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  1. Hi jaclaz AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Administratör Description=Fördefinierat administratörskonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Administratör PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-500 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\DefaultAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet. Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=DefaultAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-503 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Gäst Description=Fördefinierat gästkonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Gäst PasswordChangeable=FALSE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-501 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Ingrid Description= Disabled=FALSE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Ingrid PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-1000 SIDType=1 Status=OK AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\WDAGUtilityAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet för Windows Defender Application Guard-scenarion Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=WDAGUtilityAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-504 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded Can't see any problems here... bookie32
  2. Hi guys! Do not understand.... Upgraded a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a customer and if I logout of Windows there are two entries for same account.... No there is no duplicate account in same name and despite different attempts it is still there....? I even added a password for this local account and can login from both entries...) bookie32
  3. Like you have tested many but stick with Debian...hadn't heard about your one though....;) bookie32
  4. Tell us a bit more about your Linux flavour....;) bookie32
  5. I do thank UCyborg for the information but as mikedigitize points out this would probably need to be addressed every six months and that isn't an option for a customer.... Please tell me if I am wrong...but have seen this? bookie32
  6. Hi guys! Have a customer that runs a book keeping company... He needs to be able to allow multiple connections/sessions to one computer at once via remote desktop.... Can someone tell me the right way to do this? bookie32
  7. Hi guys! Getting several friends harping on about how good LTSC is...?! Ok forgive me if I am stating the obvious....all of your attempts to remove Windows 10 of crap and they come with this version without a lot of the crap....?! Now that is funny....come on....it is hilarious.... As if that is going to make Windows 10 better......yes....I admit more usable but still crap from where I am standing...... Sorry I am a little late with this about LTSC....been busy all summer trying to get my cottage finished......lol bookie32
  8. Becoming unusable is what many of my customers assume after receiving the update warning that the time is nigh.....Still amazes me how many of them just don't listen to a word I have told them...?! What I like about the update is Microsoft offering to help with backing up files etc....bloody nerver of this company!! bookie32
  9. Yes...Test Disk is a good tool for retrieving info.... bookie32
  10. Hard to say because of the result you received after running chkdsk.... I agree in part with what the guys have said....sometimes when I get "need to format drive" error I would just shut down Windows and restart it with the USB connected..and it would work no problems.... I can guarantee the fact that in all cases of this IF I removed the USB from the Windows computer not wishing to open it and tried it in another Windows computer it always works flawlessly.... I now don't use chkdsk in such situations but remove the drive and as said connect to a Linux computer.....only time this didn't work is when I have had a failing USB or failing external drive I was testing... OK not saying you should need to do this but if I have a USB that continues to have problems on a particular computer then one has to start looking elsewhere for the problems... BUT I have one such USB that on a regular basis comes up "need to format drive" error on one particular computer and I have run countless tests on the computer and not found a problem?! Go figure! Also in this situation one has to start wondering about whether there is a problem with the USB that Windows is picking up now and then? Not everyone has a second Windows computer lying around to test the USB on.....or even as I mentioned earlier a Linux computer available...that is why as soon as I get the "need to format drive" error I connect to a Linux computer...back up the files and reformat and return the files and Windows never has had a problem reading the USB after that.... I will also point out that the USB that has this problem on a regular basis is getting on a bit and even though countless tests have not shown a problem....something must be causing the gliche..... So....I still recommend...If you haven't a second computer, or no Linux computer....create a live media like Ubuntu and once started check the drive as stated above...there are a ton of other options like a live Gparted Linux partition cd...which I use a lot... I know that there others here with far more technical experience that can chip in and give other perspectives..... bookie32 Sorry, should have also mentioned the fact that I have this USB that continues to cause problems....obviously I have a back up of these files and a new USB when it gives up the ghost.... Just a tight old git that likes to get the max out of equipment.....
  11. Hi vinifera What I always do when in the situation that nothing works and definitely evey time Windows says it needs to format the drive.... Find a linux computer...if you haven't one of those around then it might be worth creating a live liux cd and booting from that to test the usb.... Most often than not if Windows wants to format a drive then linux will open it and you can back the files up and then reformat the drive and try connecting to Windows again.... bookie32
  12. Nope but Ubuntu is Ubuntu...and Kylin is aimed at the Chinese.....
  13. Still prefer the basic Debian! I can add what I like to it to make it into what I want.... Not everyone likes Debian because it demands a little work..... But it is stable and has never let me down... I also use debian with Clonezilla Server Edition which is also reliable on Debian.... Ubuntu showed promise a few years ago...but it has lost its edge and I wouldn't use it if you paid me to now... bookie32
  14. Very nice...they seem to have taken Debian to a whole new level.... bookie32
  15. I am still a fan of Debian for myself😁
  16. I can't say with all honesty when I named this thread that Windows 10 would live up to its name...but it does and just continues.... I have probably written this before....but when Windows 10 was first offered as a "free" update I sort of got a bad feeling about it.....Microsoft had never in all the years of me using it been so blatent about wanting us to have a product that they have offered it for free....as they would like people to think....It didn't get the interest that they expected and then it got offered as a "recommended update" and we all know what that means.....unless otherwise stated your computer will install Windows 10 at 11pm in the evening or the first time you have your computer on after that..... I still have the words of a customer so upset by this but still maintaining that "Microsoft would not do such a thing"....but even he listened to me in the end and accepted things for what they are..... A friend of mine works at a local company about 10 employees..they came to work one morning and there and behold was Windows upgrading to Windows 10....I think everyone was too shocked to do anything about it and after a while learned to live with it...... Microsoft caused so much upset with this "recommended update" way of making sure you end up with Windows 10 that the tabloids in Fleet Street London wrote about it......but over 4 years later everyone is just getting on with things and accepting this is what Microsoft are offering..."what do we do" is something many of my customers have said over and over again..... The fact that this thread continues to get attention just goes to show me that "Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!" still rings true to this day and I can't see it changing.... Not only have we a company that I was once naive enough to trust with updating my computer...that has decended into what it is today!! The development team are getting younger and younger....ok to have new blood but they need to get out of nappies/daipers first.... Will Microsoft be that company that I once respected I don't think so.... Will they care about support representatives taking over computers to fix them remotely and then using third party sites to look for solutions to the problem... I don't think so.... So, we are left with this s*** and have to put up with it....or do we.... I have started telling ordinary customers that have computers that don't support Windows 10 that we can install linux instead...many just need the internet and a way to write documents....Linux is getting easier and easier....as it is customers come to me with their Microsoft problems....don't see any difference if they come with Linux problems... bookie32
  17. Now you have to admit that is funny...even the statement....... Sorry...can't stop laughing.... I needed cheering up..... I don't think arrogant covers this crap... bookie32
  18. Hi guys😀 Thanks for the help...😁 bookie32
  19. OK not following: I cannot write the code as shown: dir > text.txt text1.txt text2.txt instead of writing: dir > text.txt and then: dir > text1.txt And so on...how do I write one line of code that creates all three files? bookie32
  20. Hi jaclaz Yes...that can work..... I was thinking on the lines of: dir > text.txt text1.txt text2.txt I just wondered how I could create several documents at once with just one line of code... bookie32
  21. Hi guys! Instead of creating a batch file... How do I create several files with differnt names at once....seen many how to's for directories but not actual documents? bookie32
  22. Have to ask NoelC are you feeling ok....
  23. That is perfectly understandable....but that has been typical of Windows 10 from the start.....the settings you make get overwritten with an update.....there are a lot of posts about the pitfalls with trying to setup Windows 10..it demands time and energy and is also a reason why many members don't use it as a production OS.... bookie32
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