go their own way despite user input....
  16. I have to ask....Is there really any point to this? Microsoft don't want us to use older computers....so why waste the energy? bookie32
  17. Why can't Microsoft for once respect people's choice regarding upgrading to this ****...even if I turn off the function for now...Microsoft install 11 anyway.....?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sick of this company and not respecting the user's choices.... bookie32
  18. Thanks for the update....you live and learn... bookie32
  19. Just had contact with Medion computers who are a part of Lenovo... My customer has been experiencing all sorts of problems with power button not working properly...computer not having the right drivers etc... Because I am in Sweden when I search for Medion this link comes up...if I go down the page it has a "Looking for drivers, program software, manuals etc"...if I enter the MSN number for her computer 30030073 the response is... So there are manuals for the computer but at this time they don't have drivers... they rely on Microsoft to fix everything...go figure.... Last time I will even consider recommending their computers...Lenovo I haven't a problem with - but this is a joke....Microsoft fixing things?!!!!!!! Microsoft couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag!! bookie32
  20. The title of this thread looks familiar... Ok...already said it but this **** is worse than 10 and that really hurts to say....something worse than 10.... I have, as already pointed out, reset several computers back to Windows 10 and none of them have gone smoothly.. The user experience as already stated here is crap!! Many computers that have upgraded like Windows 10 just do not work properly..... I thought my works computer could be upgraded when Windows 11 becomes more stable....if that will ever happen....or are they just going to dump it and move on to 12...?!! It would seem while having the TPM module I can't upgrade my processor....Microsoft have changed the minds so many times regarding what will support 11 and what won't....gives one a headache just trying to keep with the lies and the deceit... I, for one, will not likely change my opinion of this **** company any time soon.... I need to keep updated with Windows for my customers' - but don't intend laying out good money on a new build any time soon.... bookie32
  21. Hi Guys! With the crap coming in Windows 11....I have a hard time deciding what the future might be regarding Windows..... I would even go as far as saying that Windows 11 is worse than Windows 10 when that was released... I am so fed up with the replies one gets from Microsoft...."we have designed a more logical operating system that makes more sense to the user2.....as far as the user is concerned...Microsoft doesn't give a crap and we all know that....not news....Microsoft doesn't seem to want to listen to the user at all...and every small concession from them is rewarded with something worse...?!! Typical scenario at the moment (that isn't ever likely to change): Customers daughter lives in England was experiencing problems with Windows 11 and some games... Can I help from Sweden... I would say 85 to 90% of my customers would not have been able to fix this... I checked at Lenovo for info regarding the release of the computer and what OS it came with and IF there were drivers available for Windows 11.....nada(not Lenovo's fault...just because of everything else happening in the world - they hadn't caught up with the latest crap from Microsoft) My customer was of the opinion that the computer came with Windows 11 - but after several emails back and forth she accepted that she might have upgraded by mistake.. I proceeded with the help of Lenovo to guide my customer with downloading a recovery image and creating a USB to fix her computer....I really thought that it would be tough - but the next email I receive is with windows 10 back on the computer and her games were and are working well again... I give praise where it is due and she exceeded all of my customers in this adventure... Mind you I was worried by her reply after a few days of testing... "It must have been something do with Windows 11...I suppose?" I kept my reply to "Yes Windows 11" did not have that heart to say any more on the subject! bookie32
  22. Hi guys! Don't know where to post this... Every computer I install with firefox, chrome etc...I remove yahoo....bing etc from the default search engine list....but as of today with the latest update that is not possible... I checked my works computer and that always is up to date because of the hours I sit working on it... I started my play computer and checked chrome and the "Make Default" "Edit" and "Remove from list" were still available but chrome updated and then the "Remove from list" was removed.... Has anyone else noticed this.... bookie32

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